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[Video] and Updates Announcement

This video goes over the new features added in version which was released on Nov 11, 2019

Here is what the video covers

  • Create Work Order From the 90(or user-defined) Day Inspection popup
  • Create Lube/Service from the 90 Day Inspection popup
  • Copy defective items all at once (instead of one at a time) to Needed Maintenance/Repairs tab from 90 Day Inspection popup
  • Added company name and address to the top of 90 Day Inspection single Inspection printout
  • Added Accomplished by name plus signature line and a date line to the bottom of the single 90 Day Inspection printout
  • Added button to Lube/Service tab to create or open existing work order based on the current Lube/Service
  • Added a Lube/Service button to Work Order screen to popup Lube/Service screen so you can complete the Lube/Service history from inside a work order
  • On the Fuel Log Screen, we Moved and renamed the Entry Date field so that it occurs right after the Fuel Vendor instead of at the end and also it just says Date
  • Added DOB (date of birth to Personnel screen and personnel details reports)

And below is a list of  new features, updates, and fixes included on version released December 9, 2019

  • Added NEW Parts Inventory All Parts On Hand Qty Greater Than Zero Report
  • Added NEW Parts Inventory List Of Active Parts Report
  • Added NEW Parts Inventory Parts Needing Re-Order Report Done
  • Updated all reports so that they can handle single quotes/apostrophes in the criteria. (This was happening mostly on the Work Orders Service By Vendor Totals Report for a vendor name like “Love's” for example.)
  • Fixed the Work Order Labor Description Dropdown box issue being improperly resized when the Auto Resizer for higher screen resolutions is turned on.
  • Fixed the issue of the Equipment Main Form not going back to maximized state after closing the work orders screen when the Auto Resizer for higher screen resolutions is turned on.

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