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[Video] TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Keyboard Shortcuts

This video reveals how to use the most useful Keyboard shortcuts that you'll find in TATEMS Truck Maintenance Software…

Not all of TATEMS keyboard shortcuts listed below are demonstrated the video but the BOLDED ONES are:

[Tab] sets focus to the next field.

[Ctrl]+[Enter] inserts a new line in multi-line controls.

[Ctrl]+[C] copies the selected text onto the clipboard.

[Ctrl]+[X] cuts the selected text, and put it on the clipboard.

[Ctrl]+[V] pastes the clipboard contents. [Ctrl]+[Z] undoes the last action.

[Ctrl]+[A] selects all text in the current field.

[Shift]+[F2] opens zoom box to edit the current field in its own, larger, dialog box.

[Spacebar] toggles the value of a check box or option button.

[Esc] undoes changes to the current field or the current record (press [Esc] twice to undo both)

[Ctrl]+[;] inserts the current date.

[Ctrl]+[‘] inserts the value from the same field in the previous record.


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