Video – Custom TATEMS Spreadsheet No. 129 Inventory Type Totals Installed

The video below shows you how to link and use the TATEMS Custom spreadsheet called TATEMS-WorkOrderPartsInventoryInstalledByCustomerbyYearAndInventoryType

This spreadsheet is number 129 and can be found here:

The columns in this spreadsheet are

Customer (From Custom Selected on the Equipment Summary Tab. If you have no customers this would be “In House”)

Year Work Order Parts Installed (from the Work Orders Completed Date)

Inventory Type (from the Parts Inventory screen)

Parts Cost (from the Work Order Parts Screen)

The video above shows you how to link this spreadsheet using Excel 2016 or 2019 and it might also be similar for Excel 2013

If you have Excel 2010 or 2007 then the video here will show you how to link these spreadsheets to your TATEMS data.


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