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[Video] How To Export Reports To Excel

The video below shows you how to export a TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software report to Excel

It also talks about some of the limitations with complex reports.

Ans it mentions the raw data field names that display once the exported report opens in Excel

And it briefly goes over the custom spreadsheets that let you import live data from TATEMS into -> Excel, rather than exporting from a TATEMS Report out to Excel

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[Video] For Spreadsheet 131 Parts Installed Via Work Order Formatted Like Parts For This Equipment

The video below shows what's inside and how to use spreadsheet number 133 called TATEMS-AllPartsInstalledViaWorkOrdersFormattedLikePartsForThisEquipment

The video also gives you a tip on how to see the work order parts installed right in the Work Order tab in TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software.

This video also shows you how to link to your TATEMS database if you are on a network or the TATEMS data file is in a folder other than

C:\Program Files (x86)\TATEMS 2005)

You can also see a related video on the Work Order Parts Report inside TATEMS here:

Video Work Order Parts Totals By Equip Num Report

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[Video] 7 Min Video How To Find And Use Repairs Completed Reports

The video below shows you how to find and use the Repairs completed reports in TATEMS fleet maintenance software

This is for people that use the simple to use Repairs Completed tab in TATEMS instead of using work orders.

You can use both Repairs Completed and Work Orders but you would normally only do so if the data in each if different and not redundant.

For example, you could use one for tracking work done by outside vendors and the other for tacking work done at your own facility or shop by your own fleet technicians or mechanics.

I show you how to use the wildcard asterisk to find particular keywords in repairs completed on your fleet.

The example I give is a search for the keyword *drums*   (aka Brake Drums)

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[Video] Under 2 Min Video Using Notes List For Find Tools On Board

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Video Shows You How To Use the Notes List To Find Tools On Board A Truck Or Piece Of Equipment.

You can use it to find things like:

* Generators
* Pumps
* Motors
* Bobcat
* Forklift
* Pallet Jack
* Water Tanks
* Trailer
* Concrete Mixer
* Mower
* Compressor
Or any other tool or small equipment you have tied to a larger piece of equipment.


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[Video] 3 Min – How To Discover Who Is Doing Which Work Orders

This TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software video shows you how to discover who is doing which open work orders.

You'll discover you how to navigate to->>

Forms->Work Orders List

Then search by either “by Labor Personnel” or “by Service By” field so that you can see all open work orders being worked on by that person or vendor.

Make sure you choose a date range, you can go back a max of 4 years prior to your end date.

And also make sure you choose the dropdown to Filter “Show Only Pending Work Orders” (I don't think I covered this in the video)


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Video Discover Work Order Totals For Each Equipment

This short TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Video shows you how to discover your total work order/repair order costs for any piece of equipment for any date range.

You can fins this report by going to


Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Work Orders

Then choose

Work Order Totals Costs By Equipment Number

You can leave the criteria blank if you want to see lifetime costs for your entire fleet or you can choose a date range and a specific piece of equipment.

[Video] Parts For This Equipment Tab

In this video, you'll discover the history of the Parts For This Equip tab, how it was originally used and how it can be used now.

I did not mention it in the video but you can also hide this tab and any other unused tabs by going to

Tools->Simplify TATEMS

And then un-checking the tabs you want to hide.

You can also see the Parts For This Equip related reports by going to

Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Parts Installed

There is also the quick report for this tab for the currently selected piece of equipment under

Reports->Current Equipment Reports->Parts Report

Information from this tab is also included in the Unit Information Reports With All Equipment Data under

Current Equipment Reports


All Equipment Reports

It is also one of the choices for totals to be included in the Cost Per Mile/Km / Hour Report under

Reports->All Equipment Reports

And you will also find some custom spreadsheets that will pull data from the Parts For This Equip tab here

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Custom Spreadsheets

When you get to that page you can press F3 on your keyboard to search the keyword “PartsForThis” without the quotes but all run together just like that.

At the time of this post, the following spreadsheets have Parts For This Equip Tab data that you can pull from your live TATEMS database.

42. TATEMSPartsForThisEquipTotalForEachYear

44. TATEMSPartsForThisEquipNumberOfTimesPartNumberUsedAndCost

132. TATEMS-PartsForThisEquipWithAllColumns

I hope this has been helpful to you!



How To Remove Extra Backups From Special Backup Folder

This video shows you how to find and remove the extra backups that are created in the special backup folder.

WARNING: Make sure you are in the correct folder called “tatems2005beBackup” before you delete anything! 

When you create backups in TATEMS you can choose where to save the backup.

In addition to the location that you choose, TATEMS also creates an extra backup that it saves it to a special folder called “tatems2005beBackup” .

Once that special folder called “tatems2005beBackup”  has 30 backups saved to it, you will start seeing a message telling you that you may want to clean out some of the older backups.

I hope this video has been helpful to you!

Thanks Again,


Video Work Order Parts Totals By Equip Num Report

The 7 and a 1/2 minute video below shows you what's inside and how to use the TATEMS Fleet Maintenance software report called:

All Work Orders Parts Totals By Equipment Number

This report can be found in TATEMS under:

Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Work Orders

You will discover how to use the various criteria like:

Date Completed Range (so you can see parts costs over a specific period)

Equipment Number

Part Description and how to use wild cards so you can show costs for specific items like tires or brakes.

Part Number.

Work Order Number

The report gives you the total parts costs for each equipment and a grand total of parts costs of all the equipment included in the report