2 New Spreadsheets that pull Work Order Discounts and More

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We had a request come in and a client wanted to see just the “Discounts” given on all work orders, he also wanted to see the “Misc” charges separated out on the same spreadsheet. He just wanted to see the grand Totals for the 2 fields for all equipment combined over a certain date range.

So we not only created that spreadsheet but went one better and created a second spreadsheet that will also display the Parts Totals, Labor Totals, Misc Totals, Discount Totals and Grand Totals from Work Orders for each piece of equipment.

The first spreadsheet only displays the 2 cells

Screenshot Grand Totals For Work Orders Discount and Misc Spreadsheet

Screenshot above: Work Orders Discount and Misc Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet uses a date range of 1/1/2000 to 12/31/2050 and is a compilation of all equipment over that time period.

To change the date range in Excel 2010 see the screenshot below

Screenshot to change Discounts Grand Totals for Work Orders Date Range

Screenshot above: How to change the date range for this spreadsheet

The second spreadsheet displays a row for each piece of equipment and the 6 columns seen below. This one also uses a date range between 01-01-2000 and 12-31-2050.

Screenshot Grand Totals For Work Orders Totals For Labor, Parts And Discounts

Screenshot above: This spreadsheet gives you much more data from Work Orders Totals

Changing the date range on the second spreadsheet is basically the same, but the dates are not so close to the bottom of the command text box seen below. To get to the point where you click connections in step one you have to be in the data tab.

Screenshot Equipment Totals For Work Orders Change Date Range

Screenshot above: Changing the date range on the second spreadsheet

When you open either one of the spreadsheets or change the date range you may need to click the
refresh data in the data tab.

Most of this stuff looks the same in older versions of Excel, but instead of a data tab there will be a data menu item.

You can find both of the new spreadsheets at:


They are numbers 57 and 58 respectively.

There is also a link on that page to a video that shows you how to link to your TATEMS data on a different server.

Or see the video on this page:


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