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Video – Driver History On Equipment

The video below shows you how to Add Drivers to Equipment and a common pitfall that people run into.

This video shows you:

  1. How to add a Driver to a piece of equipment when they have already been added to personnel.
  2. How to add a driver to a piece of equipment when they have not yet been added to personnel.
  3. Shows you the 3 reports in TATEMS that display driver history on equipment
  4. Shows you the 4 spreadsheets that you can link to your live TATEMS data to see driver history in other ways like repairs costs and miles per gallon for a driver on specific equipment.


Video – Tires Installed Entire Fleet Custom Spreadsheet

In the video below I go over the “Tires Installed Entire Fleet” custom spreadsheet,  and how to link it to your live TATEMS  data file.

I show you how to:


  • Find specific spreadsheets on the spreadsheets page based on a keyword
  • Create this spreadsheet from scratch if you have troubling linking it to your data the first way.


Over 100 TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Program Spreadsheets can be found at

As mentioned in TATEMS Tips: Video below shows you Vinegar and Backing Soda in Action to clean a drain.


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