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[Video] and Updates Announcement

This video goes over the new features added in version which was released on Nov 11, 2019

Here is what the video covers

  • Create Work Order From the 90(or user-defined) Day Inspection popup
  • Create Lube/Service from the 90 Day Inspection popup
  • Copy defective items all at once (instead of one at a time) to Needed Maintenance/Repairs tab from 90 Day Inspection popup
  • Added company name and address to the top of 90 Day Inspection single Inspection printout
  • Added Accomplished by name plus signature line and a date line to the bottom of the single 90 Day Inspection printout
  • Added button to Lube/Service tab to create or open existing work order based on the current Lube/Service
  • Added a Lube/Service button to Work Order screen to popup Lube/Service screen so you can complete the Lube/Service history from inside a work order
  • On the Fuel Log Screen, we Moved and renamed the Entry Date field so that it occurs right after the Fuel Vendor instead of at the end and also it just says Date
  • Added DOB (date of birth to Personnel screen and personnel details reports)

And below is a list of  new features, updates, and fixes included on version released December 9, 2019

  • Added NEW Parts Inventory All Parts On Hand Qty Greater Than Zero Report
  • Added NEW Parts Inventory List Of Active Parts Report
  • Added NEW Parts Inventory Parts Needing Re-Order Report Done
  • Updated all reports so that they can handle single quotes/apostrophes in the criteria. (This was happening mostly on the Work Orders Service By Vendor Totals Report for a vendor name like “Love's” for example.)
  • Fixed the Work Order Labor Description Dropdown box issue being improperly resized when the Auto Resizer for higher screen resolutions is turned on.
  • Fixed the issue of the Equipment Main Form not going back to maximized state after closing the work orders screen when the Auto Resizer for higher screen resolutions is turned on.

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[Video] Repair Codes / Cost Per Mile/km / Hour Report

This video shows you how to use the Repair Codes Cost Per Mile/km / Hour Report

It also shows you the total cost (not just the cost per mile/km/hour) per repair code for each truck, trailer, equipment or vehicle in your fleet…

The training for the report ends at about the 5:48 mark

From there I show you how to add repair codes to work orders and also how to add and edit repair codes.

You'll also discover how to avoid a mistake when editing repair codes.


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[Video] How To Use Work Orders Repair Codes Report

In this video, I show you how to use the Work Orders Repair Codes by Repair Code Report.

You will discover what the repair codes are and where to set them in the work order parts and labor screens.

Plus you'll see where to edit or add to the repair code list…

I hope this is helpful to you!

Thanks for Watching 🙂


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[Video] How To Use The Inspections Due And Past Due Report

In this video, I show you how to use the Inspections Due and Past Due Report.

I go over how you can use a future date to see the next inspections coming due in the next year.

I hope this is helpful for you!

Thanks for Watching 🙂


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[Video] 3 Min – How To Discover Who Is Doing Which Work Orders

This TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software video shows you how to discover who is doing which open work orders.

You'll discover you how to navigate to->>

Forms->Work Orders List

Then search by either “by Labor Personnel” or “by Service By” field so that you can see all open work orders being worked on by that person or vendor.

Make sure you choose a date range, you can go back a max of 4 years prior to your end date.

And also make sure you choose the dropdown to Filter “Show Only Pending Work Orders” (I don't think I covered this in the video)


Thanks for watching!


Hello Trouble…

The knife image linked to Amazon above is an affiliate link. If you click and buy you won't pay any extra but we will get about $1.50 in commission.

Thank you for your support.:)

How To Setup Your Equipment In TATEMS – Step By Step Video

This step by step video shows you how to setup a piece of equipment in TATEMS Fleet Management Software.

This video covers the items below and more…

  1. How to add Equipment
  2. Duplicate Equipment Numbers
  3. Basic Filling in the Equipment Summary Tab
  4. Setting up first lube service (for reminders)
  5. Setting up first 90 Day Inspection (for reminders)
  6. Setting up Inspections and Permits (for reminders)
  7. Adding Filters to Filters Tab

If I left anything out let me know.


Thanks Again,

Marc Ready


Updates for TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software 4.6.20-4.6.21

Thanks for checking out this post…

In the video below I go over 7 updates plus a couple of bonus updates out of the 24 updates for these versions.

Here is what is covered in the video

Updates in TATEMS Version 4.6.20 & 4.6.21

  1. Improved speed of navigation 4.6.20 and then improved even more in 4.6.21
  2. Fixed Backup location issue of it not saving to the non-default location 4.6.20
  3. Fixed Work Order templates issue where the non-template text in the Detailed Description box was not printing on the Work Order/Invoice 4.6.20
  4. Fixed issue in the personnel screen that would not allow you to delete an employee 4.6.20
  5. Added ability to delete all unused Fuel Vendors to make deletion faster for large lists 4.6.20
  6. Fixed issue with the delete button on the Fuel Log Vendors screen. 4.6.20
  7. Changed the 90 day inspection so they are created as needed for each equipment and only for the current year instead of all years for all equipment 4.6.21

Plus at the end of the video I cover 2 bonus items that will keep your database smaller, faster and save you time if you use the 90 Day Inspections Tab.

The complete list of updates listed so far can be found over at the updates list page

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Thanks again for checking it out.

Tracking Tire Costs and tire info in 4.6.19 and coming to 4.7.00 [Video]

I had a potential customer ask if we had a separate tires module.

Something we charge extra for like some other fleet maintenance software programs out there.

I replied back and let him know we don't have a separate tire module.

But the current version of TATEMS you can track Tires installed.

It tracks tires installed on each piece of equipment and you can also track the costs in a couple of ways.

I also told him we are working on a version that will allow you to track tire depths.

It will also let you track retreads.

As well as costs, all in the tires and wheels tab.

I shot a quick video to show how it works now and how it will work in version 4.7.00

Check out out!

Fleet Maintenance Software Tires in TATEMS 4.6.19 and 4.7.00

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Thanks Again


New Video Update Improvements for TATEMS Versions 4.6.19i though 4.6.19l

We have a new video for TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software showing you the update improvements for versions 4.6.19i through 4.6.19l.

If you have any trouble with the video we also have a YouTube version down below:

This video goes over these improvements:

  • Improved various dropdown lists like the Lube/Service to so that when you click it will expand to show you all the text instead of truncating it
  • Improved the dropdown lists under Reports->More Reports to expand wider and to also show some extra data like the Equipment Description  when choosing an equipment number and the Repair Code description when choosing a Repair code number
  • Improved the Accomplished by and Inspected by dropdowns for Lube Service and 90 Day Inspections to hide the deactivated personnel and to also refresh when someone has updated the personnel status so that it's reflected in the dropdowns
  • Add Printer default printer Tray Selector to the Preferences screen under tools->Preferences
  • Added two sided printing options to Tools->Preferences
  • Improved Lube/Service Dropdown List Maintenance screen under Forms->Dropdown List Maintenance so that the list showing each Lube/Service will display more characters without truncating
  • Improved the 90 Day inspections screen so that if you use the scroll wheel you will not be sent to a different year or month and also improved the Date Inspected field to prevent entering a date that does not match the year and month you selected
  • Improved the Personnel form so that if you use the scroll wheel after you selected a personnel record you can not accidentally scroll to a new empty record.
  • Added a vertical scroll bar to the Parts Inventory screen for people that have a short resolution where you can't see the buttons at the bottom of the parts inventory screen.
  • Improved adding a part to parts inventory on the fly from Work Order Parts and if you don't put a description it will now send you back to add one or let you cancel without an error.
  • Improved the deduct from inventory feature in the Work Order Parts screen, so that it will add the deducted amount back into inventory when clicking cancel on the pop-up message for incomplete data, and when deleting that part from the work order, or the deleting work order itself.
  • Added Delete button to Fuel Log Vendors Dropdown list Maintenance screen and also a list of all the fuel log entries where the selected vendor was chosen and the ability to double click to go to that fuel log entry, if you need to change the vendor
  • Fixed issue of Parts Inventory Where and When Parts Installed Report not calculating totals when an installed part had a quantity of more than one
  • Fixed issue with Company Logo Covering the Company information on a Work Order or Invoice Printout
  • Updated Fuel Log Data Entry so that If you make a mistake when you enter the price per gallon you can change it and have it update the Total cost instead if manually entering the total cost.  You can still override the total cost if you need to.

We are still busy working on the major update 4.7.00 and the one after that which  will use a new version of Microsoft Access. TATEMS Version 5.0.00

Thanks Again and Take Care,


YouTube Version, choose full screen if too small, you can also change to HD 720P by clicking on the gear in the controls:

TATEMS Update Improvements For 4 6 19 Versions i Through l