Video For Spreadsheet 50

This video goes shows you how to link spreadsheet number 50. TATEMS-PartsVendorHistoryOfInstalledPartsCosts, to your TATEMS database using:

Excel 2016 (should also be the same for Excel 2013 and Excel 2019)


Excel 2010 (should also be the same for Excel 2007)

It also goes over how to create the same spreadsheet from scratch if you get an error when you try to link it to your TATEMS data.

You'll also see the spreadsheet columns and how to filter the columns in Excel

the columns are

Parts Vendor

Reference #

Part #

Part Desc

Cost Each

Qty Installed

Total Cost

Date WO Requested

Date WO Completed

Work Order#

Equip #

So to sum it up you will see the Parts Vendor Costs For All Work Orders In Your Fleet and you'll be able to filter by any af these columns.

For example, you can choose to see only what you spent and the parts purchased from a specific vendor for a spefic date range.

You can get this and the other spreadsheets by clicking here

If You get an error when you try to link to the TATEMS database I have another video here that shows you how to get it working

I hope you found this helpful!

Thanks Again



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