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3 New Spreadsheets (with video) to link to your TATEMS data

It's been a while since I last posted. I hope everything is going well for you and yours.

It's been interesting (foiled home invasion) around our house to say the least, more on that in a minute…

But first, some extras to help you get more out of TATEMS.

I just uploaded the the 3rd new spreadsheet since I last posted.

They are numbers 65, 66 and 67 on our spreadsheets page

TATEMS Maintenance Software Spreadsheets Page

Number 65 is called TATEMSReportDriverTotalMiles-KmTraveledPerEquipment and it will show you
How many miles or kilometers a driver has driven during his time assigned to that vehicle. It displays the following columns:

Serviced By
Equip #
Work Order ID
Date Requested
Short Descriptions
Detailed Description

TATEMSReportDriverTotalMiles-KmTraveledPerEquipment Screen Shot

TATEMSReportDriverTotalMiles-KmTraveledPerEquipment Screenshot

Number 66 is called TATEMS-OpenWorkOrdersServicedByShortAndDetailedDescriptions and it will show you all the currently open work orders for all equipment along with the short description and detailed description for each open work order. It displays following columns:

Serviced By
Equip #
Work Order ID
Date Requested
Short Descriptions
Detailed Description

TATEMS-OpenWorkOrdersServicedByShortAndDetailedDescriptions Screen Shot

TATEMS-OpenWorkOrdersServicedByShortAndDetailedDescriptions Spreadsheet Screen Shot

Number 67 is called TATEMS-WorkOrdersTotalsByMonthPerEquipment and it shows you all the costs for your work orders for each piece of equipment for each month. It will display the following columns:

Equip Num
Labor Totals
Parts Totals
Misc Totals
Total Costs


Work Orders Totals By Month Per Equipment Spreadsheet Screen Shot

Once you have your data linked from TATEMS to one of these Excel spreadsheets you can filter and sort it any way you wish.

I may create a video to show you these spreadsheets in action and how you can link them to your data. But in the meantime you can check out this previous video to help you get started.

So anyway, a couple days ago we had an attempted home invasion next store.

These people pull up in an old Chrysler Sebring and ring our doorbell first.

Of course our big dog Maya starts barking like crazy and my wife looks out and there is nobody there. So the dogs must have scared them off.

Then a few minutes later she looks out from upstairs and sees this big dude banging on the next door neighbors door. And he's jiggling the handle acting all agitated.

That neighbor does not live there full time and we know he's not home because we haven't seen him for a couple of weeks.

So my wife goes outside and says “What are you doing?” He says “The guy owes me money and I know he's in there” My wife says “I think you have the wrong house”.

He has a female accomplice with him and she looks like she comes from the other side of our neighbors house.

My wife goes back in the house and then she watches out the window and they take off in their car with no license plates on it.

So she goes back outside and notices that our neighbors door had a huge uneven hole about 2 feet in diameter up next to the lock.

Now she's worried that they saw her and she tells me our neighbors not going to be very happy.

So anyway we call the cops out and they talk to us but there isn't much they can do because the neighbor is not there to actually file a report.

They do enter his house and do a little CSI work. They also tried to jery rig the door so that you don't see the big gaping hole from the street.

So we'll see what becomes of it and thank God we have a big dog as a deterrent, although I'm seriously considering adding some other forms of home protection now.

Have a great week and feel free to Like, Tweet or comment below!


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