Fleet Maintenance Software Improvements video for TATEMS 4.5.09

I'm a bit behind on getting these new features videos created.

The video below shows you what improvements we made to TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software version 4.5.09

In the video I go over:

1.Changed the Update Odometer and Hours screen for a single peice of equipment

2. Changed “Force Update” button to read “Refresh on the Equipment Summary Tab”

3. Added new Work Orders report  called “Completed Work Orders by Equip Number w/ Complete By Date Criteria under reports->more reports->Report Type Work Orders

4. Added new ability to do bulk odometer and hours entries and import odometer and hours from an Excel spreadsheet under forms->Bulk Odometer And Hours Entry (See Preview Video)

5. Added Location and Dept/Area to All Equipment Based Reminders screens and Reminders Reports

6.Added Equip Description to Permits/Inspections Reminders Report

See a list of all our latest updates here:


We are actually up to version 4.5.12 so more videos with more improvements for the newer versions coming soon…

Thanks for watching!

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