Struggling to Keep Up?
Are you struggling with pencil and paper to try to keep track of all the maintenance requirements of your fleet? Maybe you have tried to move to computerized record keeping by using multiple spreadsheets. You may have to keep track of the PM's and repairs, DOT or BIT type inspections, parts inventory, labor and parts costs and be able to provide your maintenance records to the government authorities. And in some cases they can even shut you down if they don't like the way you keep your maintenance records.

Fleet Maintenance Software... You Will Actually Use...

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Failed Inspection Panic
In 1998 while doing some consulting work for a Water Well Drilling company in Santa Maria, California. Chuck, the owner mentioned that he had failed his California Highway Patrol BIT inspection aka CHP Biannual Inspection of Terminals. It's like a DOT Inspection only more strict! Anyway, all of his maintenance records were being written down on paper forms by his mechanics and were too hard for the CHP inspector to read. So the CHP Inspector failed them and if they failed again when he came back in a few months they would be shut down! So Chuck called me in to show me what their records looked like and to see if we could create a program to make things easier.

An Easier Way
After many hundreds of programming hours TATEMS was completed and after Chuck tried it out he was amazed that he was now able to have all of those forms his mechanic was manually filling out available to him in an easy to use computer program. He easily entered in his equipment and his previous Inspections and Lube/Services and Repairs and printed out the resulting reports and when the inspector came back he passed his BIT/DOT Inspection with flying colors and the CHP inspector was happy too! Later TATEMS was turned into a commercially available Fleet Maintenance Software program. We have had feedback from clients all over the U.S. , Canada and in other countries saying that the government inspectors love the easy to read format of the TATEMS Maintenance records and reports.

Clients and Feedback
Once TATEMS was released to the public our clients started to give us many fantastic suggestions to improve our little Fleet Maintenance System. We have taken many of the great suggestions to heart and added many new features and more functionality to TATEMS. Along the way and it has morphed into a powerful yet simple Fleet Management System aka CMMS. Never satisfied to keep the status quo, we keep on keepin on to make more improvements . With that in mind we work very hard to release a new version of TATEMS about 4 times a year. Being a small company we don't get all the suggestions into every new release but we get as many as we can.


Since 1998 TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Program has been Making Life Easier For Fleet Managers...


Well they have FINALLY DISCOVERED a fleet maintenance software program that is SO SIMPLE and SO EASY TO USE ...


You'll Discover as Thousands of...

  • Mechanics & Technicians

  • Office Personnel

  • Fleet Maintenance Managers

  • Company Owners

  • Owner Operators

  • and yes it's so easy to use even Grandmothers have discovered...

"Fleet Maintenance Software that strikes just the right balance between simplicity and powerful features you'll actually use!!"

For Small Fleets
TATEMS was built to handle small fleets and to cater to small businesses and townships. We are a small business too. It's just me as the person who wears the many hats of a small business owner in addition to being chief software architect and programmer , my wife Karen , a saint who does all the mailings and gives out registration numbers and helps with support tickets, my son Matt a computer whiz who provides tech support including remote support sessions, stating at 6AM pacific time every morning. And Roy a fantastic programmer, who helps me create all the new features from all the new ideas we get, and also helps with live chat support in the afternoons. We recommend not entering over 1000 pieces of equipment into a TATEMS database but TATEMS has a boatload of features for you. We love to hear what you have to say and welcome your ideas on how to improve our Fleet Management Software

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Using a "Keep It Simple" philosophy... TATEMS Truck Fleet Maintenance Software
helps you save thousands of dollars in preventable repairs and
will slash hundreds of hours off your paper work headaches!!

Here are just a few of our many TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Customer Reviews

Tatems is easy to get started with and organized in a way that helps non computer users to be able to input data and get reports, with ease. The reminders and reports help keep up with those items that are likely to slip between the cracks.
Other Comments:
Ease Of Use 4 Stars V Langford
Features 4 Stars
Reports 4 Stars KATCO Vacuum
Hebbronville, TX
Pricing 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars

TATEMS has helped me organize my records for the equipment I keep up with. No more messy paper work to keep up with. And it keeps the boss happy when I can print out reports for the boss to look over what I've done for the week.
Other Comments:
Ease Of Use 4 Stars Robert Barker
Features 5 Stars
Reports 5 Stars Oconee metal recovery
Covington, GA
Pricing 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars

We choose Tatems after looking on the net for a suitable software for our company. The software is easy to understand and use, no IT-specialist needed, what in our case is a very important feature. We are very pleased and impressed with the frequent up-dates/user tips, which make life easier. When we had questions, the answer was always immediate and complete - this is fundamental in an industry where speed is more than half of the cake. Before we came to Tatems, we had our own way to deal with the problems, but it was not a systematic approach and not suitable for a growing number of vehicles/clients. We knew about our shortcomings and not happy with the situation, whereas now we know where we are going and can retrieve all information in seconds. As our operation is growing, we will need more PC/lap-tops with Tatems - that means, we will buy more software, to be able to offer a perfect service. Cewa Trucks Ltd - Accra - Ghana Christoph Gardemann
Other Comments:
Ease Of Use 4 Stars Christoph Gardemann
Features 5 Stars
Reports 5 Stars Cewa Trucks td
Accra, Ghana
Pricing 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars

I actually like everything about has helped track our repairs and expenses rather well. It also creates the "paper trail" we have needed.It tracks our inventory and our vendors, as well as keeping track of our future maintenance needs.The program is simple,the service is outstanding,and the support is tremendous.
Other Comments:
Ease Of Use 5 Stars John Strecker Equipment Supervisor
Features 5 Stars
Reports 4 Stars Great Lakes Geophysical
Williamsburg, Mi.
Pricing 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars

Tatems is a lifeline for our business. With an easy to use format, it helps keep our fleet in compliance and allows us peace of mind in knowing that we've done all we need to by way of repairing and maintaining our fleet. Additionally and most importantly, the staff are readily available and incredibly knowledgeable about the program!! We wouldn't use any other program but TATEMS!!
Other Comments:
Ease Of Use 5 Stars DeDee Case
Features 5 Stars
Reports 5 Stars CaseCo, L.L.C.
Whitewater, CO
Pricing 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars

Tatems has given us the ability to track 90 day BIT inspections, cost analysis on each piece of our equipment, fuel and mileage analysis on each vehicle. TATEMS is EASY to use and has excellent training videos. We just had our CHP inspection and passed easily. It was wonderful not having to worry about the maintenance of the vehicles. We have used TATEMS for about a year and we are very pleased with the performance, price and ease of the software. The service department is quick, friendly and very helpful.
Other Comments:
I would definitely do business with TATEMS again. I have already recommended the software to several friends.
Ease Of Use 5 Stars Teresa Wodoslawsky
Features 5 Stars
Reports 5 Stars Calarco, Inc.
Corcoran, CA
Pricing 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars

It is very nice to have all your machinery, vehicle, building and tool information right on your computer. All your VIN numbers, model numbers, serial numbers, parts, costs, labour etc. So much easier than trying to look through a file cabinet for this information. Love that I can look up parts without flipping through papers and have easy access to the part numbers and costs when re-ordering.
Other Comments:
This program is also great when it comes to safety audits. Very easy to show that you maintain items, when it was maintained and what was done :o)
Ease Of Use 5 Stars A.L
Features 4 Stars
Reports 5 Stars Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd
Brooks, AB
Pricing 4 Stars
Value 5 Stars

Tatems has helped our company become organized and on time with our maintenance. Before everything was done by paper and it was very hard to keep track of it all. We are a small company but we do have a lot of trucks, rigs, and misc. equipment to keep track of and whats nice is instead of going to that one's particular folder or file, everything is right here at your disposal. The fuel tab and report is also very nice with todays gas prices you keep track of how much your spending and see if you need to change things. You also don't have to be a computer genius to understand the program. If there's something your don't understand I have called Marc Ready on the phone and he was always helpful and most of the time available right away.
Other Comments:
Ease Of Use 5 Stars Vicki Eger
Features 4 Stars
Reports 5 Stars RD-n-P Drilling, Inc.
Wheatfield, IN
Pricing 4 Stars
Value 5 Stars

I have found no objections in buying TATEMS. Price is good, software is easy to use. Even the most non-computer person can work the software. Easy to use, makes tracking repairs, services and parts so much easier. I would recommend TATEMS to everyone. Best software I have ever used and the support is the best I have ever received. One thing I would like to see is a place where Fleets could input special tools bought for the shop would be nice.
Other Comments:
Ease Of Use 5 Stars Dave Eng
Features 5 Stars
Reports 5 Stars Lance Trucking Inc
Volga , SD
Pricing 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars

The total TATEMS package has been a blessing. The capability to make work orders, bill and inventory control in one simple to use program has made my job of managing my shop a lot easier. It has allowed me to spend more time in the shop working with my techs and for that quality of work has improved. Software support has been second to none. Any concern I have had has been dealt with in less that 24 hours. I will recommend the program to anyone in any type of fleet management/service company.
Other Comments:
Ease Of Use 5 Stars Rick Gillis
Features 5 Stars
Reports 5 Stars Al-Car Sand & Gravel Ltd. (Al-Car Service)
Carleton Place, ON
Pricing 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars

TATEMS Fleet Management Software 4.5 out of 5 based on 87 user reviews.

To See more TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Management Software Reviews Click Here

There is absolutely NO Risk OR Obligation on your part to try TATEMS... In fact, we are so sure that you'll love using our Truck Maintenance Software...that we'll happily mail you a copy of this simple yet Powerful - Fleet Maintenance Software to try on CD ROM for absolutely no charge whatsoever!! Get TATEMS now

Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect with TATEMS.

  • DOT and BIT 90 Day Inspections + Reminders

  • Lube/Service intervals by miles, days , hours + Reminders

  • Fuel Log, cost per mile/km for any time period

  • Track miles/km within a State/Province

  • Track which driver was driving which equipment

  • Track Insurance + Reminders

"It’s Cary from Capilano Truck Driver Training, just thought I would let you know that yesterday I went through an audit with Alberta Carrier Safety Services, basically a National Safety Code audit.

The audit went very well, and the auditor was extremely impressed with the TATEMS software, we only had to add a couple of minor items to the maintenance (which was easy to do), to be compliant with Canadian Standards.

When we were done, the auditor took your web address so he could pass it along to other companies who are in need of this type of program.

So thanks again!"

Cary Raun
Operations Manager
Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute

  • Work Orders enter and print pending and completed

  • Parts Inventory

  • Track Common parts on a piece of equipment

  • Track Filters used on a piece of equipment

  • Track Tires and Wheels used on a piece of equipment

  • Track permits issued expiration + Reminders
"It is the only, simple to use maintenance program that I've found. Most programs are usually trying to sell their parts or do not have enough info on service jobs. Great program! There's not anything I don't like about it."
--Sandy Shuler
Newberry Trucking Co
  • Haz Mat inspections at your facility

  • Driver CDL and Physical renewals + Reminders

  • Smoke Inspections + Reminders

  • Track Registrations + Reminders

  • Multiple Lube Service types per equipment + Reminders

  • Track MCC, HUT, MVT + Reminders

  • Extensive Reports/Printouts PLUS MUCH MORE....

Imagine... a truck maintenance software program that will let you enter an entire safety inspection in about 10 seconds.

The reason for the purchase of Tatems was that it met all the requirements that I needed for our fleet, and it was very easy to run. Plus the price was right. I would highly recommend this to any company large or small for a fleet maintenance program-
Thanks Again

-Scott Tangeman
-Branch Manager
-Dwinell's Visual Systems
-Yakima, Washington

Now after many years and thousands in development costs... you can DOWNLOAD a copy of TATEMS Truck Maintenance Software right now... plus we will mail you a CD for FREE to test it out for 30 days.

Wouldn't you like to get rid of those messy, scribbled out, hand written records... TATEMS prints out nice clear, clean, easy to read records and reports.

Now You can have a fleet maintenance program created to keep a neat and orderly record of 90-day(you determine how many days) inspections, lubrications and repairs of your equipment, in a format that can be very useful for your Highway Patrol or the DOT Inspections.

This truck maintenance software was originally created with the California Highway Patrol BIT(Biennial Inspection of Terminals) program in mind. As a template for the BIT Audit / BIT Inspection DOT Inspection we started with the Form provided by the CHP.

In preparation for our BIT inspection, we scrambled for maintenance records and the forms which would satisfy the stringent requirements of our local inspector. He is extremely rigid in following the letter of the law for paperwork and equipment condition combined. We have been logging repairs and inspection reports by hand for the 18 years we have been in business.

As a small company comprised of myself, my husband and our son with a total of three trucks in current operation, finding a program which met our needs was difficult. We were looking for something which would not only suffice for the California CHP BIT program, but would help us track our small operation and keep an eye on repair costs. In searching the internet for such a program, among all the fleet operation programs, I found the link for Tatems and downloaded the 30 day trial.

As we have just successfully passed our BIT inspection, I have begun to log inspections and repairs in the program and am looking forward to clicking on "Reports" and printing all the maintenance records for our next inspection in two years. I am sure, despite the size of an operation, this program would prove indispensable for keeping records and maintaining a safe operation. I will not hesitate to share your website with many of our friends in the industry. --

-Pat Jordan
-Martinez California

It has since been vastly improved to become a best of breed truck fleet maintenance software program. A user friendly, Fleet Maintenance Software Program for any operation that needs to maintain inspection records and receive timely reminders for their Tractors, Trucks and Trailers inside or outside of California.

This EASY TO USE, SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD Truck Inspection program, prints out neat, easy to read records that CHP and DOT inspectors truly appreciate!

I found TATEMS while doing a search for CHP BIT info. I downloaded it and entered my info. I really loved the interface and data entry was easy. For me the best part was the printable forms and reports, that come out in such a neat layout, really professional looking. So I used it and printed out my info and turned it over for my BIT Inspection. The Inspector was so impressed that I gave him the name of your software and encouraged him to pass it along to other Owner/Operators, to which he agreed to do in the future. To conclude I passed my inspection with flying colors, due in part to TATEMS and a mechanically sound truck.

So to the creator of TATEMS, I say thank you and keep up the good work, the software is so worth the money. -
Thank you

-Mike Szabo
-(Owner/Operator Mike Szabo Trucking)
-Boulder Creek ,CA

You too can Point and Click your way out of your paperwork headaches! Give TATEMS a test drive and tell us what you think.

Below is a brief description of just some of the programs benefits and features:

  • Attachments so that you can link to external documents like scanned invoices or pictures of your equipment

  • Sections to track parts ,keep notes, fuel logs including fuel cost per mile, and filters for each piece of equipment. All records can be previewed or printed!!

  • Detailed record of 90-day(you decide inspection interval) inspections completed and shows each item inspected for a truck or a trailer, you click the defective or OK check box then the program automatically schedules the next inspection and starts notifying you of upcoming inspections prior to due date.

  • Clear and concise record of lubrications performed and schedules the next lubrication based on time, miles or hours of operation.

  • Useful detail of entire year for each item inspected during the 90 day(You decide inspection interval) safety inspections, the printout tells you if the item was OK or Defective, the mileage or hours and date when the item was inspected and who inspected it. This is very handy for CHP BIT and DOT inspections.

  • Powerful 30-Day Due Report that shows each piece of equipment requiring a 90-Day (You decide inspection interval) inspection, Lubrication, or vehicle registration within the next 30 days.

  • An astonishingly simple to read All Equipment Last and Next Maintenance Report lists a useful summary of each unit's, equipment number, VIN number, license number, year, model, last lubrication, next lubrication and the month in which registration is due.

  • With the All Equipment Summary Report you get an overview list of all the equipment in your entire fleet. It lists units that are out of service as well as in service

  • Discover the detailed history of your repairs and cost for each repair. Lets you quickly see all the repairs done on each piece of equipment. All records can be previewed or printed.

  • TATEMS can be networked. This will let you store all your information on one computer and access that information from any computer on your network!

  • Great price... and when you choose TATEMS you will have made the best choice, for easy to use... yet powerful Truck Maintenance Software for you and your company.

  • Plus...Many many more benefits not listed here, because we're always adding helpful new features based on client requests... so you always get so much more when you choose TATEMS.

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All The Best!

Marc Ready Signature
Marc W Ready
Software Architect and Founder

P.S. TATEMS runs on Vista/2008/2012/Win 7/Win 8 and you can network it even during your free trial period

TATEMS minimum computer requirements:

Computer and Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor with SSE2 instruction set

Memory (RAM): 2 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit); 1 gigabytes (GB) RAM (64-bit)

Hard Disk: 10 GB Available

Display: 1024 x 768 resolution

TATEMS runs on Windows Vista, 7 , 8 and Windows Server 2007 and 2013

Alternatively TATEMS in the Cloud service allows you to run TATEMS on any device including Mac , iPad and Android


TATEMS makes record keeping simple, and allows your Technicians to work on equipment not on paperwork!

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