4 Ways to Prevent Truck Wheel-Offs

Wheel separation is something that is well understood, we know very well how it happens. The bearings are something that you will want to be picky about because of the bearings are too tight or too loose, then this could lead to problems with your wheels. Before you go to place the wheel back onto the hub, make sure that the area is clear and free of debris, or this can create problems with wheel separation.

Key Takeaways:

  • the causes of wheel separation can be caused by a few things, like loose ball bearings.
  • Be extra picky about your bearings, over tightening or not tightening enough, can have an effect.
  • Before even putting the wheel back on the hub, make sure it is clear of debris first.

“The Canadian province of Ontario has done loads of research into wheel separations and is probably the most active jurisdiction in North America”

Read more: https://www.truckinginfo.com/10135611/4-ways-to-prevent-truck-wheel-offs

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