Kenworth Adds Front Air Suspension Option for W990

Kenworth is now offering their W990 with an optional Kenworth AG130 front air suspension which will bring this heavy weight titan into a new class capable of supporting 13,200 pounds. The new suspension is special proprietary technology that will allow for faster repairs and a more comfortable drive. This new suspension is available on the T680 and T880 models as well. This is a welcomed move forward for the Classic truck and Kenworth customers should be quite pleased.

Key Takeaways:

  • As of mid-month January of 2021, the Kenworth Company has optimized its W990 with availability of the AG130 front air suspension option, rated at 13,200 pounds.
  • The W990 is the Kenworth bread and butter vehicle, it's most classic truck design. The model features 131.5 inches from bumper to back of cab.
  • Besides gracing the iconic W990 model, the new front air suspension option will also be available in the Kenworth T680 and the Kenworth T880 units.

“Kenworth said in a news release that its proprietary AG130 front air suspension uses an innovative design and high-performance components to provide serviceability while reducing the total cost of maintenance and ownership.”

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