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As a small business owner, knowing where my money goes is important.

Pros: As a small business owner, knowing where my money goes is important. The Tatems platform is inexpensive, simple and made for the trucking business. BIT seems to like the reports available. The reports allow me to make better maint/repair, roi, and capitol descisions. As I get older it's nice to have the software remind me when certain tasks need attending to. As with any cms platform, the better the data that goes in, the better the output. With hours and miles as measurement bases, reports may be compared, problem areas seem to stand out; allowing problems to be seen, repaired quickly and saving money. Last but far from least,,, excellent customer service


a “chart/graph” series of reports where the charts are of a fixed type and the operator may plug in the knowns from the reports creating a “custom” report or have the ability to trend.

What can i say, you have a good basic platform.

Other comments:

Having spent over thirty years in industrial maintenance… Using platforms from Datastream to SAP; if you expect to make a profit, you must maintain the equipment; or, you must have a Return On your Investment. To make a “good” profit, you must take advantage of every tool you can to keep your equipment running efficiently and reliable.

I see costs per mile that are four places past the decimal (XX.XXXX) if larger companies do this why shouldn't i?

With fuel cutting into profit margins, it would be foolish to not avail yourself of this platform, if you use it, it will help you save money let alone help keep agencies that like records happy.

If you sell or trade a truck, having a copy of the mtc. records available could add value.

Avatar for JB - GP Trucking
JB - GP Trucking

saved us time and money!!

Before TATEMS we tried to maintain all of our vehicle records on in-house spreadsheets. TATEMS has simplified everything and has saved us time and money!!

Avatar for Sil, Head Mechanic - Fallen Leaf Tree Service, Inc.
Sil, Head Mechanic - Fallen Leaf Tree Service, Inc.

made our equipment information so organized

Tatems is an extremely “user friendly” program that allows us to put our entire fleet (truck/trailer and other equipment) in the program. We can enter all maintenance, repairs, and parts, used on each specific piece of equipment. It also allows for the input of mileage, and vehicle info. (vin, license, etc.,).The program sorts and has each equipment piece in its own spot. It also alerts when a piece of equipment needs servicing/maintenance. It has made our equipment information so organized.

Avatar for C. Radcliff - Terry Johnson Trucking
C. Radcliff - Terry Johnson Trucking

support has been over the top

Tatems, has been a huge help with tracking all of California's numerous requirements with Commercial trucks. With a fleet over 200 that changes daily, Tatems has helped track inspections, tests, etc on a daily basis, letting you have the option of how and when to be notified of upcoming dates. Software was easy to install and the support has been over the top, I would recommend to anyone who has the task of keeping up with Dot requirements. Our last BIT inspection was a breeze and our inspector loved the system, in fact next time I will just be able to boot the program and let him glance over the records, he was pleased with not having to shuffle through all the paperwork.

Avatar for Ian R. - Par Electrical Contractors
Ian R. - Par Electrical Contractors

software is easy to understand and use

We choose Tatems after looking on the net for a suitable software for our company. The software is easy to understand and use, no IT-specialist needed, what in our case is a very important feature. We are very pleased and impressed with the frequent up-dates/user tips, which make life easier. When we had questions, the answer was always immediate and complete – this is fundamental in an industry where speed is more than half of the cake.

Before we came to Tatems, we had our own way to deal with the problems, but it was not a systematic approach and not suitable for a growing number of vehicles/clients. We knew about our shortcomings and not happy with the situation, whereas now we know where we are going and can retrieve all information in seconds.

As our operation is growing, we will need more PC/lap-tops with Tatems – that means, we will buy more software, to be able to offer a perfect service.

Avatar for Christoph G. - Cewa Trucks Ltd - Accra - Ghana
Christoph G. - Cewa Trucks Ltd - Accra - Ghana

Tatems is very easy to use

We track our equipment, along with approximately 400+ customer units, all by unit #. We reviewed numerous vehicle maintenance software programs prior to trying and purchasing Tatems, all were considerably higher in cost and much more confusing to navigate. Tatems is very easy to use. When we train new employees who will be accessing Tatems, it takes very little time to train. The program makes sense if you handle equipment. Tatems has helped us keep track of previous maintenance performed on equipment, fuel tracking for our equipment, service and repair reminders. It is easy to locate equipment in Tatems by numerous search options…unit#, customer name, vin#, etc. The software is very versatile. Tatems has a fast responsive tech team that helps with tasks and questions when they arise. We also utilize the parts/inventory feature…again, very easy to enter new information and search for needed information. Even if you have limited computer skills, you will be able to utilize Tatems with ease!!

Avatar for WJS Transportion
WJS Transportion

software that can help me in the maintenance of my trucks

It is very good to work with a software that can help me in the maintenance of my trucks and heavy equipment, I hope you can do in Spanish so you can sell this program in my country

Avatar for Pablo A. - Mezclalista
Pablo A. - Mezclalista


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