2 Quick New Videos… Fixing bad Odometer entries and 1st Puppy walk

New Puppy At 10 Weeks 06-15-2011

New puppy (Walter?) at 10 weeks old

Last week I mentioned that my wife wanted to get a little dog because she loves my daughter's little havaneese dog Vada So much.

Well she did it. She picked up a little 10 week old puppy!

But…he's a Cocker Spaniel / Border Collie Mix, so I don't think He's going to stay small.

The previous owner could not keep him, her parents said he had to go.

The name they gave him was Jethro, but we are leaning towards naming him Walter, after the character in the show Fringe. If you have any ideas for a name please leave in the comments below.

This is the Puppy's first walk

If you missed it I also posted a Video last week showing you a couple of ways to handle Tools or Equipment that you keep on your Trucks or Vehicles

Fixing Odometer Entry Mistakes.

From a previous tip:

I had a customer call me with a weird problem today.

Whenever he ran his mileage report under Reports-More Reports Report Type: Equipment, then select the report called “Equipment Miles/Km Traveled – Hours Run”

he was getting a reading of -26066 miles traveled.

I did a quick scan of his entries via remote access and could not see what the problem was.

So I download a copy of his TATEMS data file so I could have a better look.

What I found surprised me. In the middle of all his entries he had lower odometer reading for a date of Jan 7 2800 instead of Jan 7, 2008
so the report results was always skewed. He also had a current entry April 1, 2009 that had a lower odometer reading by thousands of miles than the one entered just prior to it.

It's an easy fix but sometimes those miss entered numbers and dates are hard to spot.


If you make a mistake, in order to correct it, you can click on the “Update Odometer and Hours” button.

Then you can click the “View All for This Equipment” button to find your mistake and delete it or change it.
After you have fixed it, click the “Update and Close” button.

In the short video below I demonstrate how to delete or edit An Odometer Enter that was entered incorrectly.

I hope this tip has been helpful for you.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

By the way it got up to 106° … the latest day in the year to reach this temp here since 1965…

Have a great weekend!

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