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How to use the Cost Per Mile – Cost Per Hour report with video

Criteria Selector For Cost Per Mile Cost Per Hour Report


Did you ever wonder how much your vehicle costs per mile/km or hour to run?

Calculating Cost Per Mile/Km And Cost Per Hour

Well we added the Cost Per Mile Report in the version 4.4.02 release, and I wanted to show you what it is and how to use it so I made this quick 5 Min video for you.


Step By Step

Here are some quick written instructions and screen shots showing you the steps.

Click on Report->All Equipment Reports->Cost /Mile / Hour

And you will see this screen:

Criteria Selector For Cost Per Mile Cost Per Hour Report

Then you can choose the date range up at the top.  Then you can pick and choose any or all of your equipment.   You can also choose the view and pint certain groups of equipment like Equipment TypeTruck/Tractor for example.

The next step is to click the checkboxes for what you want to include in your report.  In the video above I chose Fuel Log, Work Orders, Depreciation Amount, Insurance, and License Fees.   I left out Repairs Completed and Parts For This Equipment because you would not normally be tracking costs under those tabs when you are using Work Order.

Then click the Preview Report button and you will see a report that looks like this:

Cost Per mile Per hour Report

The Beginning odometer and ending odometer readings are the closest reading to the dates you selected and the report shows you those readings and the dates they were captured.

The cost data encompasses the entire date range selected.

You can see that you get cost per mile, Cost per hour (if using hour meter readings), and WO Labor, WO Parts and Work Order overall costs.  You also see in this report the total Fuel Costs for that date range and your total over costs to operate that vehicle for that date range.

I hope you like this report and that it helps you with your fleet management.

Thanks Again


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P.P.S. I see the report says Cost Per Mike 🙂  It's already fixed on the next version that is in the testing phase.