[Video] 90 Day Inspections DOT Inspections CHP BIT Inspections

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Video with training on the 90 Day Inspections Tab.

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90 Day inspections is the interval that is required by the California Highway Patrol BIT Inspection but you can change the interval to 365 Days or some other number of days as long as it not less than 30.

Here is what's covered in this video with Timestamps/Chapters you can click to jump to that part of the video:
0:00 Begin Video
1:06 Setting the Global Inspection Interval
2:03 Creating Inspection Items Checklists
12:17 Viewing A Previously Created Inspection
12:44 Deleting An Inspection
13.36 Making Inspections Show Up In Reminders
14:19 Creating A Work Order From Defective Items
17:49 Creating Needed Main/Repairs from Defective Items
18:54 Printing A Blank Inspection Checklist
20:2 Printing The Current Inspection
21.02 Printing The Inspections For a Year


22:47 How many user defined inspections can you do per month?
23:50 How do you set reminders for inspections on new vehicle?
24.21 What happens to my inspections when I change the Equipment Type?

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