Gauging the Future of Diesel with DTF’s Allen Schaeffer

If you are considering switching from diesel to electric, then make sure you aren't just getting caught up in the moment of what is new and interesting right now. Make sure that you are gauging what the long term effects for your business will be. This isn't saying that diesel uses fewer emissions than electric, but we have to be mindful of where that electric power is coming from. No matter what is powering your vehicle, there will be some emissions involved somewhere, so make the right decision for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Truck pundit, Jim Park, asserts that diesel technology for the trucking industry is on a good path forward.
  • Park sees many improvements on the horizon, while acknowledging that the newest diesel incarnations have already achieved near-zero emissions.
  • A mere comparison of trucks made in 2000 versus those made today, 21 years later, shows that diesel emissions are down 98%.

“Schaeffer contended that you can’t fairly compare the green impact of diesel vs. electric powering trucks without factoring in the source of electricity generation.”

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