TATEMS: Fleet Maintenance Software - Update
03-29-2016(Mar 29, 2016) to 4.6.19l

The update process should only take you about 2 minutes or less per computer. The video below takes longer as I go over each step...

(the download link is near the bottom of this page)


Just a quick note to announce the release or TATEMS 20/20 4.6.19l

If you are already running a licensed copy of TATEMS 2005 or TATEMS 20/20 then this release may require you to acquire a new registration number, depending on the version you currently have .

This is to prevent any unauthorized access to the new releases after the 1 year of no cost version updates has expired.

To minimize any inconvenience to you, this release will give you 10 days to acquire the new registration number.

If you are in your trial period then the trial period will continue with the same number of days you had remaining before the update.

AFTER UPDATE...You will need to submit your serial number(s) along with the version number and your company information or purchase information here so that we can verify eligibility and email the new registration number(s) back to you.

Remember, you don't need to apply all previous updates in order to update TATEMS 2005 or TATEMS 20/20 Fleet Maintenance Software.

This update will only work with TATEMS 2005 or TATEMS 20/20 already installed.

To see a list of new features added Click Here

Here are the steps to update that we go over in the video above:

1. Determine where your data file is

2. Backup your data file

3. Determine your operating system (32 bit or 64 bit)

4. Download the proper update file

5. Open the file->Click OK->Unzip->Ok->Close

6. Make sure all users are out if TATEMS

7. Open TATEMS

8. Request new reg key if needed, you have 10 days to get a new key if needed

9. Relink to data file if on network

10.When reg key arrives then enter it

11.You will need to enter the reg key into the local data file as well

This is a front end only download about 4 Megabytes.

This update requires that you have TATEMS 2005 or TATEMS 20/20 installed on your computer.

NOTE: Updating a Termnal Services/Remote Desktop Services or Citrix Server... You have to update the tatems2005.mde file in each users sub folder . Otherwise it's the same as in the video above. If you are not familiar with how TATEMS is suppose to be setup on a TS server see the KB article and videos here

You can download the latest TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software update from the links below below:

WARNING: Do not install this update unless you have made your purchase within the last 12 months or have purchased additional years of support and version upgrades that cover you until 03/29/2016 (Mar 29, 2016).

For 32 Bit Versions of Windows use the link below

  TATEMS-4.6.19l.exe (this is the update link.. right click and chose "Save Link/Target As" depending on your browser)

For 64 Bit Versions of Windows use the link below

 TATEMS-4.6.19lx64.exe (this is the update link.. right click and chose "Save Link/Target As" depending on your browser)

Always make sure you make a backup copy of your data before updating.

The data file to backup is called

TATEMS2005be.mdb and is normally located in the:

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005

Folder. (It might also be on a network drive if you are networked. You can see the data file you are accessing before you update by clicking on Tools->Networking)

You can just right click on the file and choose copy and then paste it back into the same folder or another folder to create a backup copy.

There is also a backup feature in TATEMS 2005 and TATEMS 20/20 if you go to File->Backup and Compact Data

Make sure TATEMS is closed and then after downloading the file you can double click it to unzip the files:


C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005

If you are UPDATING TATEMS on a NETWORK you will need to re-link to the data file after the update by going to

"Tools->Networking" from whithin TATEMS

If you go to Tools ->Networking before updating you will be able to see where the data file is located. Write down the path and then use that information after the update to re-link to the data file.


You should always update TATEMS on every workstation on your network, one after another, not at the exact same time... and don't allow any users to use an old version after an update has been done on any workstation on the network. It will cause data to not update or display properly!!


If you need an additional year of support and version upgrades for your TATEMS licenses you can get them here:

http://tatems.com/extendsupportandversionupgrades.cfm(not the update link)