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Video [16 min] How to import TATEMS Work Orders Into Quickbooks

In the video below I show you how to use the custom spreadsheet I created called:

120. TATEMSWorkOrdersShortDescPartsAndLaborDescriptionInSingleColumnForQuickbooksImport

You can find it here:

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Custom Spreadsheets 

You can use it to import Work Orders you created in TATEMS into Quickbooks using a 3rd party tool called Zed Axis .   (They have a free 3o day trial and the cost is under $200 for Zed Axis)

Here are the steps to Import from TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software To Quickbooks.

  1. Create or Edit Lists in Quickbooks so that you have these 3: Work Order, Parts and Labor (you only need to do this one time)
  2. Open the custom spreadsheet and link if to your TATEMS data file (you only need to do this one time as long as you save the spreadsheet)
  3. Filter the list of work orders in Excel using the Date Completed Field
  4. Copy and paste the invoices including the row with the header names from the list on sheet 1 to Sheet 2 in Excel
  5. Save the spreadsheet but leave it open.
  6. Make sure Quickbooks is open using the Quickbooks  Company file you want to use.
  7. Create a Custom Invoice Layout that adds the “Other” Field In Quickbooks. (This is to display the Equipment Number on the Invoice) and set it as default.  (you only do this once but may need to set it as default each time if you use a different default )
  8. Open Zed Axis and choose Quickbooks Desktop and click the Connect button to connect to the currently open Quickbooks company file
  9. Click the Import Tab in Zed Axis and link to the Excel File
  10. Choose Sheet 2
  11. Create or choose a Mapping Template of the Fields to Map from the Excel Spreadsheet to Quickbooks (You can import the template I already created into Zex Axis.  Right click and Save  http:///  Then click on the Choose Mapping Dropdown->Import Mapping.  The template only needs to be created or imported once and then can be reused in future imports )
  12. On Import Options Choose your preference “If Already exists” you can choose for example “Skip” to skip importing invoices that have already exist with the same invoice number inside Quickbooks .
  13. If all your invoices that you want imported are selected in the list then click the import button and the process will show you the status until it’s completed.

As noted above many of these steps only have to be completed one time. 

If you are current on your TATEMS support and version upgrades and you need any further customization on this spreadsheet that pulls data from TATEMS and I can get it created for you.


All The Best!

Marc Ready

Download TATEMS Installation File Below

If you only need to update click here Instead

Video Help To Download And Install – Scroll Down to See The Download Button

NEW Install Software Here! And the only one that works with Windows version XP sp3 through Windows 10!!
This version also works if you have Office 2016 or 2019 installed on your computer. (If running Office 2016 or 2019 or 365 you need to be running the 32bit version like 99% of people)

The file below is TATEMS Version released Sep 10, 2019 and is approx 80 MB in size (***If you are a current owner make sure you are eligible for this version so that you can get a new registration key if needed. If you a trying TATEMS out for the first time you can download and install your free 14 Day trial now) 
Download Now

After you download the TATEMSMSI.exe file above, you can just double click on the file to do the install. The software is now signed with our software security certificate by us: PC Help LTD (the video above shows it as unsigned).

You will need at least 10 GB of free hard drive space to install and have room for your records.

You can either right-click on the link above and choose SAVE AS or you can just click on the proper link and when prompted choose “Save”. After you have downloaded the file called TATEMSMSI.exe you can double click it to run the setup wizard.

NOTE FOR NETWORKING — WHERE TATEMS IS ALREADY RUNNING ON YOUR NETWORK: If you are networking and need to link to a data file on a server or other computer you will need to close TATEMS after it opens on the initial installation.  Then re-open it and then click on Tools->Networking to navigate to your TATEMS data file on the server or another computer.

The setup may require an extra reboot on older computers, depending on what needs to be updated, but on modern systems, no reboots are needed.

The setup may be able to run if you have another software installation or update that is waiting for a computer restart, in order to finish its process.

TATEMS Installation Alternate Download Location) (Right-click the link and choose Save Target As/Save Link As — depending on which browser you use)

TATEMS runs on Vista /Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 /Win 7 /Win 8 /Win 10 and you can network it even during your free trial period.

TATEMS minimum computer requirements:
Computer and Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor with SSE2 instruction set
Memory (RAM): 2 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit); 1 gigabytes (GB) RAM (64-bit)
Hard Disk: 10 GB Available
Display: 1024 x 768 resolution

TATEMS runs on Windows Vista, 7 , 8, 10 and Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019.

If your company is running an older version of TATEMS and you do not want to update you can find old versions here:

TATEMS: Fleet Maintenance Software update 09/10/2019 (Sep 10, 2019) to

The update process should only take about 2 minutes or less per computer. The video takes longer than that because it thoroughly goes over each step

(The download link is near the bottom of this page)

Warning!! Read this entire message before updating!! Especially the Backup Instructions or Watch the Video above!!

Just a quick note to announce the release of TATEMS 20/20

Click For Video Highlights of Huge Version 4.6.24q Update

If you are already running a licensed and registered copy of TATEMS then this release may require you to acquire a new registration number, depending on the version you currently have.

This is to prevent any unauthorized access to the new releases after the 1 year (or purchased term) of no-cost version updates has expired.

To minimize any inconvenience to you, this release will give you 14 days to acquire the new registration number.

If you are in your trial period then the trial period will continue with the same number of days you had remaining before the update.

AFTER UPDATE…You will need to submit your serial number(s) along with the version number and your company information or purchase information here so that we can verify eligibility and email the new registration number(s) back to you.

Remember, you don't need to apply all previous updates in order to update TATEMS 2005 or TATEMS 20/20 Fleet Maintenance Software.

This update will only work with TATEMS Version 3.1.00 or later already installed.

To see a list of new features added Click Here

Here are the steps to update that we go over in the video above:

  1. Determine where your data file is
  2. Backup your data file
  3. Determine your operating system (32 bit or 64 bit)
  4. Download the proper update file
  5. Open the file->Click OK->Unzip->Ok->Close
  6. Make sure all other users are out of TATEMS
  7. Open TATEMS
  8. Request new reg key if needed, you have 14 days to get a new key if needed
  9. Relink to data file if on a network (If upgrading from an older version that did not store network settings)
  10. When reg key arrives then enter it
  11. You will need to enter the reg key into the local data file as well so keep a copy in case you become unlined from your server if running over a network.

NOTE: Updating a Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services or Citrix Server…

You have to update the tatems2005.mde file in each users subfolder. Otherwise, it's the same as in the video above. If you are not familiar with how TATEMS is supposed to be set up on a TS server see the KB article and videos here.

You can download the latest TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software update from the links below:

WARNING: Do not install this update if you version upgrades and support term has expired prior to 09/10/2019 (Sep 10, 2019).  To Prevent unpaid access to expired users This Update MAY REQUIRE A NEW REGISTRATION KEY Depending on the Version Of TATEMS You Are Running. You can submit a ticket to [-at-] or click here and get one in advance as long as you are eligible. Send us your company name and the computer name you are updating and we should be able to generate a new key in advance as long as we already have your computer name on file

For 32 Bit Versions of Windows use the link below:

Download TATEMS Update for 32 Bit Windows
Or Alternate Download Server Here TATEMS- (This is the update link…right click and choose “Save Link/Target As” depending on your browser)

For 64 Bit Versions of Windows use the link below:

Download TATEMS Update for 64 Bit Windows
Or Alternate Download Server Here TATEMS-×64.exe (This is the update link…right click and choose “Save Link/Target As” depending on your browser)

Always make sure you make a backup copy of your data before updating.

The data file to backup is called

TATEMS2005be.mdb and is normally located in the:

C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005

Folder. (It might also be on a network drive if you are networked. You can see the data file you are accessing before you update by clicking on Tools->Networking)

You can just right click on the file and choose copy and then paste it back into the same folder or another folder to create a backup copy.

There is also a backup feature in TATEMS 2005 and TATEMS 20/20 if you go to File->Backup and Compact Data

Make sure TATEMS is closed and then after downloading the file you can double-click it to unzip the files:


C:\Program Files\TATEMS 2005

If you are UPDATING TATEMS on a NETWORK you will need to re-link to the data file after the update by going to

“Tools->Networking” from within TATEMS

If you go to Tools ->Networking before updating you will be able to see where the data file is located. Write down the path and then use that information after the update to re-link to the data file.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  You should always update TATEMS on every workstation on your network, one after another, not at the exact same time… and don't allow any users to use an old version after an update has been done on any workstation on the network. It will cause data to not update or display properly!!

If you need to renew your support and version upgrades for your TATEMS licenses you can get them here: (not the update link this is the link to purchase a renewal)

If you are not ready to update your entire company to the latest version you can find previous updates here:

Work Orders Parts and Labor update

We released a new version 4.4.04b of TATEMS on June 19th 2013.

We have released several new versions over the past couple of months starting with version 4.4.03 released on May 3rd 2013.

In the 2 minute video below I show you how we have updated the Parts and Labor screens so that you will see what data you missed if you did not fill everything in.

Fleet Maintenance Software TATEMS Work Order Parts and Labor Warning Message Update

Just In case you can't see the video here is a description:

While you have the Work Orders screen open you click on the Labor Completed Tab

Work Order Labor Completed tab and Click here to add Labor button Work Order Labor Completed tab and Click here to add Labor button

Work Order Labor Completed tab and Click here to add Labor button

and then click the dropdown to choose an employee without entering a number of units (hours) or a descriptionAdding Work Order Labor without adding hours and description screenshot

Adding Work Order Labor without adding hours and description

Then click on either the Add Labor to Work Order button or the Save and Close button and you will see a message telling you what data is missing,

Work Order Labor completed pop up message telling you what info is missing screen shot

Work Order Labor completed pop up message telling you what info is missing

If you click OK you will be able to go back and correct the entry, if you click cancel after clicking on the Add Labor you will be taken back to the Labor for Current Work Order Screen with and the data you previously entered will still be there.  If you click cancel after clicking Add Labor To Work Order you will be brought back to the Labor for Current Work Order Screen but all your data will be removed and you can start over.

If you click OK after you click the Save & Close button then you will likewise be brought back to the Labor for Current Work Order screen to correct your mistake. But if you click the Cancel button after clicking Save & Close the data will not be saved and the Labor For Current Work Order screen will simply close.

I hope this feature is helpful for you.

All The Best!

Marc Ready

PS. If you are blocked from YouTube you can view the video below