TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Management Software Features Updates List:

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(Below are the updates for version 4.6.24 Dec 18, 2017 Click Here To See Preview Video of just a few improvements listed below for 4.6.24 & 4.6.24c Released Jan 25, 2018 & 4.6.24d Released Feb 5, 2018 & 4.6.24e Released Feb 7, 2018 & 4.6.24f Released Feb 19, 2018, 4.6.24g Released Mar 1, 2018, 4.6.24h REleased Mar 21, 2018, 4.6.24i Released Mar 23, 2018, 4.6.24j Released Apr 2, 2018, 4.6.24k Released Apr 29, 2018, 4.6.24L Released Apr 30, 2018, 4.6.24m Released Jun 4, 2018, 4.6.24n Released Jun 10, 2018, 4.6.24o Released July 1, 2018, 4.6.24p Released July 8, 2018)

  1. Expanded the Search on the Work Orders List so you can search by Equipment Number, Work Order ID, Service By, Short Description, Detailed Description, Part Number, Part Description, Labor Personnel, Labor Description, Any Description, Reference Number by Exact word Match or Wildcard match (4.6.24)
  1. Improved the grand totals on the Work Orders List Screen(under the Forms Menu) so that whatever criteria you search by will show the costs associated with that keyword(4.6.24)
  1. Added the same search and grand totals features to the Work Orders tab for each equipment except the Exact Match. All searches done on the Work Order Tab (on the main screen) for each equip are wildcard searches. This means if the word or phrase you search for has other words around it, it will still show up(4.6.24)
  1. Improved the grand totals on the Work Orders Tab so that whatever criteria you search by will show the costs associated with that keyword(4.6.24)
  1. Improved the speed of opening the Work Orders List from the Forms menu(4.6.24)
  1. Added a new Print Label button to Parts Inventory Screen that you should be able to use to print multiple dyno labels of a part(4.6.24)
  1. Added back All Years as a choice for Reports->Current Equipment Reports->Repairs and the Lube Service reports(4.6.24)
  1. Added a new Notes List (under the Forms Menu) that is similar to the Work Orders List and is also searchable.(4.6.24)
  1. Updated Parts Vendor dropdown to sort alphabetically in the Work Orders and Parts Inventory screens. (4.6.24)
  1. Updated Parts Manufacturer dropdown to sort alphabetically Work Orders and Parts Inventory screens. (4.6.24)
  1. Updated Adding parts to Work Orders so that the cursor is set to move back to the Parts dropdown list after you Add Parts or Materials to Work Order.(4.6.24)
  1. Updated Adding parts to Work Order so that cursor defaults to the Part Number dropdown when you open the screen to add parts.(4.6.24)
  1. Improved Work Order Parts when you change your mind and choose to save and close you no longer get a message telling you to add a description and are not forced to delete when nothing has been added.(4.6.24)
  1. Improved Work Order Parts and Labor Screen so that Mouse Scroll Wheel does not accidentally scroll to a new blank record.
  1. Added a new Work Order Printout Format option under Tools->Preferences that adds the Tire and Wheel Size to the top of each Work Order printout. (4.6.24)
  1. Added a new feature when adding new parts on the fly from work orders the new parts will default to the Bin Location chosen in preferences. (4.6.24)
  1. Added a new bin location filter to the More Search Parts Inventory that opens from the work orders parts screen and the filter will also default to only show parts for the Bin Location chosen in preferences but the file can be changed if needed. (4.6.24)
  1. Added new preference to show only parts for a specific bin location so the companies with multiple offices can set each office to see only the parts for that Bin Location. (4.6.24)
  1. Added a new filter to the Parts Inventory for Bin Location that will default to show the Bin Location chosen in preferences.
  1. Added new feature when adding new parts to the Parts Inventory, the Bin Location dropdown will default to the Bin Location chosen under Tools->Preferences. (4.6.24)
  1. Fixed adding a Part to the Parts Inventory screen and then changing your mind,  and pressing delete which was causing an error after you confirmed the deletion.(4.6.24)
  1. Udated items in the Tires & Wheels tab to sort by Date Installed and Odometer Reading
  1. Fixed issue in the Parts Inventory Screen that still needed some tweaking after fixing in 4.6.24 release(4.6.24c)
  1. Fixed intermitent error when deleting an odometer reading (4.6.24c)
  1. Fixed error when trying to use the template dropdown on a work order (4.6.24c)
  1. Fixed occasional Write Conflict this record has been changed by another message user when saving a work order(4.6.24c)
  1. Fixed the Other checkbox field on the Persoonel screen(4.6.24c)
  1. Fixed an issue with the Insurance Company search not working properly(4.6.24c)
  1. Fixed update backend database issue when existing data had multiple duplicates that were using all the available space in the field(4.6.24d)
  1. Fixed issue of Update button not being enabled after you click the edit button on the Parts Inventory Screen(4.6.24e)
  1. Fixed issue when clicking the Work Orders tab or clicking on a piece of equipment with the Work Orders Tab open you would get an error message if any of your work orders had a null value in the sales tax field (4.6.24f)
  1. Fixed issue if you had a lot of Work Orders in the system and you clicked the Work Orders List menu item it would take many minutes to load. This was because the new cost calculations were taking too long to calculate. We re-wrote the cost calculating code to speed it up dramatically. We discovered this issued with a client that had over 7 million dollars in work orders in his TATEMS database(4.6.24f)
  1. Fixed issue when adding work order parts and choosing the quantity first instead of a part number or adding a part with no description then entering a quantity was causing a blank screen and lock up (4.6.24g)
  1. Fixed issue with some database not updating properly when there was already missing data, no customer selected or double single quotes in some fields that to have a unique index update to prevent duplicates(4.6.24g)
  1. You no longer have the optin to not backup your data first before a major number update of your data(4.6.24g)
  1. Updated the Work Orders Tab Search dropdowns to reset the years dropdown when there is a specific search criteria(4.6.24g)
  1. Updated to allow Fuel Log Entries on old databases where users did not choose a fuel vendor(4.6.24h)
  1. Updated to transfer Bin Location and Bin number to Work Order parts when adding a part to a work order from the more search parts popup screen(4.6.24i)
  1. Added a preference to stop displaying the mfg Part number on the Work Order Parts screen(4.6.24i)
  1. Updated Lube Server Lower interval automation to fix error issue when the Air Filter or Lubrication checkbox was checked before entering a name in the Accomplished by field (4.6.24j)
  1. Some databases had a duplicate primary key in some tables causing the update to fail. This version handles that issue(4.6.24k)
  1. Fixed a Simplfy TATEMS error when the tabs are hidden and you are not in the Equipment Summary Tab whenou start(4.6.24k)
  1. Fixed error when you click the delete button on an actual work order template by hiding the delete button on that form. You can only delete a work order template from the work order templates list screen(4.6.24k)
  1. Fixed issue of the current year and the next year not getting added to the years list if they are missing when you open TATEMS(4.6.24L)
  1. Fixed the new Work Orders Printout that shows tires and Wheels so that it now prints properly.(4.6.24m)
  1. Fixed issue Work Orders Tab and tried the choose the Search by Any description selection and then click it was causing an error(4.6.24m)
  1. Fixed issue with Repairs section of the Unit Information Reports With All Equipment Data were not sorting by date and the not showing the correct totals for the date range selected(4.6.24n)
  1. Improved the Parts For This Equipment Tab so that it does not automatically re-query if you have not put a date in yet or at any time until you click the sorting or filter buttons or dropdown(4.6.24n)
  1. Update the Parts Inventory Screen so automatically put in a zero for the selling or cost of you try to delete the value and make it null which was causing an error. (4.6.24n)
  1. Fixed issue when choosing the search by Part Number selection on the Work Order tab and on the Work Order List that was causing an error.(4.6.24n)
  1. Fixed hiding inactive labor personnel when adding labor to a work orde(4.6.24o)
  1. Improved adding new personnel on the fly from within the work order labor screen so that it properly populates(4.6.24o)
  1. Updated the Print Label from The Parts Inventory screen to better fit on 1 label instead of printing to an extra blank label
  1. Updated registration link in on registration screen to forward to https://tatems.com/ticket(4.6.24o)
  1. Fixed issue in Work Order List search when trying to search by Short Description and by Work Order ID(4.6.24o)
  1. Updated Help DEsk and Knowledge Base links in TATEMS to point to new https://support.tatems.com domain (4.6.24p)
  1. Fixed error message on Lube Service tab if you enter the Accomplished by without choosing the Lube Service type first(4.6.24p)
  1. Fixed Duplicate Short Descriptions Too Long causing Update or backend database To somoetimes fail(4.6.24p)

(Below are the updates for version 4.6.23 Mar 5, 2017 Click Here To See 6 minute Preview Video of just a few improvementrs listed below for 4.6.23 & 4.6.23a Released Mar 7, 2017 & 4.6.23b & 4.6.23c Released Mar 24, 2017 & 4.623d Released Mar 25, 2017 & 4.623e Released Mar 26, 2017 & 4.623f Released May 20, 2017 & 4.623g Released May 21, 2017)

      1. Finished Inspections Cleanup Program Under tool menu to cleanup duplicate and orphaned inspections that were taking up space and slow TATEMS down. (4.6.23)
      1. Added date range filters for Lube/service and needed repairs and repairs completed tabs to shrink the size of the list. (4.6.23)
      1. Added last 2 (or choose number)completed filter to Lube/Service tab tab to shrink size of list defaults to last 2 . (4.6.23)
      1. Added sorting buttons for each column to Lube Service tab and removed the sorting dropdown . (4.6.23)
      1. Added Sort Order field and sort Order Buttons to Global Inspection Items List And 90 Day Inspections so that you can inspect in the order that you prefer and do not have to delete and past items to get them in the order you prefer. (4.6.23)
      1. Added a Mark for Deletion check box to each item in the global inspection items list so that you can delete inspection items much quicker that the old way . (4.6.23)
      1. Added move up and move down buttons to re-order the Global Inspection Items Lists. (4.6.23)
      1. Added ability to search for mfg part number on the more search from a work order. (4.6.23)
      1. Removed and re-added tlkpYears relationships during update to speed up updating to version 4.6.23 and beyond. (4.6.23)
      1. Updated to properly handle backups during the update when the data path to the backend database is over 255 characters including the new backup file that would be created. (4.6.23)
      1. Fixed issue when deleting an Equipment Drop from the Dropdown list Maintenance screen causing popup screen to go blank. (4.6.23)
      1. Improved ability to update backend data filed that have hit the 2GB Limit by compacting them and on a server by copying them to the local machine then compacting them then copying back to file location. (4.6.23)
      1. Fixed issue with work Order Labor Report By Employee using and displaying the hidden ID number instead of the Assigned Num from the Personnel record. (4.6.23)
      1. Fixed issue with Attachments paths updates tool not updating properly when a UNC servername type path was or needs to be used. (4.6.23)
      1. Improved data integrity by Automatically removing duplicates years from the Global Years List and changed the index to prevent duplicate years from being added. (4.6.23)
      1. Fixed issue of Attachments update paths screen not displaying the attachments when the equipment was marked as inactive. (4.6.23)
      1. Fixed PartsInventoy Screen to catch and fix when underlying ID numbers jump to over 1 million. (4.6.23)
      1. Fixed Update Proccess that was causing an error when 4.6.23 tried to update very old databases. (4.6.23a)
      1. Fixed Update Process that was causing an error when 4.6.23 tried to update very old databases. (4.6.23a)
      1. Fixed Issue with Parts Vendor not displaying properly in the work order parts screen on some databases. (4.6.23b)
      1. Fixed issue with slowness and lag when navigating to certain equipment because inspections were getting created during navigation when they were not suppose to. (4.6.23c)
      1. Fixed issue when new version tries to update a database that is already corrupt would stick in an endless loop. But now displays an error message with instructions (4.6.23c)
      1. Fixed issue when user accidentally erased the 90 ( or user defined) Day Inspection Interval causing a null value error when trying to navigate equipment (4.6.23d)
      1. Fixed issue when you unchecked any of the enable boxes on Reminders Popup Tabs it would not stick the next time you opened the Reminders Popup (4.6.23d)
      1. Fixed issue printing inspections from the reminders popup that were not created yet and would print reminders with no items to check (4.6.23d)
      1. Removed Message popup letting user know that inspections need to be cleaned up every-time you try to add an inspection and changed add inspection message when adding an inspection to reflect a faster time period(4.6.23e)
      1. Fixed Display of Lube Services after adding so you don’t have to click the filter button again(4.6.23f)
      1. Improved Filters and Sorting on Tabs So that the last option you selected stays selected between equipment or tabs for that entire session. (4.6.23f)
      1. Fixed issue when you delete a Lube/Service type from the dropdown list maintenance screen it would go blank and you would have to force TATEMS to close(4.6.23f)
      1. Improved date filtering on tabs so that if no date was entered on the record the record will still display. Example- if you are looking in the past 365 days it will also show any entries with no date (4.6.23f)
      1. Fixed issue when you delete a new work order before save and close would produce an error (4.6.23f)
      1. Fixed the Update attachments paths on cloud server installs so that it recognizes the T drive (4.6.23f)
      1. Fixed the Lube/Service entry of Lower interval when higher interval feature is entered when there is more that one interval type like Miles and hours and Days in the Lube/Service type. It was not triggering the lower interval popup in that case (4.6.23f)
      1. Changed Free Trial from 10 days to 14 days (4.6.23g)

(Below are the updates for version 4.6.20 Released Sep 14, 2016 & 4.6.21 REleased Sep 18, 2016 & 4.6.22 Released Sep 22, 2016 & 4.6.22a Released Oct 1, 2016 and 4.6.22c Released Nov 3, 2016 and 4.6.22d Released Dec 16, 2016)

      1. Updated equipment list refresh to run faster on slower networks and on computers with low end display cards with shared memory. (4.6.20)
      1. Added ability to Sort the Where Fuel Vendor Used List on the Dropdown maintenance screen. (4.6.20)
      1. Add ability to delete all unused fuel vendors to make deletion faster for large lists. (4.6.20)
      1. Fixed the Attachments tab to disallow use of hashtags/pound signs # in the file name or path to prevent errors when trying to open an attachment. 4.6.20)
      1. Improved the 90 Day Inspection So that when you delete the date completed from a 90 Day Inspection and there was no previous inspection it clears the completion date on the Equipment Summary screen as well. (4.6.20)
      1. Updated to prevent error when deleting an employee from the personnel screen (4.6.20)
      1. Updated equipment list refresh to run faster on slower networks and on computers with low end display cards with shared memory. (4.6.20)
      1. Added ability to Sort the Where Fuel Vendor Used List on the Dropdown maintenance screen. (4.6.20)
      1. Fixed the delete button on Fuel Log Vendors Dropdown List Maintenance Screen. (4.6.20)
      1. Missing 90 Day Inspections Are created on the fly when missing on a piece of equipment. (4.6.20)
      1. Added ability to use double quotes ” when adding a labor description to the work orders labor dropdown (4.6.20)
      1. Fixed the  Work Orders Reports Not following date completed criteria. (4.6.20)
      1. Changed the default button on deletion popup message from Yes to Cancel to prevent easy accidental deletion on parts inventory and work orders and wo parts and labor buttons. (4.6.20)
      1. Added requirement to parts inventory for a description so that added parts to work orders works without telling you to add a description (4.6.20)
      1. Improved auto backup on Exit to close all forms and reports before backup is attempted. (4.6.20)
      1. Fixed issue when using a work order template to start a new work order and then adding more into to the detailed instructions, that new info is not showing up on the work order (4.6.20)
      1. Fixed issue on Fuel Log when you enter a cost but no gallons the cost amount would be deleted when you moved to a different record or re-opened TATEMS (4.6.20)
      1. Updated add new equipment function so that it does not automatically add inspections items for all years until you actually try to do an inspection for that equipment. This speeds the add new equipment function. (4.6.20)
      1. Changed update years list so that it only creates inspections for the current year (4.6.20)
      1. Added a Mass Update feature for Attachments and Equipment Pictures to update the path or remove characters from the path if you have moved your attachments or removed the hash tags from your files or paths Under Tools ->Update Attachments Paths (4.6.20)
      1. Changed update years list so that it only creates inspections for the current year (4.6.20)
      1. Updated 90 Day Inspections so that they are created on the fly even after changig equipment type or adding new inspection items, (4.6.21)
      1. Further Improved speed of display when clicking on a different piece of equipment. This builds on the improvement included in the previous release version 4.6.20 (4.6.21)
      1. Updated the Global Inspection Years and Global Inspection Items Lists to remove the update buttons and the message box asking you to update on close (4.6.21)
      1. Improved the Inspection Creation on the fly to account for changed equipment type and/or new inspection items added (4.6.21)
      1. Fixed various dropdown list maintenance forms and the Personnel form error message on closing form if the tab for that dropdown list was not currently displayed. Error was caused by speed update that removed the underlying data in TATEMS if not activated in 4.6.21(4.6.22)
      1. Fixed issue when you click a defective item when doing an inspection you would get an error message. Issue introduced in 4.6.21 when speed improvements were added that removed live data from inactive tabs (4.6.22a released Oct 1, 2016)
      1. Update released to match full install version number that was updated backend to remove the parts inventory part number and part description requirement at the table level. (4.6.22c released Nov 3, 2016)
      1. Update to allow a credit – Negative dollar amount to be added to a work order when the item in inventory is listed with a – dollar amount hence a credit (4.6.22d released Dec 16, 2016)

(Below are the updates and improvements covered in Version 4.6.19 Released June 18, 2015 & 4.6.19e Released Dec 6, 2015 & 4.6.19f Released Dec 24, 2015 & 4.6.19g Released Jan 1, 2016 & 4.6.19h Released Jan 19, 2016 & 4.6.19i Released Feb 08, 2016 & 4.6.19j Released Mar 05, 2016 & 4.6.19k Released Mar 16, 2016 & 4.6.19l Released Mar 29, 2016)

      1. Added a Clear Button to the Inspections Checklist Screen to remove all check-marks and notes and to also remove any defective items that were transferred over to the Needed Maintenance /Repairs screen (4.6.19)
      1. Add backup log text file to be updated with backup logs on the client and the server machine. This keeps a record of where and when backups were done outside of the TATEMS database to help you find them later if needed (4.6.19)
      1. Created an external settings file to save the network settings and user preferences so that they don’t have to be reset after an update. This will only work after you run version 4.6.19 or later and then the preferences and network path settings won't have to be reset after any future updates are applied. (4.6.19)
      1. New external saved network settings will also help to re-link front end back to the backend on a server if the connection to the server has been lost. (4.6.19)
      1. Added a new Work Orders Template Feature. This will allow you to save an existing work order as a template or create a new template from scratch. Templates can then be used to auto-fill all the items from a template into a new or existing work order (4.6.19)
      1. Updated jpg file with a # sign in attachments issue. Now when you attach a jpg file with a # sign in the file name then click the button to view it opens the folder where the jpg file is located rather than produce an error. To open jpg files directly in the default jpg program instead of the directory, do not use # sign in the file name or do not use jpg if you want to use the # sign in a file name.(4.6.19)
      1. Updated to fix criteria issues in the report found under: More Reports->Report Type: Work Orders->All Grouped by Equipment. So that it now narrows down the report properly based on the criteria entered like “Date Range from and To” and “Equip Num From and To” (4.6.19)
      1. Updated to improve the ability to use the Equipment Number as a criteria when running reports under More Reports when there is a dash “-” in the equipment number (ex: From Equip Num: 3-12 to Equip Num: 3-12) (4.6.19e)
      1. Updated Fuel Log Reports to sort more efficiently by Date->Begin Odometer->Current Odometer (4.6.19e)
      1. Fixed an the error message on the Reminders Popup Screen->Taxes/Registration Reminders when sort by Month Reg Due button was clicked. It also sorts by months 1-12 instead of alphabetically (4.6.19e)
      1. Updated to properly install on Windows 10 without popup dialog asking where the database is right after installation(4.6.19e)
      1. Updated Custom Billing Terms under Tools->Preferences-> Billing Terms so that it saves what you paste in there between sessions.(4.6.19e)
      1. Fixed issue of Work Order ID counter stops working on numbers higher than 32768 , it now goes up to over 2 billion.(4.6.19f)
      1. Updated Work Order templates to overcome issue where you entered something in the detailed description of the template and then deleted the text. This would cause a null value error in Work Orders or the Work Orders template dropdown list.(4.6.19f)
      1. Added a popup message tp prevent error when trying to attach a file in the attachments tab that has a path and file name longer that 255 characters including spaces. (4.6.19g)
      1. Added new Work Order Printout to Preferences that does not display Parts and Labor Details but only descriptions and costs. (4.6.19g)
      1. Fixed the issue of the Default Work Order Printout Format Printing 2 pages when 2 pages are not needed. (4.6.19h)
      1. Updated Work Order Printout Format named “Work Order format that hides labor units and cost per labor unit. ” to remove the extra lines when there is no labor or parts to be more like the default work order printout format. (4.6.19h)
      1. Fixed issue of Parts Inventory Where and When Parts Installed Report not calculating totals when an installed part had a quantity of more than one. (4.6.19i)
      1. Fixed issue with Company Logo Covering the Company information on a Work Order or Invoice Printout. (4.6.19i)
      1. Updated Fuel Log Data Entry so that If you make a mistake when you enter the price per gallon you can change it and have it update the Total cost instead if manually entering the total cost. You can still override the total cost if you need to. (4.6.19i)
      1. Added Delete button to Fuel Log Vendors Dropdown List Maintenance, also added to the Fuel Vendors Dropdown List Maintenance screen; a list of all places in the fiel logs where the selected Fuel Vendor was chosen, Also added the ability to double click on an item in where fuel vender used list the go to that fuel log entry if you need to see the entry or change the vendor. (4.6.19j)
      1. Improved Work Order Parts deduct from inventory to add deducted amount back into inventory when clicking cancel on poup message for incomplete data and when deleting part fomr work work order or thr work order itself.(4.6.19k)
      1. Added a vertical scrollbar to the Parts Inventory screen for people that have a short resolution where you can't see the buttons at the bottom of the parts inventory screen.. (4.6.19k)
      1. Improved adding a part to parts inventory on the fly from Work Order Parts and if you don't put a description it will now sent you back to add one or let you cancel without an error. (4.6.19k)
      1. Improved various dropdown lists like the Lube/Service to so that when you click it will expand to show you all the text instead of truncating it (4.6.19l)
      1. Improved the dropdown lists under Reports->More Reports to expand wider and to also show some extra data like the Equipment Description  when choosing an equipment number and the Repair Code description when choosing a Repair code number (4.6.19l)
      1. Improved the Accomplished by and Inspected by dropdowns for Lube Service and 90 Day Inspections to hide the deactivated personnel and to also refresh when someone has updated the personnel status so that it's reflected in the dropdowns (4.6.19l)
      1. Add Printer default printer Tray Selector to the Preferences screen under tools->Preferences (4.6.19l)
      1. Added two sided printing options to Tools->Preference(4.6.19l)
      1. Improved Lube/Service Dropdown List Maintenance screen under Forms->Dropdown List Maintenance so that the list showing each Lube/Service will display more characters without truncating(4.6.19l)
      1. Improved the 90 Day inspections screen so that if you use the scroll wheel you will not be sent to a different year or month and also improved the Date Inspected field to prevent entering a date that does not match the year and month you selected (4.6.19l)
      1. Improved the Personnel form so that if you use the scroll wheel after you selected a personnel record you can not accidentally scroll to a new empty record.(4.6.19l)

(Below are the updates and improvements covered in Version 4.6.18 Released May 5, 2015)

      1. Updated so that the preference to stop asking to backup on close is respected. Also added info about setting auto backup to the message box when you first open TATEMS that tells you where to click to see the all the tabs (4.6.18)
      1. Updated to allow creation and selection of a new backup folder location on the fly when you are creating a backup without getting a “this location not valid message”. (4.6.18)
      1. Added Date Quantity Verified column to the Parts Inventory Report and added a new Criteria field under Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Parts Inventory. The new Date criteria is named: “Dt Qty Verified Frm” and “To”. The new criterial will allow you to enter a Date Quantity Verified Date range. If you leave the “From” criteria blank and enter a “To” date it will display everthing with a date verified before and up to the date entered into the “To” Date Quantity Verified Field (4.6.18)

(Below are the updates and improvements covered in Version 4.6.17 Released Apr 21, 2015)

      1. Added ability to choose backup folder location and also improved backups conducted over a network? (4.6.17)
      1. Added backup history to backup and compact tool (4.6.17)
      1. Added new preference choices under Tools->Preferences to ask if you want to backup when you exit TATEMS and to always backup when you close (4.6.17)
      1. Added a new work order printout format that hides the labor units and cost per unit. You can find it under Tools->Preferences ->Work Orders/Invoices->Work Order Printout Format (4.6.17)
      1. Fixed duplicate descriptions issue in the “All Work Orders Parts Totals by Equipment Number” Dropdown List Name: “Part Desc” and and “All Work Orders Parts Totals by Customer and Equipment Number” Dropdown List Name: “Part Desc” (4.6.17)
      1. Fixed issue with All Work Orders Labor Totals By Employee Number Report being inaccurate in a particular instance. Specifically when there were multiple duplications of the same emplayee whith the same labor description and the same price in the same work order (4.6.17)
      1. Updated to hide out of service equipment on Inspections/Permits Report on the Inspections/Permits tab for all equipment to show or hide out of service equipment based on the Tools->Preferences choice to “Hide out of service equipment on reports”. (4.6.17)
      1. Updated to hide the main menu when the any of the File->Setup screens are displayed to prevent adding equipment while that screen is displayed and getting a error. (4.6.17)

(Below are the updates and improvements covered in Version 4.6.16 Released Mar 22, 2015)

      1. Stopped forcing you to enter an tax percentage and now allow flat tax amount to be put into Work Orders and ask question “Do you want to display the Tax Percentage?” (4.6.16)
      1. Added ability to double click the Work Order Tax amount field to toggle between showing or hiding the tax percentage field and default tax amount button. (4.6.16)
      1. Fixed issue trying print from Reports->More Reports->Work Orders ->Completed Work Orders-Parts-Labor-Misc-Taxes-Combined add the report just above it without previewing first that might cause TATEMS to crash, by disabling the Print button and only allowing Preview then Print for those 2 reports. (4.6.16)
      1. Improved Networking tool to link on the first try. (4.6.16)
      1. Improved loading time when backend database has already been updated. (4.6.16)
      1. Added ability to inactivate Repair Codes so that they don't not show up on the Work Order Parts and Labor dropdown lists and can by sorted and displayed by inactive on the Repair Codes Dropdown list maintenance screen. (4.6.16)
      1. Improved multi state /provide odometer entries that occasionally displayed a write conflict message even of no one else was in TATEMS on another computer. (4.6.16)
      1. Fixed error when adding state mileage from the fuel log and then going to Equipment Summary Tab and opening then closing the Financial's or other screens. (4.6.16)

(Below are the updates and improvements covered in Version 4.6.14 Released Feb 2, 2015 and 4.6.15 Released Feb 17,2015)

      1. Fixed Error message when you type into the Quick Find dropdown field in the Equipment Summary Tab and then change your mind, then erase what you just entered and then move to a different field. (4.6.14)
      1. Fixed issue with Parts Inventory Report under reports->More Reports->Report Type Parts Inventory, where it was showing inactive parts as well as active parts. (4.6.14)
      1. Added ability to show inactive Parts Types on the parts inventory Part Type Exclusion pop up and on the report. (4.6.14)
      1. Removed the duplicates from the Parts Inventory Report dropdown criteria selectors so you don't have to scroll though duplicate items in the dropdown. (4.6.14)
      1. Fixed the parts inventory vendor criteria selector so that it populates with the Parts Vendors in the database. (4.6.14)
      1. Fixed issue where some backend databases would not update. (4.6.15)
      1. Improved ability to catch when too many characters are added the various dropdown list where you can add to the list on the fly. (4.6.15)
      1. Fixed issue where the Driver and Parts Inventory tab counts are off by one on the Reminders Popup screen. (4.6.15)
      1. Fixed an issue when trying to change printers while viewing a work order print preview. (4.6.15)
      1. Fixed an issue when you double click on the Repair code dropdown in the Work Orders Labor screen to add or edit repair codes or repair code descriptions. (4.6.15)

(Below are the updates and improvements covered in Versions 4.6.12-Jan 27, 2015)

      1. On the More Reports chooser we changed the way the Enter key on your keyboard functions. It now works the same way the Tab key work so that it will tab between fields.(Except when you get to the Preview or Print button if will act like a click)
      1. On the Reports->More Reports chooser we updated the tab order so that you progress from field to field on in a more orderly fashion.
      1. Fixed the Reminders Report with filters under Reports->More Reports->Report Type:Lube /Service so that it works on reminders based on hours.
      1. Also under Reports->More Reports->Report Type:Lube /Service– Added sorting options to the Reminders Report with Filters for various combinations Mikes/km->Hours->Days and rearranged the columns to make more sense plus added the sorting choice selected to print in the report header.
      1. Added an “Include Filters” checkbox to the Lube Service Tab in the Reminders Popup screen that will display the filters for each equipment when you click the print button.
      1. Improved Fuel Log data entry when clicking in the Fuel Station /Vendor field and start typing it will auto populate with data from the dropdown.
      1. Fixed the Print All Inspections in this list button from the reminders popup screen that stopped working after we added location and dept/area to the lists of equipment on the reminders popup screen.
      1. Updated the Print All Inspections in this list button from the reminders popup screen so the it will continue working even if a particular equipment type has no Inspection checklist Items associated with it.
      1. Updated ability to enter a negative number for Parts Quantity in order to reverse parts charges to a piece of equipment and add it back into inventory.
      1. Fixed issue with not all parts categories showing on the parts inventory report, specifically Filters.
      1. Added new work order printout format to tools-Preferences->Work Orders/Invoices that is the same as the default format except it will print extra blank lines for labor and parts over 2 pages when printing a blank work order.

(Below are the updates and improvements covered in Versions 4.6.00-Sept 28, 2014 & 4.6.01-Sep 30,2014 & 4.6.01a Oct 1, 2014, 4.6.02 Oct 3, 2014, 4.6.03 Oct 5, 2014, 4.6.04 Oct 23, 2014, 4.6.04 – re-release Oct 24,2014, 4.6.05 Nov 7, 2014, 4.6.07 Dec 2, 2014,4.6.08 Dec 8, 2014, 4.6.09 Dec 15, 2014, 4.6.10, Dec 17, 2014, 4.6.11 Dec 26, 2014)

      1. Added a check box to Fuel Log to give you ability to Track Fuel By Hours Meter and have those entries update the Hours meter for the equipment. We also updated Fuel Log Reports to show Hours Meters And Cost Per Hour and Hour Per Gallon/ltr

      1. Added  Bin Location and Bin Number to Parts Inventory and to Work Orders Part/Stock Num Dropdown and the More Search Inventory screens plus auto adds bin location and bin to notes of part.

      1. Added Bin Location and Bin Number information to the Parts Inventory Report under reports->More Reports

      1. Added Bin Location screen to Forms->Dropdown List Maintenance

      1. Added ability to sort each column on the More search inventory popup screen that opens from the Add Parts or Material Used to Work Order screen plus display Bin Location and Bin

      1. Increased the width of the Parts/Stock Num dropdown on the Add Parts or Material Used to Work Order screen to show longer part numbers

      1. Added ability to use Keyboard more easily to navigate the Work Orders Screen with new Keyboard shortcuts and updated tab key order


      1. Added the Dt Complete By column between Date requested and Date Completed to the All Work Orders List form

      1. Added  “Hide out Of Service Equipment on the search list”  to Tools->Preferences. This applies to all search by and filters except the search by “Out of Service”

      1. Added  “Hide Out Of Service Equipment On Work Orders List”  to Tools->Preferences so that when TATEMS opens you can have it default to the way you want to search the list

      1. Added Default Search By and Default Sort By Dropdowns to Tools->Preferences so that when TATEMS opens you can have it default to the way you want to sort the list

      1. Added new address and contact fields to Fuel Vendors

      1. Added new columns to Fuel Vendor dropdown in the fuel log so that you can see the vendors address city and state

      1. Added dropdown to Fuel Log for State Purchased in and made so that when you double click the State dropdown you can add the Begin and End Odometer readings for each state traveled.

      1. Added color code green to State dropdown to indicate if you have already entered begin and end odometer readings for other states/provinces.

      1. Added new report to Reports->More Reports->Report Type:Fuel Log called All Equipment Grouped By Fuel Purchase State/Province so that you can see the state/province fuel cost totals

      1. Updated Repair Codes Cost Per Mile/km / hour report so that you can choose multiple repair codes in the criteria for display on the report

      1. Update will remove duplicate Odometer and Hours Meter readings for the equipment and prevent future duplicate Odometer And Hours Meter readings.

      1. Updated the Fuel Log Date Entry Field so that when the Date Entry is changed it will also update the Meter reading for the equipment if update to the Odometer and hours for the equipment was done from the fuel log.

      1. Added a Print Duplicates button on the Fuel Log so that you can see your progress as you clean up duplicates or see all the duplicates if you chose to allow duplicates

      1. Updated the Parts Inventory so that higher underlying  PartID field over 6 digits  numbers would work without error when adding new equipment.
      1. Changed the way you Update Odometer and Hours from other tabs so that when you change the date or the meter readings in another tab, it will also update the main Odometer and Hours for the Equipment itself.

      1. When you double click on an odometer or hours meter entry on the “Update Odometer and Hours Screen”, it will let you know if that reading came from another tab in the program and where. This applies to new entries made after this version update.

      1. Added feature to force update to current version the back-end  database has been updated to

      1. Added update to make sure all Work Orders are properly totaled and also added a recalculate button and column totals plus a Work Order ID search to the Work Orders List

      1. Added Duplicate Odometer And Hours Entry Override to the Fuel Log in order to track who and when the duplicate odometer entries are made. It will also highlight the entry and make the entry double click-able, which will display who did the override and when the override was done.

      1. Fixed an issue with Bulk Odometer and Hours Entries not saving if the screen was sorted by Sort Order number.

      1. Added Paper Preference for Letter A4 and Legal

      1. Added Search by Vendor and by Bin Location and added Vendor and Bin Location to search results list  on Parts Inventory screen

      1. Duplicate Fuel Log entries discovered during this update will be highlighted in red to make them stand out for possible correction.

      1. Updated  Cost Per mile/hour and unit information reports to reflect insurance , depreciation and license  totals for the date range rather than just the daily amount.

      1. Update the report Cost Per Mile/ km hour  and other similar reports to prevent divide by zero error  when data is missing

      1. Update the report Cost Per Mile/km / hour report  so that it does not show out of service equipment when you sort by columns  unless the Display Out of Service Equipment equipment is checked.

      1. Update to assign Temp Equipment Numbers for Equipment records where someone deleted the Equipment Number but left the underlying record and any related data.

      1. Updated Reminders popup to print the same results you see on screen when using the filters feature.

      1. Added sorting buttons to all the tabs in the Reminders Popup and each print button will print in the order you sort

      1. Added sort buttons to all the other tabs except Lube/Service – Filters – Inspections/Permits and Tires/Wheels

      1. Add a preference for Misc field to be taxable. If not taxable then don’t add it before calculating taxes, and also include ability to update all Work Orders based on preference.

      1. Optimized startup after update has been completed to prevent extra data archiving of old Odometer and Hours data (version 4.6.01)


      1. Fixed issue with entering dates into the Repairs Completed Tab (version 4.6.01)


      1. Fixed issue with full install on Windows 8 causing the update to hang (version 4.6.01a)


      1. Fixed issues with the Bin location not always showing up in the Work Orders Parts dropdown after looking at Parts Inventory and in the More Search Parts Inventory screen (version 4.6.02)


      1. Fixed issues with Work List When opening a Work Order while sorting by completed date then opening a work order and changing the completed date (would sometimes cause an error) and then clicking the print button and then closing the print preview screen a different Wok Order would be selected in the list and appear on screen (version 4.6.02)
      1. Fixed an issue with Find Missing Work Orders Button on the Work Orders screen on some large databases (version 4.6.03)
      1. Fixed error message started on 4.6.00 that popped up when adding or changing dates and/or odometer or hours meter readings on the lube service and repairs completed tab (version 4.6.04)
      1. Updated Fuel log reports to display fuel log entries even if no fuel gallons were used for people that want to use the fuel log to also track daily mileages in the fuel log in addition to fuel (version 4.6.04)
      1. Added Smoke/CVIP Inspections back into the Reminders Popup screen under Inspections/Permits (version 4.6.04)
      1. Eliminated error message that was popping up on the Lube/Service tab after choosing a Lube/Service Type and then tabbing past the date field without entering a date (version 4.6.04)
      1. Updated Reminders popup Inspections tab when using a filter to display the data in the correct columns (version 4.6.04)
      1. Added ability to sort Cost Per mile/km / Hours reports by various fields including Cost Per Mike/km highest to lowest so you can see your most expensive equipment to operate at the top of the report. (version 4.6.04)
      1. Updated Reminders Popup to properly sort dates when sorting the date columns and bring your most urgent/overdue to the top of the list (version 4.6.04)
      1. Updated Work Order 2 or more page printouts so that that do not print on both sides of 1 sheet on that type of printer(4.6.04 – re-release Oct 24,2014)
      1. Fixed an issue with Wok Orders Labor items, when revisiting an item the dropdown showing the employee was not visible and is was possible to re save with no employee selected(4.6.05 Nov 7,2014)
      1. Fixed an issue with active parts not displaying on the Parts dropdown in Work Orders Parts or Material used screen when the preference to always display inactive parts was selected(4.6.05 Nov 7,2014)
      1. Fixed an issue on the more search inventory screen when trying to add a part to inventory that was inactive and the always display active parts preference was checked the part would not get added to the Work Orders parts or materials used screen.(4.6.05 Nov 7,2014)
      1. Added a sortable “Active” Column to Work Orders parts- More Search Inventory screen to indicate whether a part is active or inactive.(4.6.05 Nov 7,2014)
      1. Added a “Active” Column to the parts dropdown list on the Work Orders Parts or Materials used screen to indicate if the part is active or inactive.(4.6.05 Nov 7,2014)
      1. Added new feature when you try to add a part to the parts or material user screen that is not in the dropdown list because it is inactive, and you don't have the Always Display inactive parts preference box checked; it will ask if you want to make the part active instead of adding in a duplicate part number.(4.6.05 Nov 7,2014)
      1. Improved the Work Orders Parts Materials Used Parts Dropdown so that it automatically opens and shows you the list of parts as you start typing and brings the number you are typing into view.(4.6.05 Nov 7,2014)
      1. Added Date / Time and page number to the bottom of each report printed from the various Reminders Popup Tabs.(4.6.07 Dec 2,2014)
      1. Change the page number indicator at the bottom of the Print All Reminders report on the reminders popup screen to only display the page number and not the the total number of pages which may have been inaccurate because of suppressed empty pages.(4.6.07 Dec 7,2014)
      1. Fixed an anomaly with a database that had a bad Work Order record which would not allow the grand total to update for that record. Running the Recalculate Totals from the Work Orders list or updated totals on the work order itself will force the grand total to be saved. (4.6.07 Dec 2,2014)
      1. Improved ability to delete equipment with large numbers of associated records that was causing an error on some larger databases. (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)
      1. Fixed ability to enter a zero as the sales tax percentage on a work order after some other number was used. (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)
      1. Improved updating to make sure all fields on backend database are properly created (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)
      1. Fixed ability to change the Equipment number on a work order when opened from the work orders list screen. (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)
      1. Improved Update Odometer and Hours screen to allow updating of all four columns with a backdate on the same row. (4.6.08 Dec 8,2014)
      1. Improved equipment deletion so that after deletion is complete the selected equipment in the list will be what is displayed below (4.6.09 Dec 15,2014)
      1. Improved the Fuel Log Vendor to properly display a vendor when they have been inactivated but previously used on a fuel log entry. (4.6.09 Dec 15,2014)
      1. Stopped Default Tax rate override message from popping up when opening a work order after changing the default sales tax rate in my company information, but will still popup one time when saving and closing if needed. (4.6.09 Dec 15,2014)
      1. Improved Fuel Log Odometer Tracking of State/Province begin and end odometer readings when a State has been selected as the state of purchase and then you double click to see the begin and end miles for a state. (4.6.09 Dec 15,2014)
      1. Fixed issues with the Total Miles calculation on Fuel Log – State/Province begin and ending odometer screen subtracting the amount entered from the ending odometer instead of adding it. . (4.6.10 Dec 17,2014)
      1. Eliminated the false positive green color formatting on the State dropdown on the fuel log by just opening that was occurring by just opening and closing form the State/Province begin and end odometer popup. (4.6.10 Dec 17,2014)
      1. Improved the networking tool to so that is does not loose it’s link to the backend data file you just linked to on the first try, causing you to occasionally have to link twice. . (4.6.11 Dec 26,2014)
      1. Fixed a an issue when viewing opening a work order from the work orders list screen after clicking on one or the sorting buttons the non-editable fields like Make , mode, location, would display in the wring text boxes . (4.6.11 Dec 26,2014)

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.14-Apr 2, 2014)

      1. Fixed bug in Update Odometer and Hours Screen when selecting multiple odometer entries and then clicking the delete button on screen instead of the delete button on keyboard did not delete the selected entries

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.12-Mar 27, 2014)

        1. Added Show All Dates Button to the Fuel Log Tab so that you can see date entry mistakes of dates that might be out of your chosen date range.


        1. Added a dynamic label that displays at the top of the Fuel Log Tab to tell you what criteria you are currently viewing


        1. Changed displayed fuel log entries to stick to the last sorting and criteria chosen when navigating between different equipment.


      1. Fixed bug in the Fuel Log introduced in version 4.5.11 that was causing extra blank fuel log entries to appear when navigating to a new piece of equipment

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.11-Mar 22, 2014)

        1. New Add new Equipment function to allow choosing customer when duplicate equipment number is detected


        1. Change the default customer when adding new equipment to the first customer in the list alphabetically.


        1. New Report under reports-> More Reports-> Work Orders called “Work Orders Total Costs by Serviced by Vendor”


        1. Updated the report called “Lube Service Reminder by Customer” found under Reports->More Reports->Lube Service — to properly restrict by a specific customer entered in the “From” and “To” fields


        1. Updated the “Repairs Completed Grouped by Customer” report under reports->More Reports->Repair Completed — to limit the report by the Customer from and To criteria entered


        1. On the Work Orders screen , locked the Serial, License, Make, Model, Year fields because they are pulled from Equipment Summary Tab


        1. Sorting change for the Reports found under: Reports->More Reports->Needed Maintenance/Repairs and Repairs Completed to allow sorting by equip number or sort order and date ascending or descending


        1. Updated the Next Smoke Inspection Due Date to properly reflect months instead or years in following reports: All Equipment-> 30 Day Due, All Equipment->Last/Next Lube Service, Current Equipment->Lube/Service Report


        1. Added filter and sorting to Needed Maintenance Repairs Tab and Repairs Completed Tab to be more like the Work Orders Tab


        1. Added function to ask if you want to delete a Needed Maintenance/ Repair when transferring it to Repair Completed tab so that the Needed Maintenance/ Repairs list can be easier maintained.


        1. Updated the popup reminders progress bar to work better and display quicker
        2. Optimized the Popup Reminders to increase speed to pop up by over 300 % especially in a Network Environment.


        1. Updated the Margins on the Unit Information Report under Current Equipment Reports so stop printing extra blank pages.


        1. Changed the sales tax field work orders to always pull from the default sales tax rate in My Company Information when a new work order is created, and makes sure will not overwrite work orders that have already been created.


        1. Updated Print as invoice popup message so that it only displays when a Work Order is completed. Also set the default settings under tools-preferences so that the Stop asking check box is not checked and the Always print completed work orders as invoice is not checked. These preferences can be changed by the person using TATEMS when or if needed.


        1. Updated the default sort order on the equipment list when you first open TATEMS so that it always starts as Sort by Equipment


      1. Updated the main form so that when you first open TATEMS and you choose to check for reminders, the main equipment form in the background will be maximized instead of a small window within the program.

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.10-Feb 20, 2014)

        1. Added progress bar to Reminders Popup


        1. Reformatted reminders popup reports to better fit the addition of the Department or area and the Location columns


        1. Fixed Print Inspections Forms from list button that on Reminders popup screen that stopped working on version 4.5.09 because of new columns added to screen display


      1. Fixed Periodic Smoke Inspections Next Due Day to reflect next due in day intervals instead of years intervals on various reports

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.09-Feb 2, 2014)

        1. Added Equip Description to Permits/Inspections Reminders Report
        2. Added Location and Dept/Area to All Equipment Based Reminders screens and Reminders Reports


        1. Added new ability to do bulk odometer and hours entries and import odometer and hours from an Excel spreadsheet under forms->Bulk Odometer And Hours Entry (See Preview Video)


        1. Added new Work Orders report report called “Completed Work Orders by Equip Number w/ Complete By Date Criteria under reports->more reports->Report Type Work Orders


        1. Changed “Force Update” button to read “Refresh on the Equipment Summary Tab”


      1. Changed the Update Odometer and Hours screen for a single pace of equipment, to allow deletion of multiple entries. Also added the ability to sort by each column: Odometer, Odometer Date, Hours Meter or Hours Meter Date

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.08-Dec 16, 2013)

      1. Fixed issue in the Update Odometer And hours Form that became corrupted and causes the update odometer and hours button to pop up an error message in 4.5.06 and 4.5.07

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.07-Dec 13, 2013)

        1. Addressed issue updating some older back-end TATEMS databases where the Attachments tables was not being created.


      1. Added help buttons for each individual report under Reports->More Reports

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.06-Dec 11, 2013)

        1. Re-enabled ability to add attachments in the attachments tab that was disabled in version 4.5.05


        1. Added Help ? Buttons to most screens that will dynamically link to current help and videos as they get produced on the website


        1. Updated the repair codes to prevent duplicate repair codes.


      1. Updated sorting of the Repair codes list on the Repair Codes dropdown list maintenance.

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.05-Nov 30, 2013)

        1. Brought back the Column Sorting in the Report Selector screen for Cost Per Mile/km Hour and Miles Traveled and Repair Codes Cost Per Mile/km Hour under All Equipment Reports that was inadvertently hidden in a version 4.5.04


        1. Updated Repair Code dropdown in Work Order Labor and Parts so you can Add new Repair Codes on the Fly


        1. Updated Repair Code dropdown in Work Order Labor and Parts so you can double click them to open the Dropdown list maintenance screen for Repair Codes to be able to edit them


      1. Update tab order in Dropdown list maintenance for Repair Codes so that it is in the proper order when you hit the tab button

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.04-Nov 16, 2013)

        1. Updated Work Orders screen when accessed from the Work Orders List so that the mouse scroll wheel does not accidentally send you to a different record if you scroll it.


      1. Updated the cost mile/km / hour style report criteria selectors under Reports-> All Equipment Reports so that they fit on some of the shorter laptop screens

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.03-Nov 15, 2013)

        1. Added Show Only Pending Work Orders to filter dropdown in Work Orders List


      1. Added Date Requested Column to Work Orders List

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.02-Nov 8, 2013)

        1. Added Edit button to Parts inventory screen to help prevent accidental overwriting of current parts in inventory and changed add button to prevent accidental scrolling to previous record


        1. Updated various reports that had trouble rendering with large data sets under More Reports-Work Orders that were Labor and Parts specific


      1. Moved the Miles/km traveled Hour Run Report to Reports-All Equipment Reports and gave it the same criteria selector as the Cost / Mile /km / hour report

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.01-Oct 22, 2013)

        1. Fixed a bug in the Cost Per-Mile/km Hour report that caused it to only work with Work Order Cost or Fuel Log Costs selected that was introduced in yesterday's 4.5.00 release.


(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.5.00-Oct 21, 2013)

        1. Updated Work Orders Parts and Labor totals so that they are updated on the Work Order on exit and when adding from the Parts and Labor Screens


        1. Added Sales Tax percentage field that automatically populates with the default sales tax percentage from company information and stops asking if you want to use default tax rate. ( Click here for video of this update )


        1. When updating a database populated with Work Orders will update all Work Orders and enter the sales tax % used on the Work Order, will let you know how many Work Orders are not using default tax rate and to find them in the new Work Orders List under the Forms Menu.


        1. Added new Work Orders report under More Reports called: All Work Orders with non-default sales tax charged


        1. Updated Work Orders to Update Totals on Close instead of only on Update Totals Button or Print


        1. Updated Work Orders Printout to Display parts lists even if no Part Number from Inventory was used


        1. Updated Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Equipment ->”Inspections and Permits Due or Past Due” to stop printing extra equipment that was not due yet


        1. Added Repair Codes Fields to Work Orders Labor and Parts Screens so that you can better categorize costs when multiple repair categories are done in a single Work Order


        1. Added list of 18 Repair Codes and descriptions to Repair Codes List


        1. Added new report All Equipment Reports->Repair Codes Cost / Mile/km / Hour Report


        1. Added new report under Work Orders in More Reports called All Work Orders Repair Code Totals by Repair Code


        1. Added new report under Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Work Orders; called: Work Orders Total Costs by Repair Code


        1. Updated Work Orders screen to allow for deleting a completed mileage or completed hours without error


        1. Added Dropdown List Maintenance choice for Repair Codes


        1. Added Work Orders List under forms menu to allow you to see all work orders in one sortable list that shows you All Work Orders or Just Completed Work Orders or Just Work Orders with a Non-Default Tax Rate Percentage charges and also allows you to double click Work Orders in the list to view and edit them.


        1. Added Default Tax percent button next to new Tax percent field on Work Orders screen so you can click the button to enter the default tax rate if you entered something else and did not know the default tax rate


(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.4.04b-June, 19 2013)

      1. Updated the delete equipment function to eliminate error when deleting a pace of equipment on some older databases.

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.4.04a-June, 5 2013)

        1. Updated Lube/Service Reminders Popup printout to stop printing blank second page on some printers variations


      1. Updated Reports->All Equipment Reports->Unit Information All Equip with All Equip Data to shrink the left and right margins so the report fits on more printer variations without printing a any blank pages

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.4.04-May, 31 2013)

        1. Removed the ability to Auto Sort the numeric sort order values to prevent other users from accidentally re arranging manually created sort order numbers (may add this feature back in if there are many requests for it or when we can lock it down better)


        1. Added Detailed Description as a search criteria for 2 Work Orders Reports, Also updated these reports to display the detailed description when you use it as a search criteria, otherwise the detailed description will remain hidden to minimize the number of pages in a report.(Completed Grouped By Equip Num And Pending Grouped By Equipment Number Under Reports->More Reports->Report Type Work Orders)


        1. Added ability to enter your own Work Order numbers and start at any number you want. Also added a button that will pop up and display and allow you to use Missing Work Order Numbers (Existing users will require tech request to enable this feature on existing databases)


      1. Updated multiple reports under More Reports to default to sort by Equipment Number as the first choice, and improved sorting function,

(Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.4.03 – 4.4.03b May, 3, 2013)

      1. Updated adding Parts to work orders to address field size larger description field size when transferring description over from Parts inventory (4.4.03b)
      2. Updated tabbing in a work order so that you can shift tab or use mouse to select a different field when cursor is in the Completed Hours box (4.4.03a)
      3. Improved the Add New Part button on the parts inventory screen so that the cursor moves to the Part/Stock# field
      1. Updated code in Parts inventory screen so that when it is open and you use your keyboard to go to another program like Excel and then go back to TATEMS the Parts Inventory screen will be active and you can continue where you left off.


      1. Improved the labor description list in the Add Labor to Work Order screen so the dropdown is activated when you tab to it and so that you can also add to the description without adding to the dropdown list


      1. Improved the ability to use the tab key on the keyboard while in a work order so that you can tab more easily from section to section.


      1. Added Driver History All Equipment By Driver Report  to show the list of all Drivers and all equipment they were assigned to and when– under Reports->All Equipment Reports


      1. Added Driver History All Equipment By Equipment Report to show the list of all Equipment and all the drivers that were assigned to each unit and when– under Reports->All Equipment Reports


      1. Added Driver History Report to show the list of drivers and when they were assigned to a particular piece of equipment under Reports->Current Equipment Reports


      1. Added Unit Information Report For All Equipment under Reports->All Equipment Reports to select any or all equipment to print out Unit Information reports for


      1. Added Unit Information Report for All Equipment with All Equip Data under Reports->All Equipment Reports that will allow you to filter and choose any or all equipment as a report criteria.


      1. Updated Fuel Log data entry to ask for odometer entry date when the vendor dropdown was bypassed and no entry date has been entered yet and the system or the user wants to use that odometer to update the overall odometer reading for the equipment


      1. Updated Fuel Log Printout so that is prints in current odometer/Date order instead of order entered


      1. Updated to hide database window when using the full version of MS Access to run TATEMS.


      1. Added second format for Work Order Printout that Adds Dept/Area and Equip Num to Each Parts and Labor line item and made it available as a preference under Tools->Preferences->Work Orders Tab


      1. Added preference choice to hide the Delete button from the Work Orders screen


      1. Added option to Display Out Of Service Equipment On Reports to preferences so that you can globally choose whether you want to see the Out Of Service equipment in applicable reports


      1. Added new preference under Tools->Preferences->Work Orders/Invoices to let you choose to  Always Display Inactive Parts when adding parts to Work Orders


      1. Updated numerous reports under Reports->More Reports to include ability to choose sorting by Equip Sort Order or By Equipment Num


      1. Updated various popup forms on Equipment Summary tab to prevent “”write conflict error message from appearing when changing data without saving first


      1. Addressed and fixed MS Access anomaly so that criteria in More Reports screen to stop being be mis-construed as dates


      1. Updated Delete Equipment function that was not working when there was an attachment linked to the equipment


      1. Added ability to automatically enter lower interval Lube/Services along with a preference option to prompt you and to stop asking if don't want to see the pop-up prompt


      1. Updated Cost /Mile/km Hour report to fix stop rounding the grand total for Cost Per hour


      1. Added preference to choose default choice for who labor performed by (Employee or Vendor)


      1. Updated Work Order parts and Labor screens to inform you what data is missing when you click the Add to Work Order button and you have missing or incomplete data (Click here for blog post a video training on this item)


      1. Added Customer, Location and Dept/Area criteria most fuel log reports (click here for blog post and video for this item)

Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.4.02

      1. Updated Formatting on Lube/Service Reminders with Filters Report to repeat the Lube Service Type and the separate the title text


      1. Updated Lube/Service Reminders with Filters Report to include Remaining Mileage and Remaining Hours till due


      1. Added Sort Order options Equipment #, Sort Order #, Date Old->New,Date New->OLD to Needed Maintenance Repair Reports under Reports->More Reports


      1. Added sort by Equipment Number then Sort Order number to Needed Maintenance Repair Report under Reports->All Equipment Reports


      1. Add alphabetical sorting of driver names by first name when adding drivers to equipment


      1. Added new Report to Reports->More Reports-Report Type Work Orders called Completed Work Orders Parts-Labor-Misc-Disc-Taxes-Combined


      1. Updated Fuel Log reports that displayed Average Miles/km per Gallon/Liter and Cost Per Mike/km to reflect actual Cost Per Mile/km and Miles/Km Per Gallon/Liter


      1. Fixed typo on Reminders Popup screen caption


      1. Fixed typo in reminders notification how soon the be notified tool tip for Odometer based reminders


      1. Updated Reminders Popup Printout for Pending Work Orders Reminders to properly sort by date when reminders list covers long time span


      1. Added new Cost per Mile/km Hour Report to Reports->All Equipment Reports


      1. Added Unit Information Report with All Equipment Data to Reports->Current Equipment Reports


      1. Added ability to add attachments with an attachments tab and also to add attachments from within a work order and that will be tied to a work order


      1. Changed Gas Card field label on Equipment Summary Screen to say Fuel/Gas Card and also changed the search by dropdown to say Search by Fuel/Gas Card#


      1. Updated Parts Report under Reports->Current Equipment Reports so that it displays a grand total for the report


      1. Added Attachments to Simplify TATEMS window and also changed the formating of Simplify TATEMS so that text is no longer vertical and is easier to read

Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.4.00


      1. Updated Tab Stops and Keyboard shortcuts on Parts Inventory Screen
      2. Added new report Reminder For Lube And Service With Equipment Filters and added to More Reports – >Report Type: Lube/Service


      1. Changed Lube Service Type to set focus on the dropdown when clicking on Lube/Service Type text box overlay


      1. Removed the default previous 1 month date range from the Parts for this Equip Filter so that when you click the sort button your data does not disappear


      1. Added preference choice to always default to yes to deduct parts from inventory when adding to a work order. Go to Tools->Preferences


      1. You can now search for parts in the parts inventory screen and will bring up the first part in the list when you hit the enter key once after entering the part number you are searching for


      1. Updated Parts Inventory screen to make sure you can tab to the search box


      1. Updated Equipment Miles/km or Hours Run Report under Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Equipment to require a date range be entered to prevent unseen error


      1. Improved parts inventory deduction from work orders when auto deduct is selected in preferences under Tools->Preferences


      1. Improved where parts installed displays and totals on the Parts Inventory Page


      1. Added ability to open the parts inventory screen from the Work Order-> Add Parts screen by double clicking on the Part number dropdown list


      1. Updated Work Orders Parts and More Search Inventory to hide inactive Parts Items



      1. Updated Choose Month To View Popup for Inspections/Permits Reports to stop the”You need make an equipment selection before you can generate a report” from appearing when opening from More Reports Window


      1. Added Search by and Sort by criteria to Where This Parts Was installed list on Parts Inventory Screen and also updated printed report to match screen view


      1. Added Billing Terms to preferences and to the bottom of the Work Orders/ Invoice printout. Tools->Preferences


      1. Added Customer, Dept or Area and Location criteria to most the fuel log reports


      1. Added Quantity On Hand Before and After Display to the Work Orders Add Parts or Materials Used Screen to give visual clue of Available Parts on Hand


      1. Added Stop Asking to Update Odometer and Hours from Other Tabs to Tools->Preferences


      1. Added Always update Current Odometer and hours from other tabs to Tools->Preferences


      1. Added Always Update Quantity on Hand Date Verified When deducting parts from inventory via a Work Order to Tools->Preferences


      1. Added Work Order # Criteria to most Work Orders reports under Reports->More Reports


      1. Changed Hours Date Entry format to match Odometer Date Entry on Update Odometer and Hours Screen


      1. Removed extra P out of email support when sending error message email.


Below are the updates and improvements in Version 4.3.03

To See Video Highlights of Updates for version 4.3.03 Click here


      1. Added New check box to preferences to Always Display the Parts Notes field on a Work Order/Invoice printout. If unchecked the Parts Notes field will not display even if there is notes added to a part


      1. Changed the way the “Parts Notes” field in a Work Order/Invoice printout is displayed. If there are no “Parts Notes” then that row will no longer display the the word “notes” and it also shrinks the empty row to save space and paper.


      1. Updated All Equipment Due Next 30 Days report to include the new Work Order short description field


      1. Updated Lube Service Types- Now when a Lube Service Type is inactive you won’t see it in the dropdown list even if used previously for that equipment, It still remains in Lube/Service History


      1. Changed Accomplished by field in Lube Service tab so that it does not ask you if you want to add to list, Instead you can double click to bring up personnel windows


      1. Updated Equipment Summary Screen to display the Miles/Km to go – Hours to go and Days to go in the Lube/Service list


      1. Resized Lube Service Display on Equipment summary screen to fit extra fields and resized windows on sub tabs to utilize extra space


      1. Updated Work Order printout to display Invoice # instead of WO Num when it is printed as an invoice.


      1. Updated Work Order Printout to display Make, Model, Year, Lic Plate, Serial/Vin and Moved Warranty and Recall to Footer by Cost Totals


      1. Updated Work Order Screen to prevent inadvertent data entry into the Labor and Parts Cost totals fields


      1. Updated Work Order screen to display Make, Model, Year, Lic Plate, Serial/Vin and Moved Warranty


      1. Added Status bar and tool tips to Cost Totals fields and un-editable fields in the Work Order Screen


      1. Added usability feature to simply double click to enter the current date into all date fields except date ranges on reports. Will also ask before changing if a date is already entered into the field


      1. Updated Equipment Summary screen to display Vin number as Serial/Vin Number


      1. Updated Current Life Remaining Until Replacement on Financials' Popup window to not display error when Life Expectancy Years at purchase is not filled in.


      1. Added dropdown to Inspectors Name to select from Personnel file, you can also just enter inspectors name


      1. Updated Repairs Completed Reports under Reports->More Reports to also sort by completed date (For people who still use the repairs completed tab instead of using Work Orders)



(Updates below from Version 4.3.02)


      1. Added Where and When Parts Used List to Parts Inventory screen with Total Cost and Total Quantity also displayed


      1. Added new report to Preview and Print the Where and When Parts Used List from the Parts Inventory screen


      1. Added PO Num Field to Field Log printout


      1. Expanded the Reference Number field on a printed Work Order to allow the full 30 characters


      1. Updated all the Inspections Permits Due And Past Due reports to properly report when multiple intervals are used


      1. Change sort order on Parts Dropdown list in Work Orders to sort by Part Number


(Updates Below from version 4.3.01)


      1. Fixed Reminders Popup issue that was causing error when closing.


(Updates Below from version 4.3.00)


      1. Added dropdown to Accomplished By field in Lube/Service Tab that links to the Personnel form


      1. Updated text “piece” on pop up form when adding a picture of equipment


      1. Updated label in Work Orders Total Costs by Equipment Number


      1. Updated Work Order Report Labor and Parts combined to better handle long lists of parts and labor on each work order


(Updates Below from version 4.2.09)


      1. Updated reminders screens based on dates and days to eliminate false positives introduced in version 4.2.08


      1. Updated the Completed Work Orders Labor and Parts Combined Report to properly reflect the cost totals for each group and overall for the report


      1. Added Part Number Criteria to Reports->More Reports->Report Type:Work Orders->All Work Orders Parts Totals by Equipment #


      1. Updated inspections permits due and past due in a particular month report to correct spelling of Piece to piece


      1. Updated inspections permits due and past due by customer report to correct spelling of Piece to piece


      1. Updated inspections permits due and past due report to correct spelling of Piece to piece


(Updates Below from version 4.2.08)


      1. Updated Repairs Completed Tab content and Tires tab content to display properly


      1. Updated Service By dropdown in Work Orders to remove inactive Serviced By Vendors from list


(Updates Below from version 4.2.07)


      1. Updated the 3 Inspections/Permits reports to fix the spelling of the word “piece”
      2. and also shrunk the left and right margins to the absolute minimum


      1. Updated 90 day(or user defined number of days) inspection tab to display the list of completed inspections in reverse date order


      1. Updated sorting in Reminders pop-up screen to correctly accommodate all date formats


      1. Updated automatic date formatting to properly account for regional settings for all Reports->More Reports when there is date criteria in the report


      1. Added 2 new reports under Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Inspections: 90 day (or user defined interval) inspections completed and 90 day (or user defined interval) inspections completed grouped by customer reports.


      1. Added additional sorting options on additional reports in Reports->More Reports


      1. Removed Date Mask to allow for easier entry of multiple date formats


(Updates Below from version 4.2.06)


      1. Updated Reminders Popup Tab display of reminders count for each type of reminders when using the filter


      1. Updated and Improved Registration and Insurance reminders


(Updates Below from version 4.2.05)


      1. Updated Work Order and Lube/service hours meter automation to properly add date to equipment hours meter reading


      1. Updated date displays to handle international formats on Driver History Pop-up screen


      1. Updated date displays to handle international formats on Driver History display on Equipment Summary Tab


      1. Updated date displays to handle international formats on all Reminders Pop-up tabs


      1. Updated date displays to handle international formats List of Work Orders on Work Orders Tab


(Updates Below from version 4.2.04)


      1. Improved Printing and Sort Order for Reminders printouts


      1. Updated Driver reminders count to accurately reflect the number of reminders in the drivers tab


      1. Added print menu to Inspections/Permits reminders preview


(Updates Below from version 4.2.03)


      1. Updated and increased Parts number field size for Work Order/Invoice printouts so that last digit does not get cut off


      1. Updated and increased Parts number and mfg number field size for Parts Inventory Report under Reports->More Reports


      1. Added ability to choose Part Types to exclude from Parts Inventory Report Under Reports->more Reports->Parts Inventory


      1. Added new report called “Completed Work Orders Labor and Parts” and can be found under Reports->More Reports->Work Orders


(Updates Below from version 4.2.02)


      1. Added right click menu for Cut, Copy, Paste to Virtually all data entry screens and right click menu for Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete Record to a few select screens, like the fuel log.


      1. Improved error handing when opening back end databases with certain data missing


      1. Updated the Dept or Area heading label on Equipment Location report


      1. Fixed R display in currency symbols for work orders so that proper currency symbols display


(Updates Below from version 4.2.01)


      1. Added Life Cycle From and To and Equipment Type Criteria to the Equipment List With Life Cycle/Replacement Cost to Reports->More Reports


      1. Added Location and Dept/Area Criteria to Equipment Location Department/Area under Reports->More Reports->Report Type Equipment


      1. Changed Capitol to Capital Equipment number on the Equipment Summary Page and the Unit Information Printout


      1. Fixed Inspections Permits Due And Past Due by Customer by taking the filter that was set in the report out of it


      1. Changed Reports->More Reports: Report Type: Equipment->Inspections and Permits Due or Past Due For a Customer so that you can print all customers or just a range of customers


      1. Expanded VIN# Column on search list to accommodate longer VIN numbers


      1. Updated currency fields on Work Order screen and Work Orders reports to change to international currencies when needed


      1. Updated Print Work Order to not repeat short descriptions on each page


      1. Added a warning OK – Cancel message to the Auto Sort button on the Sort Order Screen asking if you are sure


      1. Added new dialog when adding new equipment for the Auto Sort Order feature. Now you can turn off the dialog and you can sent it under Tools->Preferences


      1. Added new user preferences screen that allows you to turn off message popup for completed Work Order print as invoice and adding new equipment Auto Sort Order question


      1. Added new dialog when printing a Completed Work Order that so that you can choose to have TATEMS stop asking if you want it printed as an invoice and choose to always print as an invoice


      1. Updated Reminders to exclude out of service vehicles


      1. Added ability to search by out of service equipment


      1. Added warning message to Delete button of work orders to double check that you are sure you want to delete to prevent accidental deletion of Work Orders


      1. Updated the phone number fields in the personnel screen to eliminate the dashes for international use


      1. Addressed Access 2007 startup error


(Updates Below from version 4.2.00)


      1. Improved Insurance Eq List report under Reports->All Equipment Reports


      1. Added Date placeholder mask to the installation date for Tires to make data entry easier


      1. Added Equipment List By Equipment Type report to Reports->More Reports Report Type:Equipment


      1. Sort the Alphabetically Short Description list in Work Orders


      1. Added Parts Types to Drop Down List Maintenance


      1. Addressed issue with Inspections and Permits Due and Past Due for a


      1. Customer Report so that it narrows all Inspections not just the DOT inspection for a particular customer


      1. Changed Reminders Pop-up screen to a tabbed interface and added the ability to disable each reminder category and the print each category individually


      1. Added Work Orders Pending and needed maintenance repairs to reminders


      1. Added the ability to Title a Completed Work Order an Invoice instead or Work Order completed


      1. Added Labor and Parts Lines on Work Orders for Mechanics to write on that will disappear when data is entered into system


      1. Changed Parts for This Equipment Quantity Field so that you can enter decimal rather than just whole numbers


      1. Added Work Order Parts User By Equipment Report under Reports->More Reports->Report Type: Work Orders


      1. Added Work Order Parts User By Customer and Equipment Report under Reports->More Reports-> Report Type: Work Orders


      1. Added Life Cycle Status fields to Financials' Screen so that you can determine the current cost of replacement and months remaining before replacement


      1. Added Equipment List With Life Cycle/Replacement Cost to Reports->More Reports


      1. Updated Currency fields to adjust to regional settings in windows and adjusted phone number entry mask to accommodate other formats


(updates Below are from 3.1.06a)


      1. Added default print button back to print preview and renamed the printer dialog button to Printer Dialog/Choose Printer & Pages


      1. Added Equipment Picture button that pops up a form that allows you to link a picture to that piece of equipment


      1. Added ability to link a company logo picture to your company information that will display on Work Order Printouts


      1. Added new report that shows labor hours by Employee for completed Work Orders Find it under Reports->More Reports->Work Orders->All Work Orders Labor Totals by Employee #


      1. Added new report that shows miles/km traveled or hours run for a specific time period.


(updates Below are from 3.1.06)


      1. Added ability to sort Inspections Reports by Due Date under Reports->More Reports -> Inspections


      1. Added Work Order Sales Tax Report to Reports->More Reports->Work Orders


      1. Updated All Filters report so that it only displays filters list for equipment that actually has a filter entered


      1. Added the ability to Filter the Reminders Popup By Customer, Location, Department/Area or Equipment Type


      1. Improved the Print Button on the Reminders Popup so that you get the preview before you print


      1. Improved the menu bar print button for all Print Preview Screens so that you can click on it and choose a printer or which pages to print before you print(updates Below are from 3.1.05c)


      1. Added new Lube/Service Reminders by Customer report to Reports->More Reports-> Report Type -> Lube Service


      1. Added new Equipment List By Customer report to Reports ->More Reports->Report Type -> Equipment


(updates Below are from 3.1.05a)


      1. Changed Unit information printout so that is will display multiple tire sizes for a piece of equipment


      1. Delete Equipment function improved to overcome a Windows Update that broke it


(updates Below are from 3.1.05)


      1. Added Inspections and Permits Due or Past Due For a Customer to Reports More Reports so that you can print up DOT and other permits due for each customer


      1. Made CDL box bigger to accommodate longer CDL numbers on the Personnel screen


(updates Below are from 3.1.04j)


      1. Changed Equipment Summary Printout so that the 90 Day Inspection Required reflects the user selected number of Days


      1. Changed the Unit Information Report so that it does not print out duplicates when multiple tire entries are made


(updates Below are from 3.1.04i)


      1. Improved Registration reminders popup so that reminders do not display for all registrations due in the current month if an actual last registration date has been entered and has not expired


(updates Below are from 3.1.04h)


      1. Added warning message when user is not liked to the default data file TATEMS2005be.mdb, to help deter data entry into a backup file


      1. Eliminated ability to accidentally add Permits and Inspections , Filters and Equipment when the track ball or page up page down is used


      1. Improved Filters Report to eliminate empty Equip Description fields


(updates Below are from 3.1.04g)


      1. Fixed an equipment deletion issue introduced in version 3.1.04d when the new data table was added that increased the size of the Work Order Details field to 64,000 characters


(updates Below are from 3.1.04e)


      1. Added a Equipment/Current Driver report that shows you all equipment and which driver is currently assigned. It can be found Reports->All Equipment Reports-Equipment/Current Driver List


      1. Improved the Search by Notes feature so that it will automatically find a word within a note not just at the beginning of a note


(updates Below are from 3.1.04d )


      1. Expanded Detailed description field in Work Orders from 255 characters to 64,000 characters


      1. RE-Improved Inspections and Permits Due and Past Due report under Reports->More Reports-Equipment when bad data was entered into the 90 day Permit


(updates Below are from 3.1.04c )


      1. Added Tool to allow you to edit the names each Tab. You can find it under Tools->Edit Tab Names


      1. Added DELETE button to Equipment Types drop down maintenance under Forms-Drop down list Maintenance-Equipment Types. The will allow you to delete a blank or Equipment Type


      1. Improved Inspections and Permits Due and Past Due report under Reports->More Reports-Equipment when bad data was entered into the 90 day Permit


(updates Below are from 3.1.04b )


      1. Expanded the size of the part number fields in Parts Inventory and Work Orders.


(updates Below are from 3.1.04a )


      1. Minor fixes and added an ALL NEW HELP GUIDE.


(updates Below are from 3.1.04 )


      1. Optimized All Equipment Due Next 30 Days report and All Equipment Last/Next Maintenance Reports so that they run faster when user have a large number of mileage/Hours entries for each Equip.


(updates Below are from 3.1.03f )


      1. Added ability to use the Parts Vendor as a criteria filter for the Parts Inventory Report and also removed inactive parts from displaying on the same report.


(updates Below are from 3.1.03e )


      1. Improved Tires and Wheels report in the Tires and Wheels Tab when the Customer or Dept or Area or Location were not filled in for the equipment then the report would not print


(updates Below are from 3.1.03d )


      1. Improved Equipment reports under Reports->More Reports for Inspections due when the Inspections/Permits Fields have not been filled in for all equipment


(updates Below are from 3.1.03c )


      1. Improved handling of a cancellation when a a user tries to add new piece of equipment without first opening the tabs


(updates Below are from 3.1.03b )


      1. Improved Grand Totals accuracy on some of the Work Order Reports


(updates Below are from 3.1.03a )


      1. Altered Fuel Log reports to eliminate divide by zero issue when users don't enter mileage and to display records when mileage is no entered(updates Below are from 3.1.03 )


      1. Improved Work Orders Labor Totals Report so that it totals for each piece of equipment rather than a running total


(updates Below are from 3.1.02i )


      1. Improved Fuel Log Reports under Reports->More Reports->Fuel Log to show cost per mile on the All Equipment Grouped by Equipment and All Equipment Grouped by Vendor and also to eliminate cost duplication when an entry had multiple states mileages for an entry.


(updates Below are from 3.1.02h )


      1. Added New Report For Work Orders that will allow you to see the total Work Order costs for each piece of equipment for a date range or for all dates without having to see all the Work Order details.


(updates Below are from 3.1.02g )


      1. Updated Fuel Log End Date Criteria so that it defaults to date format


(updates Below are from 3.1.02f )


      1. Updated Parts Inventory So that it does not default to pounds


(updates Below are from 3.1.02e )


      1. Added Utility To Eliminate Duplicate Inspection Items that were created on some systems(Under Tools-Special Utilities-Clean Up Data)


      1. Updated Changing Equipment Types To Insure Non-Duplication Of Inspection Items


      1. (updates Below are from 3.1.02 & 3.1.02a & 3.1.02b & 3.1.02c & 3.1.02d)


      1. Updated Quick Find so that it sorts by Sort Order Numbers


      1. Forced sorting by order entry on Global Inspections Maintenance Items List


      1. Added Quick Report Needed Maintenance Repairs to Reports -> All Equipment Reports


      1. Added Work Orders Labor Totals Report All By Equip Num


      1. Fixed Print Button For Inspections On the Reminders Popup Screen so that it does not ask for Equipment Type ID


      1. Re-Enabled force Update button


(updates Below are from 3.1.02 & 3.1.02a & 3.1.02b & 3.1.02c)


      1. Added Lic Place Number and expanded Vin Number and added completed date To Inspection Items Printout


      1. Changed Dates and Currency fields and hard coding so that date and currency formats used on Non-U. S. countries will work properly


      1. Improved Registration Reminders


      1. Added Print Filters List to All Equipment Reports


      1. Added Print These Filters button the Filters Tab


      1. Improved Feedback on update of Global Inspection Items Maintenance


      1. Improved adding first piece of equipment messaging when no number is used. The user will be notified that the program will close

Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions. If you don't see your update request then please be patient because I am working on many requests.

There are many new features and improvements in the pipeline based on customer feedback coming soon.