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New version 4.3.03 available with videos of the improvements

It's hot here today supposed to get up to 112° F here in Las Vegas and Gas at the local
Costco was down to $3.32 per gallon yesterday.

We just released a new version of TATEMS and it includes the following changes and improvements.

  • Added New checkbox to preferences to Always Display the Parts Notes field on a Work Order/Invoice printout. If unchecked the Parts Notes field will not display even if there is notes added to a part
  • Changed the way the “Parts Notes” field in a Work Order/Invoice printout is displayed. If there are no “Parts Notes” then that row will no longer display the the word “notes”  and it also shrinks the empty row to save space and paper.

This video shows you the 2 updates listed above:


  • Updated All Equipment Due Next 30 Days report to include the new Work Order short description field

This video shows you update listed above:

  • Updated Lube Service Types- Now when a Lube Service Type is inactive you won't see it in the dropdown list even if used previously for that equipment, It still remains in Lube/Service History
  • Changed Accomplished by field in Lube Service tab so that it does not ask you if you want to add to list, Instead you can double click to bring up personnel windows
  • Updated Equipment Summary Screen to display the Miles/Km to go – Hours to go and Days to go in the Lube/Service list
  • Resized Lube Service Display on Equipment summary screen to fit extra fields and resized windows on sub tabs to utilize extra space

This video shows you the 4 updates listed above

  • Updated Work Order printout to display Invoice # instead of WO Num when it is printed as an invoice.
  • Updated Work Order Printout to display Make, Model, Year, Lic Plate, Serial/Vin and Moved Warranty and Recall to Footer by Cost Totals
  • Updated Work Order Screen to prevent inadvertent data entry into the Labor and Parts Cost totals fields
  • Updated Work Order screen to display Make, Model, Year, Lic Plate, Serial/Vin and Moved Warranty
  • Added Status bar and tool tips to Cost Totals fields and un-editable fields in the Work Order Screen

This video shows you the 4 updates listed above:


  • Added usability feature to simply double click to enter the current date into all date fields except date ranges on reports. Will also ask before changing if a date is already entered into the field
  • Updated Equipment Summary screen to display Vin number as Serial/Vin Number
  • Updated Current Life Remaining Until Replacement on Financials Popup window to not display error when Life Expectancy Years at purchase is not filled in.

This video shows you the 3 updates listed above:


  • Added dropdown to Inspectors Name to select from Personnel file, you can also just enter inspectors name

This video shows you the update listed above:


  • Updated Repairs Completed Reports under Reports->More Reports to also sort by completed date (For people who still use the repairs completed tab instead of using Work Orders)

This video shows you the update listed above:


You can get the latest update on our updates page

We have many more updates scheduled in the pipeline.

And I’ll have a beta for you to test the TATEMS Reminders program that will automatically email reminders to anyone you choose.

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