Understanding Work Truck Suspensions

If you are looking into getting some new work truck suspensions, then you will want to understand what you are getting into. There are different types of suspensions that will work better for the specific truck that you are driving. If you are wanting something that will cushion your ride and provide stability, make sure you are purchasing the right type of suspension for your specific vehicle. It must all work together as well, with your torque rods as well as your axle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Work truck suspension is a critical issue for fleet owners, as this vehicle feature affects at least 3 major truck aspects.
  • Suspension is integrally related to a truck's durability, specifically its ability to withstand it's load over time.
  • Suspension furthermore provides stability. Good suspension provides evenness over treacherous roads and also cushions the ride.

“equalizing (walking) beam suspensions are the most common and effective for providing optimal stability, mobility, and traction.”

Read more: https://www.truckinginfo.com/10137609/understanding-work-truck-suspension

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