Video – TATEMS Auto Resizing Coming to 4.6.24v Explained

UPDATE: Version 4.6.24v was released on Oct 1, 2018.

The current update is available here:

In the video below I show you the new Auto Resizing feature we are adding to TATEMS starting with version 4.6.24v (scheduled for release the first week of October 2018)

You may want to go to full screen on the above video to get a better feel for this cool new feature.

This feature is may cause instability of TATEMS on some systems causing unannounced shutdowns of TATEMS in which case you would need to keep the Auto Resizing feature turned off.

We will continue to make improvements to this feature in order to mitigate any instability issues people experience after version 4.6.24v is released.

The feature will be turned off by default.

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