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3 Ways to Improve Truck Cornering

3-27-2014 1-17-27 PM

  1. Slow Down: Approaching corners at increased speeds can amplify the level of difficultly in controlling your truck’s turn radius. Slowing down allows drivers to firmly grip the wheel, and steady control over the entire vehicle before an upcoming turn.
  2. Power Through: When pulling a heavy trailer, keep a steady pull-power through any turn. Relinquishing that control to a truck’s trailing counterpart can cause loss of control over the whole vehicle. Keeping a foot on the gas from start to finish can help drivers avoid control lose.
  3. Increase Anti-Roll Bar Size: Adding this larger bar in a truck steadies the truck’s center of gravity, and decreases potential body rolling on a closer-cut turn.


Looking for other trucking tips and tricks? Tatems has trucking management software to aid every need.


Video Preview of TATEMS Bulk Odometer and Hours Entries and Import

Check out the video below for a preview of the new Bulk Odometer and Hours Entry and Import features coming soon to TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Bulk Odometer And Hours Entry And Import

This new feature will be the next version update 4.5.09 of TATEMS Fleet Management Software out in a few days.

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All The Best!


Video of Top 9 Updates to TATEMS Version 4.5.04 released Nov 16 2013


I just wanted to give you a quick video rundown of the top 9 updates out of about 24 updates released starting with version 4.5.00 through 4.5.04

Maintenance Software by TATEMS-Top9 Updates in ver 4.5.04 released Nov16 2013

Click here to watch a non-YouTube version of video

Here is the list that I go over in the video:

1)      Added Repair Codes Fields to Work Orders Labor and Parts Screens so that you can better categorize costs when multiple repair categories done in a single Work Order

2)      Added list of 15 Repair Codes and descriptions to Repair Codes List

3)      Added new report All Equipment Reports-Repair Codes Cost / Mile/km / Hour Report

4)      Added new report under Work Orders in More Reports called All Work Orders Repair Code Totals by Repair Code

5)      Added new report under Work Orders in More Report called: Work Orders Total Costs by Repair Code

6)      Added Dropdown List Maintenance choice for Repair Codes

7)      Added Work Orders List under forms menu to allow you to see all work orders in one sortable list that show you All or Completed or Non-Default Tax Rate work orders and be able to click to view/edit and work order in the list

8)      Added new Work Orders report under More Reports called: All Work Orders with non-default sales tax charged

9)      Added Edit button to Parts inventory screen to help prevent accidental overwriting of current parts in inventory and changed add button to prevent accidental scrolling to previous record

You can see all the updates here:

and I have added a new training video to the updates page where you can download the current update

Thank you for your interest and please leave any comments below.

Marc Ready

The Role Of Software In Effective Fleet Maintenance

Trucks on highway

Fleets on the Road

Fleet maintenance software has proven to be an essential part of the decision making process for many companies today. Fleet managers are tasked with making a number of important decisions every day. Those decisions can be made easier and more precise with the right information. This is where fleet maintenance software comes in. The right software program can assist managers in making day to day decisions. Things like how often preventative maintenance should be applied and which specific vehicles should be taken from the fleet are important factors to consider and software can make these decisions a bit easier. In addition, quality fleet maintenance software programs can help to measure the overall success of the operating procedures for the fleet.

“Difficult tasks, like knowing if your maintenance policies are being adhered to, become very easy. Watching for indicators of fuel and part pilferage become quick to identify”.

With an easy to use quality software application, fleet technicians can spend less time worrying over administrative issues and more time actually working on their jobs. Drivers are able to keep technicians advised about the status of their vehicles which saves time. Software applications allow for information to flow much more freely throughout the entire operation. Software applications should be viewed as an investment that is designed to help with the overall operation. Quality programs will be flexible and will evolve as the company evolves.

Technology can ease scheduling for preventative maintenance and ensure that certain tasks are done as required. While there is certainly a manual method for managing fleets, these methods are becoming more and more outdated as technology continues to grow.

“Manual systems can be tedious and time-consuming to manage, especially for larger fleets. These days, technology is affordable even for the smallest fleet. Computerized systems are a more efficient method for gathering timely reports on all aspects of fleet management. Reports can be generated faster and more accurately, allowing the fleet manager to make timely proactive decisions”.

There are a number of reputable companies that offer affordable and quality fleet management software. Many companies today have information technology departments that can assist with specific computers or if needed, IT managers and staff can be hired on by the company. Regardless of how it is done, it is essential that companies choose systems that will meet their specific needs. Fleet operating requirements must be taken into consideration when choosing a system.

Companies should understand that while this fleet management software is designed to make certain tasks a bit easier, it can be easy to lose sight of important factors. It is important that managers keep in mind why they decided to initiate fleet management.

“‘It could be that you have too many trucks… or you want to reduce the cost of avoidable damage,' he says. Whatever it is, that's what you need to focus on as the primary objective, McKean says. ‘That doesn't mean you can't look at secondary issues, but you should identify priorities and then phase in others.'”

Fleet managers or company supervisors should consider every task and every option that is available when choosing a software program to assist with fleet management. There are different programs available and not all of these are going to meet every specific need. Time should be devoted to the specific data needed for optimal management. Although it may be easy to spend time with all information, managers should know which data is going to give them the most benefit and spend time focusing on the specific aspects of overall management that prompted the need for management software in the first place.

Update Video shows Auto Entry of Lower Interval Lube Service-Preventive Maintenance in TATEMS version 4.4.04

This new ability to automatically enter lower interval Lube/services that I posted about a number of months ago is now a reality in TATEMS version 4.4.04

In the video below I show you how to use the feature when it asks if you want to enter a lower interval Lube/service (PM) and also how you can have it automatically enter them without asking.

Enjoy and share if your inclined to.

To recap what's in the video.

Say you have a lube/service that needs to be done every 7500 miles and you also have one that needs to be done every 15000 miles.

If you have previously completed the 7500 mile one and then later add the 15000 mile one you will see a popup asking if you want to also add the 7500 mile one at the same time. If you say yes then the 7500 mile one will be entered with text in the notes section saying “Completed during 15000 mile Lube/Service”

You also have the option to have the system always enter those lower interval Lube/Services without asking.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Thanks Again

Marc Ready

P.S. If you have trouble viewing the video above I have included the YouTube version below.


New Work Orders Printout Format Added to Preferences in ver 4.4.04

We have added an extra Work Orders printout format. You can select the additional formatting option under Tools->Preferences->Work Orders/Invoices.

This new feature can be found in TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software version 4.4.04 and later.

I show you the feature in the video below. Enjoy and share with your friends.

As I said in the video, if you have an additional printout format you would like to see for TATEMS Work Orders please let me know what you have in mind. And if it's something that makes sense, we will add it as another option in preferences.

We are working hard to get the next update out the door.

Thanks Again,

Marc Ready

P.S I have posted the YouTube version of the video below in case you have trouble viewing the version posted above.

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Work Order Print Format Preferences in Ver-4.4.04

Work Orders Parts and Labor update

We released a new version 4.4.04b of TATEMS on June 19th 2013.

We have released several new versions over the past couple of months starting with version 4.4.03 released on May 3rd 2013.

In the 2 minute video below I show you how we have updated the Parts and Labor screens so that you will see what data you missed if you did not fill everything in.

Fleet Maintenance Software TATEMS Work Order Parts and Labor Warning Message Update

Just In case you can't see the video here is a description:

While you have the Work Orders screen open you click on the Labor Completed Tab

Work Order Labor Completed tab and Click here to add Labor button Work Order Labor Completed tab and Click here to add Labor button

Work Order Labor Completed tab and Click here to add Labor button

and then click the dropdown to choose an employee without entering a number of units (hours) or a descriptionAdding Work Order Labor without adding hours and description screenshot

Adding Work Order Labor without adding hours and description

Then click on either the Add Labor to Work Order button or the Save and Close button and you will see a message telling you what data is missing,

Work Order Labor completed pop up message telling you what info is missing screen shot

Work Order Labor completed pop up message telling you what info is missing

If you click OK you will be able to go back and correct the entry, if you click cancel after clicking on the Add Labor you will be taken back to the Labor for Current Work Order Screen with and the data you previously entered will still be there.  If you click cancel after clicking Add Labor To Work Order you will be brought back to the Labor for Current Work Order Screen but all your data will be removed and you can start over.

If you click OK after you click the Save & Close button then you will likewise be brought back to the Labor for Current Work Order screen to correct your mistake. But if you click the Cancel button after clicking Save & Close the data will not be saved and the Labor For Current Work Order screen will simply close.

I hope this feature is helpful for you.

All The Best!

Marc Ready

PS. If you are blocked from YouTube you can view the video below


Fuel Log Report Criteria Update

This video showing you the new Fuel Log Report Criteria is the first in a series of videos I'll be creating to show you the updates in TATEMS version 4.4.03b

Actually if you have version 4.4.03 then you have 23 of the 25 updates in the list at:

In short a video below I show you update number 25 from that list:

“Added Customer, Location and Dept/Area criteria most fuel log reports”

Fleet Maintenance Software TATEMS 4.4.03b Fuel Log Criteria update

This update number will change and get pushed down in the future as new versions are released.

So in case you have trouble seeing the video, when you go to Reports->More Reports->Report Type:Fuel Log  you now have 3 new criteria you can use to narrow down the equipment you are viewing in most of the fuel log reports.  The 3 new criteria are Customer, Dept/Area and Location.  Location is not included in the last report on the list. If this is a must have then please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks Again

Marc Ready


New Feature request- Automatic Entry of Lower Interval Lube/Services (PM’s)

 On a personal note

I hope your week is going well and if you’re in a cold part of the country or world that you’re keeping warm.  Sorry I was too sick last week to create a blog post but I’m finally starting to feel a little better so here goes…

New Feature Request (NOT RELEASED YET AT Time of this post!)

We have had numerous requests come in for TATEMS to automatically show lower interval Lube/Services aka PM’s as being completed when you enter a higher interval Lube/Service.

So here is what we came up with.

Let’s say you have a truck with Lube/Service type called 5000 Mile Oil Change with an interval  of every  5000 miles. You also have a Lube/Service 25000 miles Major with 25000 mile interval.

Currently when you enter the 25000 Mile Major you would also have to manually enter the 5000 Mile Oil Change.

Automatically Insert Lower Interval Lube/Services

With the next version upgrade release of TATEMS we have added something new.  It’s a new window that will pop-up in the scenario above and display any lower interval Lube/Services for that equipment and allow you choose any or all of them to be automatically entered.

Screen shop of the Pop up window that shows you available lower interval Lube/Services that you can have automatically entered

Pop up window that shows you available lower interval Lube/Services that you can have automatically entered

It will also add some text in the lower interval entry  in the Notes/Other field that says “Completed during 25000 Mile Major Lube/Service”

Screen shop of The dynamic note that gets added to the lower interval Lube/Service

This is the dynamic note that gets added to the lower interval Lube/Service

This takes those lower interval Lube/services off the reminders popup for you and shows them as completed in the Lube/Service tab.

Just in case you don’t want to see the pop up window asking you if you want to add those lower interval Lube/Services, we had added two check boxes to the Misc User Preferences screen under the tools menu. The first check box says: “Stop Asking to Add Lover Interval Lube Services” and  the one below it says: “Always Add Lower Interval Lube Services”.

Lube/Service Auto Entry Lower Interval Preferences Selections

Lube/Service Auto Entry Lower Interval Preferences Selections

Does that make sense?

Once I have the new version ready, hopefully in the next few days, I’ll make a video of the feature in action along with some of the other things we’ve added or improved.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks Again and Take Care


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