Smart Fleet Strategies to Manage Tolling

Tolls as much as they aren't popular among people, are necessary to help maintain the roadways. Where ever you see a lot of trucks driving, there will almost always be a toll that has to be paid. What they get in return are roadways that are well maintained that they can continue to drive over. The tolls are thinking of getting rid of their cash only policy and making it to where you can pay online instead of having to fork over cash each time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pay tolls aren't popular but they are necessary for filling in those funding gaps.
  • They are now discovering ways that you can pay without having to have cash to pay at the toll.
  • There was a lot of time that passed where there weren't many commuters on the road during the pandemic.

“ATRI found that on a per-mile basis, toll facility revenues are 18 times those collected through the federal tax placed on motor fuels.”

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