Selecting the Right PTO Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Power Takeoff units, or PTOs, are used to power hydraulic systems on work vehicles. Choosing the right PTO can be daunting due to the many different configurations and applications. The right choice depends on how fast you want to run your truck's engine while working, as well as what type of transmission the truck has. There are experts who can help you make the right decision. Eaton offers “End Dump wet kit” packages that simplify ordering and installation. PTO maintenance is usually conducted along with normal transmission maintenance. The process should include cleaning and inspecting various parts, but also speaking with the operators of the equipment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Power Takeoff on trucks are mainly for powering hydraulic systems but also provide other functions.
  • You can always consult an expert or go with a “End Dump wet kit” that will simply the process of picking the right PTO.
  • You want to keep your PTO well maintained and you should have it inspected at the same time of your transmission is inspected.

“One of the first decisions to make when spec’ing a PTO is how fast you want to run the engine when performing work.”

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