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7 Car Damaging Habits That Are Hurting Your Car

There are seven things that are commonly done to vehicles that can cause a lot of damage in the long and short run. If you are driving your car recklessly, then you are not only putting your car at risk, but you are putting yourself at risk as well. If you accelerate after braking, or if you drive quickly, you are both burning up gas and wreaking havoc on your transmission. You should also never ignore the warning lights on the dash board.

Key Takeaways:

  • While we might know that maintenance is necessary, we might not know the repercussions.
  • The faster you drive, the more fuel you use and the more pressure you are putting on the transmission.
  • If you are ignoring the lights or ignoring regular maintenance, this could lead to damages.

“Before riding on the streets of the UAE, it is advised that you go through the several stringent road safety laws and regulations implemented by the regulatory authorities.”

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