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TATEMS 90 Day Inspections Tab Help

The video below goes over the 90 Day Inspections Tab in TATEMS .

This video covers the following topics:

1. How To change the Number of Days from 90 to something else
2. How to edit or add to the Inspections Items checklists
3. How to create a new inspection
4. How to print a Blank Inspection
5. How to open and view an existing Inspection
6. How to print the full year of Inspections aka CHP BIT Inspection
7. How to generate other inspections reports
8. How to view reminders for upcoming  inspections

NOTE: The information below does not apply to version 4.6.22 and later since inspections are now created on the fly for each piece of equipment.

If you get  to a new year and you don't have any 90 Day (or user defined number of days) Inspection and there are no inspections for the new year then you need to add the new year to the system.
First always make a backup copy of your database.  See instructions here:


Then click on File->Setup->Change Global Inspections Years List.

Then if your year is already listed you can click the update equipment button.

This will take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on how many pieces of equipment you have and how many equipment types and the number of inspection items for each equipment type.

TATEMS will seem to freeze up and say it's not responding.  This is normal, you just have to wait it out.

Here is a video that shows you how to do this and also what to do if you end up with duplicate inspection items. (The Inspections Cleanup Feature is planned to be incorporated into 4.6.23)

And here is the link to the duplicate inspections cleanup program mentioned in the video: