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Imagining a Completely Driverless Truck

Self-driven vehicles are in our future, and we’ve seen the technology improving in the recent years. Yet, when we envision the driverless cars, few of us actually thinks of trucks without drivers. While autonomous truck prototypes are already presented to the general public, we can imagine and take this step further imagining a truck that is completely automated. Such truck would not have a cab, infotainment or stereo systems. Drive data would be transmitted remotely to a control center, where all monitoring would be done.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although the idea of a driverless truck has been on the radar for a while, a true design for one is non-existent. Currently, there are only models that include some experimental autonomous controls.
  • Such a vehicle would be very stripped down, as human needs would be a non-issue. Gone would be anything having to do with human comfort. or entertainment. No cup holders.
  • What would probably remain would be the electronic capability and the temperature parameters to accommodate the product being hauled.

“In addition, the truck cab has to be arranged in a way to serve as a home away from home for long-haul drivers. All of that stuff – and all of that space and weight and materials – would suddenly be superfluous for an autonomous truck designer.”

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