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10 Lifetime TATEMS Licenses with 3 Years Version Upgrades & Support

$2497 $1997 

  • 10 TATEMS Lifetime Licenses (You can purchase additional licenses after you click "Add To Cart")
  •  3 Years Version Upgrades & Support
  • You keep your TATEMS licenses even after your 3 year term ends
  • At the end of the 3 year term you will be able to renew your support and version upgrades for 1 or 2 more years at a time.
  • The current early renewal discount rate for expiring clients is $187 for 1 year or $284 for 2 years  (This flat rate covers all owned licenses on your account. It is not a per license charge)

You can add more licenses for a bundle discount after you click the Add To Cart Button.  

When you add licenses later they are $197 each

Basic + Montly

1 Lifetime TATEMS License with 1 month Version Upgrades & Support then $27 per month

 $997 $697 + $27 per month 

  • 1 TATEMS Lifetime License (You can purchase additional licenses after you click "Add To Cart")
  • 1 Month Of Version Upgrades & Support 
  • $27 Per month charged after 1st month for ongoing version upgrades & support (This flat rate covers all owned licenses on your account. It is not a per license charge)
  • Cancel the monthly Version Upgrades & Support Subscription anytime and keep your licences(s)
  • If you cancel your monthly subscription you can renew support and version upgrades later at the current regular price here

You can add more licenses for a bundle discount after you click the Add To Cart Button.  

When you add licenses later they are $197 each


No long term commitments - cancel anytime

$127 per mo

1st user &

$100 per month for each additional user

  • We Host the same TATEMS Software that you would install on your computer except runs on our cloud server
  • You can login from any internet connected location. This means if you can have multiple locations and you can all share the same database, even with multiple users  
  • You can run on PC or Mac or Chromebook Or Linux Desktop Or Laptop as long as you have an internet connection
  • You can run on iOS and Android Devices using the Free Microsoft Remote Desktop App Available in Your App Store
  • You can buy 1 or more licenses later if you decide you want to move off the cloud service
MontHly Rental Use On your Local computer(s)
(No cloud Service)

No long term commitments - cancel anytime


$127 For 1 month usage then $47 per month for installation on 1 PC Computer

  • This is a monthly usage option. This is NOT a lifetime license.  When you cancel you're ability to use TATEMS ends when your subscription ends.
  • Includes version upgrades and unlimited support while active
  • You can cancel and switch to Lifetime license owner at anytime and we will apply your first month fee to your lifetime license purchase. (contact us for special link)
  • When you click add to cart you will see options for installation on additional computers
  • If you want this option to install TATEMS on  a Remote Desktop Services Server Installation then the pricing is per concurrent user instead of per PC Computer install

How Do Licenses Work?

Each license allows you to install and run TATEMS on one workstation computer. (A Server housing the data file does not need a license but actual installation on a Terminal/Remote Desktop Server requires 1 license per concurrent user.)

Are There Equipment Limits?

There is NO LIMIT imposed on the number of assets/vehicles/equipment you can enter (However, we recommend no more than 1000 for best performance)

Can I Network TATEMS?

TATEMS comes with Networking built-in so that you can simultaneously share the same data between each of your licensed computers on a Local Area Network. For networking instructions click here

What About Terminal Services / Remote Desktop / Internet Access / iPad / Mobile Or Connecting Computers Between Different Offices?

You can also install TATEMS on a Terminal Services Server aka Remote Desktop Services Server or use our hosted cloud service so that you can access from remote locations. In a Remote Desktop Services environment you would need a license for each concurrent (simultaneous) user. For setup instructions click here.

What About The Data I have Entered During my Trial?

You will not need to re-enter the data you have been working with during your free trial, you'll simply continue with what you have already entered after you have purchased your license(s) and received your registration key(s).

How Do I get a Registration Key After I Purchase?

After purchase, simply submit the serial number, computer name and version number that displays on the TATEMS Registration screen so that we can generate and send you your registration key(s), to permanently unlock your software on the computer(s) you installed it on.

What If I Need To Move TATEMS Or My Computer Crashes?

If you ever need to move TATEMS to a new computer, there is no extra charge. Just Let us know what happened and we will be able to generate a new registration number for you.

Is Your Payment Method Secure?

We offer Stripe or PayPal to offer the most secure credit card processing available on the internet. We do not store your credit card numbers on our servers.

Can I Pay With A Credit Over The Phone?

es. If you prefer to order over the phone please call 1-702-260-1541 Press Option 1