[Video] Parts For This Equipment Tab | TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software

[Video] Parts For This Equipment Tab

In this video, you'll discover the history of the Parts For This Equip tab, how it was originally used and how it can be used now.

I did not mention it in the video but you can also hide this tab and any other unused tabs by going to

Tools->Simplify TATEMS

And then un-checking the tabs you want to hide.

You can also see the Parts For This Equip related reports by going to

Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Parts Installed

There is also the quick report for this tab for the currently selected piece of equipment under

Reports->Current Equipment Reports->Parts Report

Information from this tab is also included in the Unit Information Reports With All Equipment Data under

Current Equipment Reports


All Equipment Reports

It is also one of the choices for totals to be included in the Cost Per Mile/Km / Hour Report under

Reports->All Equipment Reports

And you will also find some custom spreadsheets that will pull data from the Parts For This Equip tab here

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Custom Spreadsheets

When you get to that page you can press F3 on your keyboard to search the keyword “PartsForThis” without the quotes but all run together just like that.

At the time of this post, the following spreadsheets have Parts For This Equip Tab data that you can pull from your live TATEMS database.

42. TATEMSPartsForThisEquipTotalForEachYear

44. TATEMSPartsForThisEquipNumberOfTimesPartNumberUsedAndCost

132. TATEMS-PartsForThisEquipWithAllColumns

I hope this has been helpful to you!



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