6 tasks to assess 2020 and set biz priorities for 2021

Semi tractor trailer truck fleet

Truckers over the past few weeks are showing an increased disinterest in trucking because they are missing their families and with the increased amount of tension in the air, it's taking a toll on them. If the year is coming to an end without your achieving what you wanted to then you can still jump start the new year. In 2021 you can make some early goals that you never go to since this year was difficult for everybody with the election and the pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Over Thanksgiving week there were truckers who weren't happy with trucking life since they were missing family.
  • With the climate the election has created, and the pandemic, it's tough out there for sure.
  • You can still achieve goals you had for this year and really focus on jump starting 2021

“In the midst of all this, a reminder: Be thankful that, at least for most owner-operators, you have not been forced out of work. You may have had to adjust your equipment, or the commodities you hauled, but overall there is still high demand for your services.”

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