Networking TATEMS

You can see the standard way to network TATEMS in an online video

called Networking TATEMS here:

Written instructions are below:


If you want to Network TATEMS

The program has to be installed on each computer that will need to run it. If you are using one machine as a server that will not be running the program you will NOT need to install the program on the Server machine.

The Server machine only needs the file:


–More networking instructions:

The file that holds the actual DATA that you have entered is called


Make a backup copy of this file.

You will use it on the computer you want to act as the server.

So go ahead and copy it to the Server Machine.

In order to network TATEMS you will need to designate one of the computers as a server that will store the data.

When you want to link the TATEMS software running on a workstation to the DATA FILE on the server just click on then menu items:


Then click on the open folder icon to locate the DATA FILE on the SERVER.

The dialog looks like a file->open dialog for most other programs.

You will need to navigate to the tatems2005be.mdb file that is on the computer acting as a server. The program seems to run best if you map a drive letter that points to the server computer.

So you should navigate to something like:

‘F:\Server\Program Files\TATEMS 2005\tatems2005be.mdb'

You should be able to just double-click on the file and the path will display in the box.

Then click on Link Now to link this copy of TATEMS to the DATA FILE.

Once done click the close button and TATEMS will restart and then be linked to data file on the server. From that point forward unless the network connection gets interrupted. In than case it will revert back to the virtually empty data file on the local machine, you can re-link to server once connection is available.

You should also add a couple of pieces of data to the empty data file on the local machine.

1. You should enter the registration number you receive for that machine after purchase.

2. The data file should have one record in it and you should give it an equipment number of “ReLinkToServer” without the quotes.

For it's description enter something like:

“Tools->Networking T:\tatems2005be.mdb”

without the quotes to help the end user know what do if your network connection goes down.