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[Video] Updates Announcement

The TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Video below goes over the top 9 updates added into version released Mar 20, 2020

You'll discover

1. Updated Work Orders Short Descriptions so that you are no longer required to add the short description to the dropdown list

2. Updated Work Orders Short Descriptions to add a new plus + button if you want to add the short description for that row to the dropdown list for later use

3. Updated Work Order Short Description so that the existing items in the dropdown list items can be deleted without affecting the work orders where it they were used.

4. Add delete button the Work Order Short Descriptions Dropdown list Maintenance screen

5. Added Open Bulk Add/Edit button to Work Order Short Descriptions Maintenance Form

6. Added a new Bulk Edit delete feature for the Work Order Short Descriptions Dropdown list Maintenance

7. Improved the Work Order Tab Search features so that you can change search types and still use the Sorting buttons

8. If Database is corrupt a new popup message appears to ask if you want TATEMS to run a compact and repair from the opening screen

9. Update to the popup message that will offer a way to re-link the database path to backend database, when it has lost the connection to the backend database, either because it's been moved or the server is down etc

You can get the latest update here:

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Updates

And you can see the entire list of updated items here:

TATEMS Small Fleet Maintenance Software Updates List


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New Work Orders Printout Format Added to Preferences in ver 4.4.04

We have added an extra Work Orders printout format. You can select the additional formatting option under Tools->Preferences->Work Orders/Invoices.

This new feature can be found in TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software version 4.4.04 and later.

I show you the feature in the video below. Enjoy and share with your friends.

As I said in the video, if you have an additional printout format you would like to see for TATEMS Work Orders please let me know what you have in mind. And if it's something that makes sense, we will add it as another option in preferences.

We are working hard to get the next update out the door.

Thanks Again,

Marc Ready

P.S I have posted the YouTube version of the video below in case you have trouble viewing the version posted above.