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[Video] For Spreadsheet 94 Equipment List With Customer Equip Type Odometer and Hours Meter

The video below shows what's inside and how to use spreadsheet number 94 called TATEMS Equipment List With Customer Equip Type Odometer And Hours Meter Out Of Service Yes Or No

The video also gives you a tip on how to use the custom Equipment List spreadsheet

This video also shows you how to link to your TATEMS database if you are on a network or the TATEMS data file is in a folder other than

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\

The unique thing about this report is that it gives you the customer and the equipment type along with a few other fields

Here is a list of the fields/columns you'll find in this spreadsheet

Customer Name
Equipment Type
Equipment Number
License Plate number
Current Odometer Reading
Current Hours Meter Reading
Out Of Service (Yes or No)
Sort Order Number (Numeric Value)

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