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TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Reviews

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We like its simplicity

Pros: We like its simplicity. Much larger corporations than ours have spent thousand of dollars more and need a computer specialist to run the software they use just to come up with the same reports we can generate using Tatems in a matter of minutes. It has the ability of generating these reports in Excel format and e-mail them to our customers simply and efficiently. Tatems ability to track maintenance costs and PM services for all our customers is a solid value added service we can offer that sets us apart from the competition.

Cons: I would like to see an expansion of the type of reports and perhaps an easier method for getting the info I need into the reports. The Excel formulas provided in the e-mail tips are nice but a bit complicated for us. Would like to see that side of it a bit more user friendly for those of us who are not advanced computer users.

Other Comments: Tatems is a great value for the dollar.

Avatar for Gary C - A.A. Trailer Fleet Service
Gary C - A.A. Trailer Fleet Service

found tatems to be the easiest one to operate

Pros: Tatems has been very helpful on our record keeping of the equipment that we have. I can tell at a glance when equipment needs to be serviced and also when inspections are due.

We looked at other software and found tatems to be the easiest one to operate and the way it is configured it is by far the simplest to use.

We have been very happy with the software.

Cons: I would like to see a way that you could show what the cost per mile or hour on each piece of equipment would be including repairs and maintenance and fuel combined or separate.

Avatar for Dave W - C. M. Plumbing
Dave W - C. M. Plumbing

Not just vehicles

I like the fact that it can be used for other equipment and not just vehicles.

I wish I had more freedom on the lube/service feature. Such as setting a time reminder specific to equipment instead of having to have all the reminder times be the same

Avatar for Jeremy C. - MATRIX SURFACES

Tatems has helped me a lot

Tatems has helped me a lot. When I started at this company the service department had no structure. With the use of Tatems I have been able to easily Bring every aspect of running my shop under control. With a couple key strokes and the click of a mouse I can see what parts I have when a truck is due for service what filters it will need etc.

Avatar for Anthony H, Service Manager - M V Electric
Anthony H, Service Manager - M V Electric

would recommend TATEMS

provides super support. We would recommend TATEMS to any size business that needs a comprehensive tool to track any kind of vehicle or equipment maintenance.

Avatar for Steve L, Facility Manager - RG Scrap Metals
Steve L, Facility Manager - RG Scrap Metals

saved my butt on several occasions

Pros: Tatems has saved my butt on several occasions, and in a number of ways.

1. I never ran out of stocked parts because Tatems reminder told me when I needed to order more stock. This was very important as a mobile mechanic looking after a large fleet of trailers.

2. My billing was always correct, with the built in GST automatically added to my labour rate. My parts were easy billed out in the work orders, thus correcting the problem of forgetting to add parts on my old hand written work orders. The drop down menus saved me a tone of time, plus my customers could see specifically what was done in repairs with notes under each heading.

3. Customers can read a typed out work order much easier than hand written work orders.

4. The note section gave me the ability to answer specific customer question.

5. The repairs needed meant that needed future repairs didn't slip through the cracks, especially with the ability to add them to daily reminders.

6. I never missed another scheduled service on the trailers, or tractors with the reminder pop ups.

A friend of mine ran a mobile repair company, using hand written work order, and when I showed him Tatems, he was very skeptical, and told me the program was not necessary. We worked together for a year or so, and I continued to use Tatems, and after seeing the time savings, not to mention the accuracy, plus the ability to answer customer questions by bringing up specific units and showing customers worked done months ago, he decided to give it a try. Anyway to make a long story short, he called me several months later, and thanked me for talking him in to trying the program, because his revenue went up, by saving him time when preparing work orders, he wasn't loosing money forgetting to add parts he'd used on to the work orders, and most importantly, when he was accused of a faultily repair, he was able to bring the unit up in seconds, and show the customer (because of the note section), that the particular unit in question, was not repaired by him, but sent out to a trailer shop.

I can go on and on about the different ways the Tatems program has saved me time, money, and answered specific customer question, but the proof is always in trying this program for yourself. It's been a blessing to me over the last few years!!!

Cons: No complaints with me, I think it's a great program, and the updates keep coming with the ability to do more and more things within Tatems.

Other Comments: If you run any type of repairs business, this program does a great job, and cost hundreds, and in some cases thousands of dollars less. Matter of fact, I'm now working in a shop, and they have this very expensive program, and it doesn't hold a candle to Tatems … in my estimations!

Avatar for Wayne C. - Wayne's Mobile Repairs
Wayne C. - Wayne's Mobile Repairs

a God send

Pros: Finding TATEMS software was a God send. We tried making our own, hiring it out and nothing worked like we wanted. TATEMS had it all. Tracking maintenance on our equipment, reminders, the dreaded FILTER's LIST! Everything. It is easy to use, easy to understand. With information at our fingertips, keeping up to date with this aspect of our business had made a huge difference. Thank you TATEMS, you were just what we needed.

Cons: Column size on the screens need to be adjusted. I can't see the year (important part) and other fields I do not need, are more prominently displayed. Would like the ability to customize the field screen layout OR have you make it so the year shows!! Thanks!!

Other comments: Being able to get in touch with technical support is huge.

Avatar for Joanna L - R.L. & Sons, LLC
Joanna L - R.L. & Sons, LLC


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