Top 12 Improvements to TATEMS in version 4.5.10 through 4.5.14 in under 12 minutes

It's been a while since I wrote and I hope you are doing well.

Karen and I made it back to Las Vegas from Arkansas and got all our stuff out of storage last weekend.

It’s good to be back and away from all that crazy snow and tornadoes!

I wanted you to see some of the cool new improvements we've made to TATEMS from versions 4.5.10 through 4.5.14 over the past couple months.

So I made a 12 minute video showing the top 12 improvements to TATEMS.

You can view the video in full screen mode if it's too small for you.

Here's the list of the 12 items I go over in the video.

  1. The ability to choose a customer when a duplicate equipment number is detected when adding a new piece of equipment.
  2. Changed the default customer when adding a new piece of equipment so that the  customer alphabetically in the list is chosen.
  3. New Report under reports-> More Reports-> Work Orders called “Work Orders Total Costs by Serviced by Vendor”
  4. Changed the sorting for the Reports found under: Reports->More Reports->Needed Maintenance/Repairs and Repairs Completed to allow sorting by equip num or sort order and date ascending or descending order
  5. Added filtering and sorting to Needed Maintenance Repairs Tab and Repairs Completed Tab to be more like the Work Orders Tab
  6. Added function to ask if you want to delete a Needed Maintenance/ Repair when transferring it to the Repair Completed tab,  so that the Needed Maintenance/ Repairs list can be more easily maintained.
  7. Optimized the Popup Reminders screen to increase speed to pop up by over 300 % especially in a Network Environment.
  8. Changed the sales tax field work orders to always pull from the default sales tax rate in My Company Information when a new work order is created, and also makes sure that default tax rate will not automatically overwrite a non-default sales tax rate on work orders that have already been created.
  9. Updated the default sort order on the equipment list when you first open TATEMS,  so that it always starts using Sort by Equipment Num order.
  10. Added a new “Show All Dates” Button to the Fuel Log Tab so that you can see any potential see date entry mistakes of dates that might be out of your chosen date range.
  11. Added a dynamic label that displays at the top of the Fuel Log Tab to tell you what criteria you are currently viewing.
  12. Changed the displayed fuel log entries to “stick” to the last sorting and criteria chosen when navigating between different equipment.

To see all the updates listed go here

And to get the latest update go here

In the next update we will have the ability to choose hours meter readings instead or odometer readings for fuel log entries and a Parts Location and Bin number fields will be added to the Parts Inventory screen plus more. Stay tuned!

Thanks Again

Marc Ready


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