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New Help Video Shows Parts Inventory Report In TATEMS Plus Inventory Spreadsheets

In this TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software video below I show you the Parts Inventory Report and Inventory related spreadsheets

I go over:

  • Where to Find The Parts Inventory Report Inside TATEMS
  • The Exclude Parts Types popup box that displays after you click preview or print
  • What The Parts Inventory Report Actually Displays
  • Parts Inventory Related Spreadsheets you can download and link to your live TATEMS data
  • How to link those spreadsheets to TATEMS and how to filter the data for specific columns

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New Help Video Shows Latest Backup and Compact Data Features

In the video below I show you the latest backup features in TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software.

I go over:

  • Compact Checkbox
  • How to Restore from a failed backup
  • How To Choose A Backup Location
  • How To Setup Preferences for Auto Backup when Closing or Ask To Backup When You Close TATEMS

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TATEMS User Guide & Help Videos Below

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TATEMS Update 4.6.17 preview auto backup and backup history

Here is a short under 2 minute video preview of the auto backup and backup history to be included in upcoming version 4.6.17 of TATEMS, Fleet Maintenance Software.

We are adding 2 new preferences under Tools->Preferences

“Stop asking to Backup when closing TATEMS”


“Always Backup when closing TATEMS”

If  they are both unchecked then when you exit TATEMS you will see the backup message displayed and you will be able to choose the backup location or accept the path that is already displayed.

If you have the first one checked and not the second one then TATEMS will close without asking you to backup.

If you choose the second one then TATEMS will auto backup every time you exit it as long as the backup path/location is available.

We are also adding the backup history to the backup form that will display all the previous backup locations, dates and the computer name that initiated the backup.

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How to get 25Gb of Cloud Storage for your TATEMS data and more… But there is a catch.


I have been using a service called Dropbox a cool cloud storage service that I have installed on my desktop computer, my Android phone and my iPad.  It's a very cool and easy way to transfer things like photos from one device to the other.

For example, I can snap a picture on my phone and instantly upload it to DropBox and then later open it from my desktop computer or iPad.

I can also use it as an extra backup for data files or any document.

The only drawaback with Dropbox is that it only gives you 2 Gigabytes of space for free.  That may be enough for most people but if you need more starage there are some other options.

Google Drive

Google just came out with a similar new cloud storage service called Google Drive that gives you 5GB of storage for free. Google says that thier service will also be searchable using Google Search technology.  Google has apps for the Desktop and Android phones but not Apple devices yet.

Note: I just went to the Google Drive site and as of 2:30 PDT Arril 25, 2012 they are saying it's not ready. Although I was able to get it on my Android Phone. But after installing it on my Android Phone, I got the same message saying it's not ready but will notify me when it is


That sounds good, but if you really want more free storage space Microsoft is offering 25GB of free storage with thier SkyDrive service.  But to get the free 25 GiGs you have to have to actuallt use the service before Monday April 30, 2012

You can use any of these services to save backup copies of your TATEMS data file or any other data for that matter off site.

To get the apps for these for your Mobile device just search for the service name or click the links above to get them on your desktop.

I just added some stuff to Microsoft Skydrive to make sure I get that free 25GB of storage and I reccomend you do too.

I don't see any reason not to use all three services for ultimate safety. 

Take care and have a great weekend.