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Please convey my gratitude

Last week I contacted your support team concerning my database; it had been totally erased somehow. Needless to say, I was in full panic mode. It has 2 years of data on it and has become an integral component of our fleet service procedures. I had the pleasure of dealing with Matt, initially, and Marc on a follow-up session. They were both very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable with IT functions. Their persistence and patience was impressive and I felt a real commitment from them to solving my problem. They represent your company in a very positive manner and I am grateful for having them work on solving my issue. Please convey my gratitude to them. Thank you.

Avatar for Morris R. - Gregg Drilling & Testing
Morris R. - Gregg Drilling & Testing

Tatems is a lifeline for our business

Tatems is a lifeline for our business. With an easy to use format, it helps keep our fleet in compliance and allows us peace of mind in knowing that we've done all we need to by way of repairing and maintaining our fleet. Additionally and most importantly, the staff are readily available and incredibly knowledgeable about the program!!

We wouldn't use any other program but TATEMS!!

Avatar for DeDee C. - CaseCo, L.L.C.
DeDee C. - CaseCo, L.L.C.

It has helped me to the max

I am a Safety Director and Fleet Manager for a trucking company. I went on the internet to find some good software to use to help me with our fleet. I picked Tatems. As I read about their product, it seemed to be just right up our alley. I downloaded their trial offer and went to using it. The more I used it the more enthused I was with this software. After about 15 days of using this software I was sold. Our company bought the full version of Tatems and it has helped me to the max on controlling my fleet and it has helped me with controlling my employees in the area of Safety too. I can keep up with D.O.T. Medical Certificates, and driver CDL updates. I have been using Tatems for about three months and as I keep using this software, I see that it is more user friendly than I ever thought it would be.

Avatar for Kevin M. - Safety Director / Fleet Manager - Champion Delivery, Inc.
Kevin M. - Safety Director / Fleet Manager - Champion Delivery, Inc.

Saved several hundreds of dollars

We have been using the Tatems program since 2005, it has been extremely effective with tracking our regulars service schedules. This program has allowed our mechanical staff to track previous maintenance history on all of our units easily and effectively. It has essentially made our maintenance program more cost effective.

Other Comments: Using the Tatems program we were able to provide Kenworth enough evidence to settle a long disputed warranty issue regarding faulty axle gaskets. We saved several hundreds of dollars on this incident alone.

Avatar for Hazen H. - Indent Oilfield Trucking
Hazen H. - Indent Oilfield Trucking

Stream lined all of our routine maintenance on trucks and equipment

After purchasing tatems it stream lined all of our routine maintenance on trucks and equipment. We have been able to organize things much more and have all the records needed for Missouri DOT. I still have a lot to learn about certain features but so far love it. Looking forward to digging into more features as time permits.

The benefits I have noticed, first getting all routine oil changes and lubes done on time and organized. Second being able to give our mechanics written work orders on repairs vs just putting them on dry erase board and keeps them accountable for completing the repair by reminding them until it is closed. Third thing I like most is tracking all the parts specific on each truck and repair or piece of equipment we have a lot of both.

I would definetly recommend tatems it is very user friendly gets the things done we need.

Avatar for Brett B. - Summit lawn and landscape
Brett B. - Summit lawn and landscape

Tatems is a great tool for tracking our equipment

We have been using Tatems for a few years.

Tatems is a great tool for tracking our equipment by tracking anything from who is responsible for it, where is it located, needed repairs or services and annual inspections. The one thing about Tatems is the service from the support staff. My questions or concerns are always addressed in a timely and professional manner. Marc helped me set up 2 spreadsheets that import information from Tatems that suited my needs. We have found them to be extremely helpful.

Yes…I would recommend Tatems to any business that needs to keep up with their assets such as equipment. One thing I would like to change would be the location area … I would like to be able to name those headings. For our company needs, I need to know foreman (customer). We do not do outside sales or repairs…we now only service our own equipment. We are going to find a way to use Tatems to also track our tools/attachments.

Avatar for Jean B. - Mid-Plains Power
Jean B. - Mid-Plains Power

Personal service - Support staff was willing to accommodate our needs

We liked that the price was competitive, as well as the personal service – if we had a problem or were looking for a feature, we got quick responses to emails or phone calls and the support staff was willing to accommodate our needs. We would recommend Tatems for companies looking for a way to keep track of truck services, inventory, mileage, etc.

Avatar for Christine C. - Milton Enterprises, Inc.
Christine C. - Milton Enterprises, Inc.


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