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New Video for TATEMS Version

The video below shows you the new features added to TATEMS version released Mar 22, 2019

This includes a huge time saver, that allows you to edit a work order from the Parts Inventory Screen instead of the old way of having to:

1. Note the Equipment Number Note
2. Note the Work Order Number
3. Close the Parts Inventory Screen
4. Go find the equipment
5. Find the work order
6. Then open the work order for editing.

Now… instead of doing all that, you can just double click on the Work Order in “Where This Part Installed List” on the Parts Inventory Screen

You can get always the latest update here:



New Video For Spreadsheet 130

This video goes shows you how to link spreadsheet number 130 TATEMS-WorkOrdersTotalsByYearPerEquipment  to your TATEMS database using:

Excel 2016 (should also be the same for Excel 2013 and Excel 2019)


Excel 2010 (should also be the same for Excel 2007)

It also goes over how to create the same spreadsheet from scratch if you get an error when you try to link it to your TATEMS data.


You'll also see the spreadsheet columns and how to filter the columns in Excel

the columns are

Equipment  Num

Year (Work Order Completed)

Labor Totals

Parts Totals

Misc Totals



Totals Costs

So to sum it up you will see the Work Order Totals For Each Year For Each Piece of Equipment In Your Fleet




Video – Custom TATEMS Spreadsheet No. 129 Inventory Type Totals Installed

The video below shows you how to link and use the TATEMS Custom spreadsheet called TATEMS-WorkOrderPartsInventoryInstalledByCustomerbyYearAndInventoryType

This spreadsheet is number 129 and can be found here:

The columns in this spreadsheet are

Customer (From Custom Selected on the Equipment Summary Tab. If you have no customers this would be “In House”)

Year Work Order Parts Installed (from the Work Orders Completed Date)

Inventory Type (from the Parts Inventory screen)

Parts Cost (from the Work Order Parts Screen)

The video above shows you how to link this spreadsheet using Excel 2016 or 2019 and it might also be similar for Excel 2013

If you have Excel 2010 or 2007 then the video here will show you how to link these spreadsheets to your TATEMS data.


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Video – TATEMS Auto Resizing Coming to 4.6.24v Explained

UPDATE: Version 4.6.24v was released on Oct 1, 2018.

The current update is available here:

In the video below I show you the new Auto Resizing feature we are adding to TATEMS starting with version 4.6.24v (scheduled for release the first week of October 2018)

You may want to go to full screen on the above video to get a better feel for this cool new feature.

This feature is may cause instability of TATEMS on some systems causing unannounced shutdowns of TATEMS in which case you would need to keep the Auto Resizing feature turned off.

We will continue to make improvements to this feature in order to mitigate any instability issues people experience after version 4.6.24v is released.

The feature will be turned off by default.

Video Using Excel 2016 to Link TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Spreadsheets

In the video below I show you how to use Excel 2016 to link the spreadsheet called All Parts Inventory no Grouping to your live TATEMS data.

You can use this video as a guide for to help you link the other over 120 custom spreadsheets we have created for you here:

Fleet Maintenance Software Spreadsheets

In the video, I also show you a failed attempt at trying to get Excel 2016 to act like older versions of Excel using the data Legacy options.

I'll keep experimenting with that and post something when and if I can show how to do what I wanted to do.

Video Work Order Search Features coming in 4.6.24

Here is a quick video to show you the new work order search features coming in TATEMS version 4.6.24

You will be able to search on the Work Order tab or the Work Orders list by

Short Description

Detailed Description

Part Number

Part Description

Labor Description

Labor Employee

All Descriptions

Also, the Work Orders tab and the Work Orders List will display all the work orders costs for the items displayed in the list.

This will make it much easier to find and view specific repairs and services in your work orders.

Video Unit Information Reports Help

The video below goes over all 4 Unit Information Reports in TATEMS that are found under Current Equipment Reports and All Equipment Reports Menu Items

  • Unit Information All Equip Data
  • Unit Information All Equip
  • Unit Information All Equip with All Equip Data

Thaks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.


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