New Driver Efficiency spreadsheet report

We got one of our cars back from the body shop. Hopefully we'll get the other one back by the end of the week.

We filled up the other day for $3.69 per gallon at an Arco station near us here in Las Vegas. Now I'm glad we traded in our 14 MPG Yukon Denali SUV late last year for a 25 MPG Camry. I loved that Yukon though.

We had a request a while back for a somewhat complex spreadsheet/report that would display the Miles Per Gallon or km/L for each driver on each piece of equipment. This would allow you to see if some drivers are costing you more per mile.

So the spreadsheet we created has the following columns:

Equip Num
Average MPG/KpL
Driver Started On Equip
Driver Ended On Equip
It is sorted by Equipment Number then Driver Start Date then Sort Order number.
You will need to have Microsoft Excel to use this spreadsheet and have it link to your TATEMS data.
This spreadsheet will link to your TATEMS data if it's in the default installation location on 32 bit Windows.

C:Program FilesTATEMS 2005tatems2005be.mdb

The video link below shows you where the underlying data query is.

The video also shows you what you will probably need to do in order to make it work on your computer if you are not running Excel 2007 or 2010

The video link below will help you to see how to change the path to your TATEMS data if you need to.

You can get the spreadsheet at our website and it's called:

It's completed for you online and ready to download at the link above or here:

This spreadsheet is number 56 in the list on that spreadsheet page.

I hope this tip has been helpful for you.

Please leave any questions, comments or requests for special Excel Spreadsheets below. If your spreadsheet requests are feasible I'll get them created and posted in a future TATEMS Tip.

Have a great weekend!

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