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Fleet Maintenance Software Spreadsheet Demo Video – Repair Codes Grouped By Year

We just created a new spreadsheet report that links to your TATEMS data and will show you how much you have spent for each repair code for your entire fleet year over year.

Here is a video that shows you the spreadsheet and also how to link it to your TATEMS data .

I did not show it in the video but in Excel if you choose the Data tab and then click Filter you will see a dropdown appear at the top of each column.

If you click on the Repair Code dropdown you can filter to see just a single repair code and to make it easier to view year over year for just that repair code.

You could also sort by the Repair Code Column with would group repair codes for the various years together.

It is number

83 TATEMSRepairCodeTotalsGroupedByYear


Next I'm going to try to create one that will display each equipments totals for each year. That way you can see if any specific equipment had grown way out of whack.

You could also use the spreadsheet above to see if a particular Repair Code for a specific year looks too high and then go look it up in one of the TATEMS reports I showed you in the video.

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TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software video preview new backup location & screen resizing

I just shot 2 quick videos for you.

The first one shows you a new feature for upcoming version 4.6.17 that will allow you to choose the backup location (38 seconds)

The second one shows you how you will be able to resize the screen to take up more space on larger higher resolution screens. (68 seconds)

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If you can't see the videos because YouTube is blocked let me know and I will put them on an alternate host.

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Fleet Maintenance Software Spreadsheets 78-80 for TATEMS

We recently had 3 requests for custom spreadsheets that link to your live TATEMS data.

In this video I go over 3 of the 80  fleet maintenance software spreadsheets found here:

78. TATEMSEquipmentAttachmentsList

79. TATEMSEquipmentListWithCustomerEquipTypeOdometerAndHoursMeter-InServiceOnly

80. TATEMSEquipmentListWithCurrentOdometerHoursFiltersLastLubeService

And here is a previous video showing you and example of how to link these spreadsheets to your live TATEMS data:


Please let me know if you have a need for a custom spreadsheet and I will get it done for you if it's doable.

Thanks Again

Marc Ready


2 Videos version 4.6.11 update improvements and sneak peak of version 5.0

I this post I have to short videos for you.  The first one is the 2 improvements made in version 4.6.11 released Dec 26, 2014.  The second video gives you a sneak peak at the scalable forms and the ribbon bar coming in version 5.0.

Here is the first video:

The video above goes over the two 4.6.11 improvements listed below:

1. Fixed a an issue when viewing opening a work order from the work orders list screen after clicking on one or the sorting buttons the non-editable fields like Make , mode, , location, would display in the wring text boxes

2. Fixed a an issue when viewing opening a work order from the work orders list screen after clicking on one or the sorting buttons the non-editable fields like Make , mode, , location, would display in the wrong text boxes.

And here is the second video:

The video above shows you a sneak peak 2 improvements in the upcoming version 5.0

1. Scalable forms so that you can resize your forms based on your screen resolution and monitor size.

2. Tabbed Ribbon replaces the menu at the top.

The current update is here

And a list of all updates is here:


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Video of a few notable recent improvements to TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software

I wanted to get this video out to you so that you could see a few of the recent improvements we have made  to TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software.

Here is a list of what is covered in the video.

  • Improved Fuel Log Odometer Tracking of State/Province begin and end odometer readings when a State has been selected as the state of purchase and then you double click to see the begin and end miles for a state. (4.6.09 Dec 15,2014 – Fixed calculation on 4.6.10 Dec 17, 2014)
  • Improved ability to delete equipment with large numbers of associated records that was causing an error on some larger databases. (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)
  • Improved equipment deletion so that after deletion is complete the selected equipment in the list will be what is displayed below (4.6.09 Dec 15,2014)
  • Fixed ability to enter a zero as the sales tax precentage on a work order after some other number was used. (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)
  • Fixed ability to change the Equipment number on a work order when opened from the work orders list screen. (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)
  • Improved Update Odometer and Hours screen to allow updating of all four columns with a backdate on the same row. (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)

I hope you find these useful….

You can get the current TATEMS update here:

And you can see the entire updates list here:

More videos coming soon!

Update to TATEMS spreadsheet number 41

I updated spreadsheet number 41 called:


You can find this and over 70 other spreadsheets here:


The video above shows you how you can change the date range and filter the data in Excel.

This video above shows you how to link to your TATEMS data file, just in case your data is on a 64bit machine or on a network.

It also shows you how you can re-create the spreadsheet if you get an error trying to link it.

If you need me to change the videos from YouTube to our other video platform leave a comment below and I will.


3 Trucking Maintenance Tips


  1. Learn DOT Requirements: The Department of Transportation (DOT) provides truckers with truck maintenance guidelines for safe trucking. If you do not keep up with these guidelines, you risk hefty fines, so familiarize yourself with these regulations.
  2. Regular Tune Up: Small things may go wrong with your truck from time to time. Getting these problems fixed as they happen, rather than waiting things out, will prevent even bigger problems from occurring down the line.
  3. Clean: Simply cleaning your truck regularly prevents dust, grime, and rust build up, helping your truck function at its best.


Do you need help maintaining a fleet of trucks? Tatems offers truck and trailer equipment maintenance software to help you track when your trucks need tune-ups.

TATEMS Reminders Add on

Here is a quick video show you the TATEMS Reminders Add-On.

Click the full screen button at the bottom right side of the video to see it in full screen. Or click the YouTube link at the bottom of the video to see a larger version on YouTube

If you are current on your TATEMS Version upgrades and support you are eligible to use the TATEMS Reminders Add-On

To Request it or for more details please contact – at –

Or send a support ticket here

Below is another video that goes over the same stuff but shows you a little more detail on how to setup your email server.

Click the full screen button at the bottom right side of the video to see it in full screen. Or click the YouTube link at the bottom of the video to see a larger version on YouTube

Below is a much more detailed training of installation and setup of emails and recipients.

Click the full screen button at the bottom right side of the video to see it in full screen. Or click the YouTube link at the bottom of the video to see a larger version on YouTube

Thanks Again


New Parts Bin Location and Bin Number

A few weeks ago I sent an email covering some of the new features we are working on.

Here are links to the previous videos

New default search and sort preferences and hide out of service equipment 2 minute and 15 second video Here

You can see the new fuel log features being added in a  3 minute video posted Here

And here are some great improvements to the Repair Codes Cost Per Mile/Km/ Hour report and you can see that 2 minute video Here.

This weeks preview video is a little UNDER 2 minutes and shows how we are adding Bin Location and Bin Number to the Parts Inventory and how that information shows up when adding a parts to a work order.

We are still testing and working on getting everything working properly before we release 4.5.15

One thing were are working on now is that the fuel log allows duplicate odometer readings. It seems some people want duplicates but others don't. So in this upcoming version we will present you with a choice.  Then if you choose not to allows duplicates but you already have duplicate odometer readings in the fuel log you will see a report showing you all the duplicates to remove so that TATEMS can disallow them moving forward.

We will also be changing the main odometer and hours for the equipment to eliminate duplicates.

I’ll let you know when the new version of TATEMS is available (hopefully very soon!)

What do you think?

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Staying Entertained On the Road


The truck driving lifestyle can be lonely and repetitive. With the right technology however, it’s easy to stay entertained during long drives.

Audio Books: Smart phones make it easy to find and download audio books for your listening pleasure. Audible is just one app with a 100,000+ selection of books.

Podcasts: Podcasts are almost always free, they cover almost any topic you can think of and can help you keep up with current happenings.

Music: The FM radio comes and goes and can be quite boring. Pandora and other music streaming services are often free and offer a much wider variety of music and more control than what’s offered through the dial.

Smart phones and modern technology make it easier than ever to stay entertained on the road. With a little research, planning ahead and downloading, you can be set with entertainment for days!