Work Orders Tab Help

The video below goes over the Work Orders Tab and Related Work Orders help in TATEMS

This video covers:

  • Adding a Work Order
  • Adding parts and labor
  • Attaching documents to a Work Order
  • Printing Work Orders and Invoices
  • Using the Work Orders List under the Forms menu
  • Setting Work Orders Preferences and Defaults
  • Printing Various Work Orders related reports


The Video Below goes over Work Order Templates in TATEMS

  • Saving a Template as a Work Order
  • Using a Work ORder Template to Populate a Work Order
  • Edit an Existing Work Order Template
  • Using an Existing Work Order Template to Create a New Work Order Template
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jackie pippin - May 27, 2016

how can I edit the part# and part description section?
we have several that I want to delete or give better description to.

    Marc Ready - June 4, 2016

    Hi Jackie,

    Go to Forms->Parts Inventory.

    Then search for the part you need to edit and click on it in the list.

    Then click the edit button and make the changes to the part number and the description.

    Then click the update button.

    That’s it.

    Keep in mind with the current version of TATEMS if you have used that part in any work orders then the part number will also change in the work orders where that part was used. The description will not be automatically updated in those work orders’ though.

    I hope that helps!

    Thanks Again



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