How Truck Automation May Change Roadside Inspections

You now have trucks that are capable of much more than they were ever used to being capable of on their own. Trucks aren't driverless and likely won't be for a while, so there is always a driver to do all of those little things that an automated vehicle cannot do on its own. When it comes to inspections, vehicles will still need to be inspected even with the automated things in place for all those things that aren't automated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because its an emerging issue, how to deal with the advent of autonomous trucks, remains problematic. For example, legislation may have not even been thought of yet for certain circumstances.
  • What the protocol for dealing with a vehicle minus a driver is yet to be finalized.
  • An enhanced and more thorough pre-trip review may be one way to deal with the evolving possibility of driverless trucks.

“Asked for his thoughts on how CVSA and the overall enforcement community is viewing the advent of highly automated and eventually fully automated (aka autonomous or “driverless”) trucks, Schaefer told HDT Talks Trucking that “it’s a very fluid discussion. We established some recommendations for policy at the end of 2019. They're evolving. So, what we recommend might be a little different in the near future.”

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