How to save a whole-lotta-time by speeding up training videos

On  a Personal Note

I hope you are doing well this week. Well my wife Karen and my daughter Kelly made it back here to Las Vegas.  Their road trip to see my Mother in-law in Arkansas went great.  The only hitch was a nail in the tire sidewall that caused them to get a late start home.

They also ran into a snow storm on the way back starting about an hour outside  Of Gallup, New Mexico.

Here’s a couple of pictures:


Arkansas to Las Vegas Snow Outside Flagstaff

Arkansas to Las Vegas Snow Outside Flagstaff


Arkansas To Las Vegas Trip Home Snow Falling Outside Of Flagstaff AZ

Arkansas To Las Vegas Trip Home Snow Falling Outside Of Flagstaff AZ

Obviously , nothing like what the folks back east or up north have been experiencing.

Speeding Up Videos

So I discovered this really cool software that will let you speed up (or slow down) videos.  I take quite a few video courses myself and have found this to be a huge time saver. There are 2 programs actually. The first one is free and it requires you to download the video  To your computer before you play it.   And the second one is under $30 and it allows you to speed up videos that are playing right in your internet browser.

Software Demo

I made a quick demo video of each one below.


The free one that requires you to download your video is called VLC Media Player and you can get it here

The one that costs under $30 has a 7 day free trial and is called MySpeed by Enounce. You can get it here:

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Thanks Again,

Marc Ready

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