New Video Version 4.4.00 Parts Inventory Screen updates

I hope everything is going well for you this week.

Hopefully, this video is not as choppy as the unfinished house they are tearing down on the hill above us. More on that in a minute

I just finished up this video but updated my Camtasia Studio (Screen Cam Software) to the latest version so it might be a little bit choppy as I am just getting used to the new interface.

Last week I forgot to post the sample Terms that you can paste into the bottom of your work orders so I have added it here:


I am also posting the previous Video regarding all the new Preferences settings in Version 4.4.00 below.

So anyway someone starting building a huge multimillion dollar house on the hill above our neighborhood about 5 or 6 years ago.

It was all framed and had roofing material stacked on top of it and then it just sat there.

We figured they ran out of money or something.

Then we find out from our neighbor that they were forced to pay for all the utility lines to all the lots on the entire street. Not only that but the houses in our neighborhood that back up to the hill had contracts that said no houses would be built behind them.

So today they are chopping it up and tearing it all down… I've included some video below. It's going to be weird not seeing it up there anymore. It's really become a landmark around here that you could see for quite a distance.

It may be Las Vegas but we don't go into town much, so you can see what passes for excitement around here. 🙂

Oh well. By the way it's 104° F here in Las Vegas today while they were doing the tear down…

And for you dog lovers you might get a chuckle of this video my daughter took of her trying to get
our dog Kiba to play dead. Enjoy!

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help.

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