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Video of Top 9 Updates to TATEMS Version 4.5.04 released Nov 16 2013


I just wanted to give you a quick video rundown of the top 9 updates out of about 24 updates released starting with version 4.5.00 through 4.5.04

Maintenance Software by TATEMS-Top9 Updates in ver 4.5.04 released Nov16 2013

Click here to watch a non-YouTube version of video

Here is the list that I go over in the video:

1)      Added Repair Codes Fields to Work Orders Labor and Parts Screens so that you can better categorize costs when multiple repair categories done in a single Work Order

2)      Added list of 15 Repair Codes and descriptions to Repair Codes List

3)      Added new report All Equipment Reports-Repair Codes Cost / Mile/km / Hour Report

4)      Added new report under Work Orders in More Reports called All Work Orders Repair Code Totals by Repair Code

5)      Added new report under Work Orders in More Report called: Work Orders Total Costs by Repair Code

6)      Added Dropdown List Maintenance choice for Repair Codes

7)      Added Work Orders List under forms menu to allow you to see all work orders in one sortable list that show you All or Completed or Non-Default Tax Rate work orders and be able to click to view/edit and work order in the list

8)      Added new Work Orders report under More Reports called: All Work Orders with non-default sales tax charged

9)      Added Edit button to Parts inventory screen to help prevent accidental overwriting of current parts in inventory and changed add button to prevent accidental scrolling to previous record

You can see all the updates here:

and I have added a new training video to the updates page where you can download the current update

Thank you for your interest and please leave any comments below.

Marc Ready

Update Video shows Auto Entry of Lower Interval Lube Service-Preventive Maintenance in TATEMS version 4.4.04

This new ability to automatically enter lower interval Lube/services that I posted about a number of months ago is now a reality in TATEMS version 4.4.04

In the video below I show you how to use the feature when it asks if you want to enter a lower interval Lube/service (PM) and also how you can have it automatically enter them without asking.

Enjoy and share if your inclined to.

To recap what's in the video.

Say you have a lube/service that needs to be done every 7500 miles and you also have one that needs to be done every 15000 miles.

If you have previously completed the 7500 mile one and then later add the 15000 mile one you will see a popup asking if you want to also add the 7500 mile one at the same time. If you say yes then the 7500 mile one will be entered with text in the notes section saying “Completed during 15000 mile Lube/Service”

You also have the option to have the system always enter those lower interval Lube/Services without asking.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Thanks Again

Marc Ready

P.S. If you have trouble viewing the video above I have included the YouTube version below.


New Work Orders Printout Format Added to Preferences in ver 4.4.04

We have added an extra Work Orders printout format. You can select the additional formatting option under Tools->Preferences->Work Orders/Invoices.

This new feature can be found in TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software version 4.4.04 and later.

I show you the feature in the video below. Enjoy and share with your friends.

As I said in the video, if you have an additional printout format you would like to see for TATEMS Work Orders please let me know what you have in mind. And if it's something that makes sense, we will add it as another option in preferences.

We are working hard to get the next update out the door.

Thanks Again,

Marc Ready

P.S I have posted the YouTube version of the video below in case you have trouble viewing the version posted above.

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Work Order Print Format Preferences in Ver-4.4.04

New Feature request- Automatic Entry of Lower Interval Lube/Services (PM’s)

 On a personal note

I hope your week is going well and if you’re in a cold part of the country or world that you’re keeping warm.  Sorry I was too sick last week to create a blog post but I’m finally starting to feel a little better so here goes…

New Feature Request (NOT RELEASED YET AT Time of this post!)

We have had numerous requests come in for TATEMS to automatically show lower interval Lube/Services aka PM’s as being completed when you enter a higher interval Lube/Service.

So here is what we came up with.

Let’s say you have a truck with Lube/Service type called 5000 Mile Oil Change with an interval  of every  5000 miles. You also have a Lube/Service 25000 miles Major with 25000 mile interval.

Currently when you enter the 25000 Mile Major you would also have to manually enter the 5000 Mile Oil Change.

Automatically Insert Lower Interval Lube/Services

With the next version upgrade release of TATEMS we have added something new.  It’s a new window that will pop-up in the scenario above and display any lower interval Lube/Services for that equipment and allow you choose any or all of them to be automatically entered.

Screen shop of the Pop up window that shows you available lower interval Lube/Services that you can have automatically entered

Pop up window that shows you available lower interval Lube/Services that you can have automatically entered

It will also add some text in the lower interval entry  in the Notes/Other field that says “Completed during 25000 Mile Major Lube/Service”

Screen shop of The dynamic note that gets added to the lower interval Lube/Service

This is the dynamic note that gets added to the lower interval Lube/Service

This takes those lower interval Lube/services off the reminders popup for you and shows them as completed in the Lube/Service tab.

Just in case you don’t want to see the pop up window asking you if you want to add those lower interval Lube/Services, we had added two check boxes to the Misc User Preferences screen under the tools menu. The first check box says: “Stop Asking to Add Lover Interval Lube Services” and  the one below it says: “Always Add Lower Interval Lube Services”.

Lube/Service Auto Entry Lower Interval Preferences Selections

Lube/Service Auto Entry Lower Interval Preferences Selections

Does that make sense?

Once I have the new version ready, hopefully in the next few days, I’ll make a video of the feature in action along with some of the other things we’ve added or improved.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks Again and Take Care