5 Important Details to Provide Your Commercial Truck Body Builder

The opportunities for truck body customizations are endless. Even the most demanding customers can find a shop that will meet all the requirements. The job will be easier to do if you provide as much information about the truck as possible. Custom builder would want to know the history of the truck and main issues your fleet is facing. In order to design a solution that will score high on safety, ensure that builder knows the application in which the truck is going to be used.

Key Takeaways:

  • Buyers that can describe the history of their fleets and trucks will have an easier time with future fleet management.
  • A good manufacturer must ask all the right questions to truly understand what the buyer needs, and the buyer must be able to answer those questions as thoroughly as they can.
  • Body buyers and managers understand what their operations and drivers need to be efficient. Come prepared with an idea of what your fleet will need, and the internal sales team can help guide you.

“The vehicle chassis you purchase and send to your builder also establishes design needs for the truck body.”

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