Video Updating Odometer Readings Spreadsheet

When I first mentioned this spreadsheet about a year ago my daughter had just received a $300 ticket. 

I'm happy to say she hasn't been in any more trouble with the law and God willing she will graduate from college in May.

I originally created this spreadsheet because one of our clients wanted to see a printout of all odometer entries for all equipment.  

Basically it's what's called a cross tab query.  

The way it works is for each date you have entered odometer readings,  there will be a column with the date at the top  except for the first column which has the Equipment Number 

So then each row has the Equipment number and all the  odometer readings taken. 

 Like this 

Equip # 01-10-2010 01-17-2010 01-24-2010
101 25000 25250 25500
102 13232 13596 14025
103 96300 97230 98356

When I created this spreadsheet it displayed only 2010 odometer readings from TATEMS, hence the name:

TATEMS All Odometer Readings Each Date Has Own Column For All of 2010

I wanted to show you how you can change the date range on this spreadsheet to 2011 or any range you want. 

So I created this short video for you.

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New short Video shows new dropdown added to Lube Service – Accomplished by

In the current version of TATEMS “4.3.00” we have added a dropdown to the Accomplished By field so you don’t have to keep typing the same person over and over again, or worry about misspellings.  If you choose to add them to the dropdown you will be presented with the personnel form so you can add the new person.  You also have the option to not add them to the list and they will still be logged as the accomplished by person or entity for that particular Lube Service.This very short video shows you how it works.

Is this helpful for you?   By the way,  I have to get a tooth pulled on Wednesday Feb 23rd at 11:30 AM PDT so I may not be available for the rest of the afternoon.  Wish me luck!

Have you seen this HOS cartoon?

The new drivers hours of service rules proposed by the FMCSA look like they are going to be a nightmare to track and even enforce.

Check out this HOS Cartoon.

What do you think about the new FMCSA HOS proposal ?

Off-duty period 10 consecutive hrs. No change  
“Driving Window” For most drivers, 14 consecutive hrs. (may continue on-duty/not driving after 14 hrs.);”Regional” allowed one 16-hr. period “weekly” but release from duty required after 16 hrs;Non-CDL w/i 150 miles allowed two 16-hr. periods “weekly” (may continue on-duty/not driving after 16 hrs.). For all property-carrying CMV drivers(unless excepted):14 consecutive hrs. with release from duty required at end of driving window;16 consecutive hrs. no more than twice “weekly” with release from duty required at end of driving window. Any on-duty time after 14th hour constitutes use of a 16-hr. period.
Max. on-duty within driving window Normally 14 hrs; 16 hrs. once per week for “regional” drivers; 16 hrs. twice per week for non-CDL w/i 150 miles. 13 hrs. Proposal not applicable to non-CDL 150 mile short-haul drivers. 13 hrs. during 14- or 16-hour driving windows for others.
Max. driving within driving window 11 hrs. 10 or 11 hrs. (Both being considered)  
Limit on consecutive hours of driving None May drive only if it has been 7 hours or less since last off-duty period of at least 30 minutes Proposal not applicable to non-CDL 150 mile short-haul drivers.
Max. on-duty hours 60 hrs. in 7 days/ 70 hrs. in 8 days No change  
“Restart” 34 consecutive hrs. See “limits on restarts” below.  
Limits on Restarts None (1) Must include two periods between Midnight-6 a.m.;
(2) May only be used once per week.
Driver must designate the period being used as a restart
When used as substitute for 10 consecutive hrs. off duty Two periods: One at least 8 consecutive hrs. in SB; other at least 2 hrs. SB or off-duty. The shorter period does NOT extend the driving window. Continue 8/2 hr. periods, but apply same new driving, on-duty, and duty-period limits as proposed for non-SB drivers.  
On-duty time Includes any time in CMV except sleeper-berth. Does not include any time resting in a parked CMV. In moving CMV, does not include up to 2 hrs. in passenger seat immediately before or after 8 consecutive hrs. in sleeper-berth. Also applies to passenger-carrying drivers.
Oilfield exemption “Waiting time” for certain drivers at oilfields (which is off-duty but does extend 14-hr duty period) must be recorded and available to FMCSA, but no method or details are specified for the recordkeeping. “Waiting time” for certain drivers at oilfields must be shown on RODS or electronic equivalent as off duty and identified by annotations in “remarks” or a separate line added to “grid.” “Waiting time” is not included in on-duty time or the calculation of the 14 or 16-hr. driving window.

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Parts Replaced Under Warranty Spreadsheet

I created another spreadsheet to display all parts that were installed that have a warranty. This would allow you to check to see if part was under warranty when it failed.

To make this as useful as possible; you should add a note as to the warranty duration when you add a part to a Work Order and check the Warranty Box for the part.

Here are the fields that will display in this spreadsheet

Equip Num
Work Order ID
Requested Date
Completed Date
Part Num
Part Descr
Cost Per Unit
Total Cost

You can download it here:


You can also find this and many other spreadsheets we have created here

Here is a short video tour of the Parts Replaced Under Warranty spreadsheet :

Do you think we should add a warranty term next to the check box for the part in TATEMS?
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Discover quantities of each filter or part installed in your fleet

What’s been happening with us

It’s been a crazy couple of months for us.  Our landlord stopped paying the mortgage so we had to scramble to find a new place to rent.

Luckily we found a place only about 2 blocks away from where we were so that was nice and the new place has a nice in-ground pool and spa.  Something we have not had here in Las Vegas since 2004, other than the vinyl above ground pool we put up last summer.  But we are finally getting settled in and happy to be at the new house.

I’ve been working on getting this new TATEMS blog up and running to make it easier to communicate with our clients, and hopefully get some guest contributors as well. If you would like to contribute an article please let me know.

I have a whole bunch of new training videos planned and a multiple new updated of versions of  TATEMS planned for 2011.

New spreadsheet and video training

A few weeks back one of our clients wanted to see the quantity count of each filter installed on his fleet.  So I created the spreadsheet for him that pulls the live data he needs from TATEMS.

I wanted to show you how to customize it so that you could see quantities installed,  not only of particular filters,  but any type of part and for any date range.

The spreadsheet currently displays these columns:

Part #
Part Description
Qty Installed

You can get the spreadsheet here:


The search criteria field used is a Part Description of “Filter” and Work Order Date Requested between “1/1/2000” and “12/31/2020”.  It only applies to parts/filters used in the Work Orders section of TATEMS Maintenance Software.

The video below shows you the spreadsheet in action. It also teaches you how to customize the spreadsheet; to alter what Part Description you may want to use and to how to narrow the date range.

By the way, if you have an older verion of Excel or if your TATEMS data file is on a server click here for a video to help get it working

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